Episode 4: The World’s Disease of Never Enough

Oh, goodness. In today’s world of “rush, rush, rush” it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking there’s never enough.

Maybe you think there’s never enough time, or maybe you worry you won’t have enough love in your life.

And that’s why in spirituality the law of “As above, so below” exists.

Because we experience the lack of “enough” internally, we experience the external world as not having enough.

Because the world is congruent, many of today’s crises, from the climate crisis to the increase of anxiety and stress in modern life, are all tied back to the internal experience of “not enough.”


Episode 3: How Resistance Sabotages Your Intuition

If you’re like most intuitives, you’ve probably encountered resistance when you are trying to make your dreams come true.

And isn’t it frustrating when you’re trying to take aligned action, but you can’t figure out what your resistance is trying to tell you? Is it your intuition trying to get your attention? Or whether is it an old limiting belief? Or is it just your ego trying to stop you from achieving your heart’s desires?

But the fact that you’re aware of your resistance means that you can do something about it!


Episode 2: The Red Drug – The Impact of Social Media on Psychically Sensitive Individuals

Starting in about 2015, I noticed a lot of my clients coming to me with weaker sacral chakras.

The sacral chakra is an orange energy center about two inches below the belly button and it has to do with passion, creativity, and focus, as well as career and sexual health.

In addition to that, many of my clients were stressed out, overwhelmed, and anxious.

This sudden increase in both sacral chakra issues and the other emotional symptoms was very alarming to me.


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