Chakra Basics for Empaths

Well hello there!

This week I’m excited because the next few trainings will be ALL about the chakras. Especially, the chakras for Empaths.

This is the quick overview, so go ahead and dive in.

A few notes: The chakras are experienced a bit differently by each person. You may or may not end up experiencing them exactly the same as I do. In fact, it’s unlikely that you do.

So keep an open mind and keep track of how YOU experience your chakras. Your own intuition is your best guide.


Go ahead and comment below… What happened as you tried the exercise? What came up for you? What do you take away from it?

Remember, I’ll answer questions, so make sure to ask if you have one (or two).

If you’re not already on the list and want a handy-dandy download that explains all 7 major chakras in more detail AND get your very own 22 minute chakra meditation, head over to and sign up for that now.


Sending love!

Rev. Kerti


  1. Carla says:

    Hi Ashley, I wanted to share my experience with you. I tried the simple ask a question method. I focused on my heart chakra and asked what can I do for someone else today? And I felt a tightening or constricting near my throat. What that told me was that I should focus on helping others through communication. Whether that is helpful kind words or support. Very cool.

  2. Frab says:

    After done the exercise, I felt/listened that I am on the right track, but I have to be calm and collected for helping others through my gift, enjoying with the process as well.

  3. Brie says:

    I am very new to this, & as an empath, it’s abit confusing. Am finding the most difficulty in healing myself, as i realize i believe i am too open, & do not know the skills to protect myself (Boundaries). I feel an urgency to do this as i was diagnosed w a chronic illness & believe i need to heal myself, first.

    1. Luna says:

      Brie, I have a few suggestions as I have been in your shoes. I am by no means and expert, however look up a product called stress shield (I don’t receive any benefit from the manufacturer). There are many similar products, do your research. I believe it can help empaths due to our high level of feeling. It is overwhelming and at times impossible to “turn off” so I think we need help addressing the stimuli (intense vibrations). The other thing that is working for me is root chakra meditation. I am a combat veteran and after trauma experienced in 2004 I haven’t seemed able to get a footing. The video spiritualmechanic has on how trauma affects intuition completely spoke to me. Blessings, L

  4. Rosemary N Castillo says:

    I focus on my heart Chakra. I then felt as if circles of light beamed out and around my heart and chest! What I take from it. Is that i need to put more love out into the world! Starting at home. Its time to Love again. It’s ok to Love???? idk that’s what I got lol

  5. Tika says:

    I have a tightening in my heart chakra… Luke someone is squeezing in their fist.

    When asking the most generalized question of why?

    I get a strong tug in my throat chakra and a light tug in my belly button chakra ….
    (I apologize i don’t know the different names of the chakras
    I don’t know what to do next ….

  6. Angie says:

    My question was what can I do to help someone today and I felt a tightness in my heart chakra and a ringing in my left ear

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