Episode 7: How to Control Your Intuition

I remember back in 2011 when something odd happened to me.

I had just done a reading for someone in person and was driving home, but I forgot to control my energy.

My energy was still on “ABSORB EVERYTHING” mode (that’s the mode I go to when doing readings.)

Whew, that was an uncomfortable drive home, my friend.

For instance, every time I drove past someone, I would feel a new emotion.

And it was rush hour in Las Vegas, so there were a LOT of someones and a LOT of conflicting emotions.


Episode 6: The Power of Contrast – Why Your Annoyances Are a Gift

Have you heard the terms “manifest” or “contrast”? If you have been in the spiritual development space for ANY length of time, you probably have.

But what’s the REAL deal behind manifesting or contrast? For instance, do you really need to feel good all of the time to create a life you are in love with?

Well, the short answer, my friend, is no.

When we feel like we have to feel good all the time, that creates a LOT of unnecessary pressure.


Episode 5: How to Make Your Intuition Your BFF

So, as a professional psychic + energy healer, I find having a great relationship with my intuition to be a wonderful asset to my life.

When I have a great relationship with my intuition, it’s easier to ask for clarification. I can go with the flow and do what I feel called to do.

But sometimes it can feel confusing. Is it really your intuition or is it ego? Or is it just wishful thinking?

However, there is an easy way to make your intuition your BFF and that’s what we’ll talk about today!


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