A secret about why readings help (no matter how intuitive you are)

I want to tell you a secret I learned about readings that I wish I had known when I first started in 2011.

When you sit down for a reading, you’re opening a process of discovery for yourself.

See, your spirit guides have messages for you because they want to help you on your path.

Receiving those messages — now that’s the tricky part.

You might think that some of us are better at receiving those messages than others.

That’s true, but it’s not the whole story.


The 5 Barriers to Confidence for Sensitive Souls

When I first started honoring my calling in 2011, it was an uphill battle.

I had massive resistance every single step of the way.

Even though I knew I was called to this work and had received very clear messages from the guides and the Big U, I still felt incredibly and debilitatingly insecure. I struggled to feel worthy to receive and I also struggled to feel safe and secure in my own skin.

It was awful.

But, I knew my calling and I had juuuuust enough faith to move forward.


Meditating for Busy Bodies

I jumped on a call with one of the Spiritual Mechanic community members because she was struggling with quieting her mind.

She was trying to meditate, but it just was NOT working for her. I wanted to explore that with her since soooo many folks struggle with the same thing.

The problem? She was choosing the wrong activity for her human body.

Quick reminder: You are a spirit living in a human body. All bodies prefer slightly different things and work in different ways.

When developing a spiritual practice that acts as a touchstone for connecting to the Presence that you are, it’s wise to honor what your body naturally craves.


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