Dark Nights of the Soul

“Dark Night of the Soul” is a term originally used in Catholicism to talk about a difficult period and a crisis of faith that ultimately leads to a deeper connection and union with God. For me – not being Catholic – it’s about that deep sense of connection with the Divine.

It’s a period of intense disillusionment, and beliefs that don’t serve our ultimate purpose fall away.

One place I feel as though spirituality – especially New Age spirituality – often fails is honoring the Dark Nights of the Soul that we go through.


Pt 2: What I’m doing now… cont’d from “I was traumatized and almost lost my business”

In my last post, I talked about how my newest and latest Dark Night of the Soul has been. (TLDR: Hell. It was hell.)

If you missed it, you can read it here.

I left you with a promise to tell you what I’m doing to rebuild my biz.

To sum up: A lot.

This is a little long.

First: a quick overview…

  • Hired help
  • Focus on teaching
  • Upgrade free resources
  • Recreating & relaunching the Psychic Mechanics Course
  • Moving community off of Facebook
  • Super fun events
  • Glitter Cat Club



Pt 1: I was traumatized and almost lost my business

If you’ve been engaged with my work for any stretch of time, you may have noticed that I’ve been weirdly quiet the last year and a lot of my emails have been missing… something. An energy I used to have, but hasn’t been present much since late 2019.

(If you’re newer than that, this may be news to you, and that’s okay! I’m glad you’re here!)

The energy is open-heartedness.

I won’t lie – since the spring of 2019, I’ve been going through a Dark Night of the Soul – also known as a spiritual awakening.


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