How to Create an Instant Intuition System

Have you ever wanted to clearly know whether a decision is good for you and your goals instantly? Did you want to know that it was your intuition rather than wish fulfillment or fantasy? Did you want to know whether the fear was an indication of growth or whether the decision you were considering was really a bad decision or fit for you?

If so, you are not alone. Not remotely. These are common worries and concerns when working with your intuition, and if you want to use your intuition for decision-making during your day when you don’t have time to get into a meditative state or commune with your higher self or your guides, then the solution is to set up a “Yes No System.”


The Three Stages of Intuition Development

There are three distinct stages of intuitive development. These are the stages that everyone goes through as they work with and develop their intuition.

Receiving information

One of the premises I work with is that we all receive intuitive information and we are receiving that intuitive information through various mediums throughout the day.  The first stage of intuitive development is consciously recognizing when information is being sent your way. For instance, let’s say Jane meets someone for the first time, and the Pat Benatar song, “Hit me with your best shot” pops into her head.


How Meditation Helps Us With Our Intuition

It seems like meditation is a hot topic nowadays. It’s in scientific news, and it’s becoming more mainstream and widely accepted everyday. But what is it and how can we use it to hone and develop our intuition?

What is meditation?

Meditation is nothing more than focused thought or focused non-thought. It’s the practice of directing your awareness. There are many types of meditation out there, many ways to direct your thoughts and awareness. We can practice what is called “no-mind meditation” where we become aware of nothingness and attempt to stop all thoughts. 


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