Chakra Management for Empaths

Being an empath isn’t always easy. (Hello… grocery store on a Saturday… gah!)

One of the things I see empaths struggle with the most is managing their chakras, which help you manage energy and emotions in your body. Especially that solar plexus chakra, the personal power center AND the one that lets you take action on your dreams.

Fortunately, adjusting your chakras for better emotional and energetic health is one of the quickest fixes.

Here’s what you need to know.

Chakra Basics for Empaths

This video provides a quick overview in case you’re not familiar with the chakras or if you want to brush up on what they are and how they work.

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Root Chakra Basics for Empaths

The root chakra helps you build a solid emotional and physical foundation in your life.

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Sacral Chakra Basics for Empaths

The sacral chakra relates to passion, creativity, and relationships, among other things. Find out about how you can grow it stronger.

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Solar Plexus Chakra Basics for Empaths

The solar plexus chakra helps govern confidence and empowerment in your life. If you need help taking action toward your dreams, make sure you don’t miss this one.

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Heart Chakra Basics for Empaths

Check in on your heart chakra. It relates to your feelings of compassion and connectedness with the world as a whole and the people around you.

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Throat Chakra Basics for Empaths

The throat chakra relates to communicating effectively. If you feel like you’re having trouble communicating your personal truth to others, be sure to watch this video.

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Brow Chakra Basics for Empaths

The brow chakra has to do with psychic phenomena and your connection to messages from the universe. If you’re interested in tuning in more to your intuition and guidance, check out this video.

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Crown Chakra Basics for Empaths

Finally, the crown chakra is connected to your sense of spirituality and your connection to source. Click below to watch and learn more!

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  1. Eman says:

    Chakras are connecting us with Deity

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