Sacral Chakra Basics for Empaths

This is lesson 3 of 8 in the Chakra Basics for Empaths series. I’m thrilled you joined us for this episode.

The sacral chakra governs three main things.

  1. Passion, Creativity and Focus (What I call PCF)
  2. Vibrations (Emotions)
  3. Relationships

Learn all about the sacral chakra in this video, including its importance, how to know if it’s working well or needs some lovin’, and how to grow it and make it stronger.

Click below to watch.

Do you have a great tip for working with this chakra? Don’t keep that secret! Share it here in the comments.

Sending love,

Rev. Kerti


  1. Madeleine says:

    Thanks Erin-Ashley! The story it tells is if I try, I will be attacked.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Great job, Madeleine!

      That’s your block. You don’t try in the areas of life this chakra governs due to feeling like you’re going to be attacked. This is usually an issue that pops up when the root chakra needs some TLC, so using affirmations like “I am safe” and feeling through them can help significantly. Also, if you’re really easily triggered for feeling unsafe and lots of panic, make sure to use The Sensitive Soul SOUL-ution to help you rewire your body to feel confidence and ease instead of anxiety. (You can get it here:

      Sending love!

  2. Rebecca says:


    I feel a tightness and heaviness. I am not sure what story this is telling but I would say based on description my sacral chakra needs a little loving.

  3. Angela says:

    The word that comes up for me is “wormy.” it feels wriggly and full of holes, slippery and squirmy. My vibe of late has been super-anxious — looking at your logical list, I can already tell from that that this chakra definitely needs some TLC. The vibe would be a bit like snakes and ladders — sometimes high, achieved with lots of hard work and effort, lots of releasing…followed by a rapid and slippery slide back down to the realms of anxiety and fear. When my vibe is up, I feel empowered in my passions of animal activism, creative in my cooking, wanting to move and dance and sing. Relationships are wormy — wanting to be around my loved ones, but then wanting to be alone. Focus is wormy — lots of procrastinating, achieving tasks but in dribs and drabs, having breaks to look up something else.

  4. Francesca J. Sidotu says:

    Improving Health of this chakra, thanks to your teachings Rev. Kerti. Still working on this chakra. Hard to put into words, but something about my natural joy. Others may have exploited my joy or attempted to control it; I may be in need of protection. I feel peace within myself but someexternal conflicts or mismatches to my joy. The flow of energy around me can be dense or negative and I can be comfortable with that but it creates conflict. Creativity and focus are improving. I open the door to greater passion. I have specific techniques I am going to follow to let beauty flow through me and to others.

    1. Francesca J. Sidoti says:

      Also I think I posted a couple of weeks ago how this chakra was characterized by extremely sharp pain when I tuned into it. I therefore it started to give it TLC and do some work on it as you recommended. Now the improvements in the insides are coming! So thank you once again Rev. Kerti!

  5. Rosemary N Castillo says:

    I’m new to the empath team.. Going through awakening for the last 4 months. It’s been and still is (calming down now) an emotional roller coaster. A lot of No wonders!!!! I’ve also since then adopted a whole lot of crystals… I have an energy empire lol. My sacral chakra is crazy alive. 1 month ago I even went to dr. thinking I had a bladder infection or something??? but nothing. .. everything came back normal. its then calmed down but even now talking about it. I feel a warm tingle even swollen all the way down to root chakra. It’s not painful at all or uncomfortable neither. It’s just like very stimulated???? idk just being honest what does this mean

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