Intuition Mastery Contest


What you’ll win:

You’ll win an hour long one-on-one Intuition Mastery Session with me, Erin Ashley. In this session, I’ll determine your dominant Intuitive Modality and provide a personalized action plan for utilizing and developing your intuition.

How to win:

Write one paragraph about your biggest challenge with your intuition and post it on your blog or facebook with a link back to Then email with your entry, OR just email your entry to

Contest rules:

Three (3) winners will be chosen at random on September 5th.


What Kind of Intuitive Are You? The Four Intuitive Modalities

If you’re like me when I was first learning about my intuition, you may be asking yourself how you can develop and grow your intuition. In my opinion, one of the most important factors in developing your intuition is figuring out what your primary Intuitive Modality is. This is so important to me in my coaching practice that I will not start working with a new client until I have assessed what his or her primary Intuitive Modality is.

As a coach, I need to know how my clients receive intuitive information.


Protecting Your Energy: A 4 Step Process

Negativity is one of those aspects of life we try to avoid. Now, I’m not saying negativity is pleasant, but I do believe it serves a purpose. Without negativity you cannot have positivity. It’s about polarity. You can’t have one without the other, and I want to caution you to keep in mind that negativity is neither good nor bad. That being said, most people I know – including myself – prefer to experience peace and happiness as opposed to any negative emotion. I hope to teach you a technique that will do just that.


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