“I can give messages to others, but not myself. What’s wrong with me?”

In my last post, I talked about the belief “I’m not psychic enough” – which I’m thinking is the beginning of a little email series on the myths of being psychic. I got a few questions from folks asking why it was easy to get messages to others from the guides/Spirit/whomever you talk to, while it’s hard to get messages for yourself.

“I can give messages to others, but not myself, what’s wrong with me?”

When it feels like you’re not getting clear information for yourself, it’s not that you aren’t getting it, it’s that you don’t know how to sift through all of the different “voices” in your own head.


“I’m not psychic enough”

Most of us who have a spiritual calling (or simply feel called to explore our spiritual nature) struggle with feeling like we aren’t “psychic enough.”

It can feel hard to connect to our intuition, our guides, and all of the other info that’s out there. Or, worse, it can feel like we can only access the information for others, but getting the same clarity for ourselves can feel like trying to see through the mud.

Thankfully, there’s a simple (and logical) reason for this.

Everyone is psychic.


Dark Nights of the Soul

“Dark Night of the Soul” is a term originally used in Catholicism to talk about a difficult period and a crisis of faith that ultimately leads to a deeper connection and union with God. For me – not being Catholic – it’s about that deep sense of connection with the Divine.

It’s a period of intense disillusionment, and beliefs that don’t serve our ultimate purpose fall away.

One place I feel as though spirituality – especially New Age spirituality – often fails is honoring the Dark Nights of the Soul that we go through.


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