Episode 9: The Five Big Misconceptions in Spirituality

Spiritual tools can be used in multiple ways, like all tools.

As you know, a hammer can help build a house or destroy a piece of art.

And I’ve noticed that there are some tools that are more prone to misunderstandings than others.

In this week’s episode, I talk about some of the BIGGEST misconceptions and hopefully help you with a mindset shift so that you can recognize the right spiritual tools for you.

So, if you’re feeling like you’re treading water in your spiritual practice, this might just be the thing that helps you break through!


Episode 8: Detangling Health From Worth in a Manifesting World

In 2014, I read over 100 books on manifesting.

At the time, I was surprised at how poorly co-creation is explained.

You want to focus on aligning and allowing when manifesting.

But somewhere along the way, we started to believe that it was about controlling the outcome.

We believed that our health was a reflection of our “miscreations”.

When we focus on being creators, it’s easy to believe we “made” ourselves sick through incorrect thought.

But if it’s true that we are powerful creators (and we are), then how do we navigate the complicated world of health?


Episode 7: How to Control Your Intuition

I remember back in 2011 when something odd happened to me.

I had just done a reading for someone in person and was driving home, but I forgot to control my energy.

My energy was still on “ABSORB EVERYTHING” mode (that’s the mode I go to when doing readings.)

Whew, that was an uncomfortable drive home, my friend.

For instance, every time I drove past someone, I would feel a new emotion.

And it was rush hour in Las Vegas, so there were a LOT of someones and a LOT of conflicting emotions.


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