Half Booked, Fully Paid: How to find the right price for your spiritual services

I’ve been a professional in the spiritual arts for more than seven years, as I write this.

I’ve done thousands of reading and healing sessions for my clients and trained over sixty people to become professional psychics and energy healers in their own rights.

And when it comes down to putting a price on the work you do as a professional spiritual practitioner… well.

Things can get tricky.

The challenges of finding the right price for your spiritual services

First, you run into the internal and external voices that say bullshit like:

“All spiritual gifts should be given for free.


What to do when you need forgiveness

I recently did a reading for a lovely woman who had a relationship end badly.

She was still hurting and working to figure out how to move on.

But here’s the thing.

The relationship didn’t end because he was some terrible asshole who did her wrong.

It ended because she messed up and deeply hurt him.

This woman needed to move on and heal, but she couldn’t fully do it without taking responsibility for her share of the breakup.

She betrayed his trust and he didn’t want anything to do with her.


The Fear Trap

fearA few years ago I went to a local meetup about spirituality.

I almost never go to those things because I am used to teaching and have to really watch myself to keep from stepping on toes.

It’s one of the side effects of teaching 2-3x a week about spiritual matters. You get used to answering people’s spirituality questions and automatically think people want to hear your opinion everywhere. Ha! (It’s not true, for the record.)

There was a man at this meeting who really opened my eyes to a serious problem in the spiritual community.


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