Episode 7: How to Control Your Intuition

I remember back in 2011 when something odd happened to me.

I had just done a reading for someone in person and was driving home, but I forgot to control my energy.

My energy was still on “ABSORB EVERYTHING” mode (that’s the mode I go to when doing readings.)

Whew, that was an uncomfortable drive home, my friend.

For instance, every time I drove past someone, I would feel a new emotion.

And it was rush hour in Las Vegas, so there were a LOT of someones and a LOT of conflicting emotions.

  • Anxiety? Check.
  • Happiness? Check.
  • Frustration? Check.
  • Grumpiness? Yup.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted.

What did I do to cause that kind of emotional roller coaster?

I didn’t control my intuition.

So, to learn how to control your intuition, dive into today’s podcast episode.

Once you’ve finished, let me know…

Could you feel a difference with the exercise we did at the end?


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