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This is me talking to a crystal ball. Below you’ll find interviews where I talk to people. #beingpsychicisweird #hashtagsincaptionsarelogical #shouldhaveputacatpicturehere

How to Forgive and Let Go with Susan Ferraro

In this video interview, Susan and I talk all about how forgiveness and letting go.

In this video I share some of my BEST insights on how to forgive & let go:

  • What forgiveness really is and why it gets a bad rap.
  • How forgiveness can often be the missing piece if you’re not attracting what you want in your life and/or biz.
  • How to know if you need to do some forgiveness work and even more important, how to know if you’re done!

I also created a FREE gift just for Suze’s people that I’ll tell you all about in the video.


Forgiveness 101 with Lana Shlafer and Yours Truly

Here’s the really fun thing: Lana doesn’t believe in forgiveness, yet we had a really good conversation about forgiveness and letting go.

In the interview we battle it out with our different perspectives on:

  • Forgiveness and how to truly let go
  • Welcoming all experiences without trying to control them
  • Setting boundaries that keep you in, instead of keeping others out
  • Why energetic muffin tops are so uncomfortable… and SO MUCH MORE!

If you JUST want to watch Lana and me dancing in a quick video… well, your wish is granted.


Spark Spiritual Academy – FREE Monthly Hangout: Psychic Development w/ Special Guest Erin-Ashley

In this interview, Angela Wilkinson invited me to chat about how to develop your psychic abilities. If you want a candid discussion about how to really develop them, this is your video.


Whole Being Zone with Wendy Reese – Interview About How to Build Your Intuition

In this video, we chat about psychic development and overcoming the normal hurdles of receiving and interpreting info.

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