Episode 6: The Power of Contrast – Why Your Annoyances Are a Gift

Have you heard the terms “manifest” or “contrast”? If you have been in the spiritual development space for ANY length of time, you probably have.

But what’s the REAL deal behind manifesting or contrast? For instance, do you really need to feel good all of the time to create a life you are in love with?

Well, the short answer, my friend, is no.

When we feel like we have to feel good all the time, that creates a LOT of unnecessary pressure. And I’m happy to say that there’s an easier way to create a life of joy and magic.

Instead of struggling to feel good or avoiding what you don’t like (contrast), you can use those experiences to create your life using the four fundamentals of spiritual creation.

Once you listen…

  • Let me know – what’s ONE annoyance that you’ve reframed based on the episode?
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Thank you for listening and I’ll “see” you next week!

Rev. “EA” Kerti

One comment

  1. Therese says:

    Yes! Pushing unpleasant emotions away/trying to reason myself out of the uncomfort zone does not work! thank you for pointing out that manifesting works on several levels, all of which must be attended to. once again, amazing insights into the Mechanics (thank you also for explaining the name).

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