Scholarships – How to Apply

Why I Offer Scholarships

In 2009 and 2010, I was broker than a joker but soooo hungry for spiritual knowledge and wisdom. I borrowed from the library, read everything I could get my hands on, and felt teeeeeerrible that I couldn’t pay for the courses and books that changed my life. I remember one company that didn’t make me feel like a tool for not having money – Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes. He had a scholarship option and I applied. I told him I’D DO ANYTHING FOR THOSE NOTES AND I’D MAKE SURE TO PAY IT FORWARD WHENEVER I WAS IN A POSITION TO HELP. I probably didn’t capitalize it when I applied, but I was dead serious.

This is me honoring my promise.

I know times get tough. Sometimes we get called to develop spiritually but can’t afford what we really need. I get it. I’ve been there.

That’s why I offer scholarships.

My Scholarship Philosophy

I’ve offered scholarships for all of my courses pretty much since I founded my business in 2011. I require you to prove that you will actually use the material others have paid for by having you take a free course first. This is because I noticed that when I had people sign up for scholarships early in my career, only those who had been actively engaged with my free material seemed to use the courses.

The purpose of my courses and this business is to help you and other highly sensitive, psychic people step into their gifts. I want to honor those who are ready to step into their gifts by not limiting their access due to funds. Money is energetically complex and I’m not a manifesting guru. I focus on teaching spiriutal concepts, the foundations of spiritual and psychic experience, and on refining your gifts. The Law of Attraction is part of that, but not my main focus.

Therefore, I want to make sure you have demonstrated that you will follow through if I grant you access to a course that others have paid for. If you can go through a 30-day forgiveness course and honor that commitment and follow the directions for applying for a scholarship, I’m happy to grant you access to a course that is aligned with your needs.

If you have the money, I do urge you to do a partial scholarship or buy the courses outright. I keep the costs of my courses fairly low for what they do for you, but if it is outside of your ability to pay, please do take advantage of the full scholarship. That is exactly why I made it.

Different Kinds of Scholarships

I offer two types of scholarships. Full scholarships and partial scholarships.

A FULL SCHOLARSHIP is right for you if you are still working out how to pay for rent/mortgage/food/essentials and feel a deep calling to develop your psychic abilities or manage your empathic nature. In this scholarship option, you don’t pay a dime and I allow you into the course(s) that are ideal for you.

A PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP is right for you if you can’t afford the full amount of the program(s) (doing so would put you in financial hardship) but you feel a deep calling to develop your psychic abilities or manage your empathic nature. In this scholarship option, you choose the right price for your financial situation and I allow you into the course(s) after you pay the invoice.

An obvious note: This move is a bit controversial. Here’s the deal, I trust that you will get the full value for the course that you ethically ask for. I outlined the basics here, but trust your gut. If your gut says you need a scholarship and you don’t fit the criteria perfectly, honor it. If you fit the criteria, but your gut says pay the full price, honor it.

Basically, trust your intuition.

I know from experience only those who give energetically can receive the full value of the program. Honor your intuition.

Which Courses Are Scholarships Available For

Follow the links to learn more about them.

How You Can Become Eligible for a Scholarship

In order to be eligible for a scholarship, you MUST complete the Forgive the Shit Out of Your Life 30-day course. It’s free. You don’t need to rush and don’t worry about perfection. Show up as best as you can and complete all 30 lessons in whatever way inspires you. You can either…

  1. Do it once a day (as I have it outlined) – this is great if you are a bit of a procrastinator and want a daily prompt to spend 5-15 minutes working on your forgiveness practice
  2. Do it once a week binge style – this is great if you have a chronic health condition, a seriously chaotic life, or simply don’t do anything every day (and aren’t likely to change now)

Full disclosure? I’m a binge forgiver. I find it much easier to go deep once a week vs. doing a little bit every day. As long as you show up and do the work, you can’t do it wrong. (But don’t try to do it all in a day, okay?)

Click here to join the Forgive the Shit Out of Your Life 30 Day Course.

All you need to do is 300-500 word essay on your forgiveness journey. Then I read it. Then I give you the scholarship so long as you honored the process. Easy peasy.

Warning: If you apply for a scholarship WITHOUT doing the Forgive the Shit Out of Your Life course, I may ban you from applying in the future. 

I cannot in good conscience allow folks to apply for scholarships who are not demonstrating the ability and willingness to do the work. It’s not fair for those who have paid for the courses.

How to Apply For a Scholarship

Once you have completed the Forgive the Shit Out of Your Life 30 Day Course, click here to apply for a scholarship.

It can take up to 2 weeks for us at Glitter Cat Headquarters to look through the scholarships and do the admin stuff involved with them, so please be patient.

Click here to apply.

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