The Fear Trap

fearA few years ago I went to a local meetup about spirituality.

I almost never go to those things because I am used to teaching and have to really watch myself to keep from stepping on toes.

It’s one of the side effects of teaching 2-3x a week about spiritual matters. You get used to answering people’s spirituality questions and automatically think people want to hear your opinion everywhere. Ha! (It’s not true, for the record.)

There was a man at this meeting who really opened my eyes to a serious problem in the spiritual community.


A Wound Needs a Witness

a wound needs a witness When I first started my work as a psychic in 2011, I started from a mindset that the people who hired me would be telling me their truth as best as they could.

When they told me about the emotions or circumstances they experienced, I believed them — and I asked clarifying questions from there.

It shocked me how many times I heard them say…

“Oh, my god. Thank you. I thought I was going crazy.”

… or …

“Thank you. No one believed me, and I thought I was making this up.”

Remember, they were talking about their own internal experiences.


Ask Armani #11: Relationships + Meditation

how to get unblocked (Almost) every Wednesday, I ask Armani a few questions from Spiritual Mechanic readers.

Armani is the collective consciousness of some non-physical peeps who love vibration and the law of attraction.

Read on to see questions from Spiritual Mechanic readers followed by Armani’s responses.

Scroll all the way to the bottom to learn how you can get your question answered!



I’ve been deeply intrigued and troubled by some patterns I’ve noticed with my boyfriend JW. for the last three years around this time something happens that creates a huge eruption in the way we are doing things and we end of breaking up.


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