“I’m not psychic enough”

Most of us who have a spiritual calling (or simply feel called to explore our spiritual nature) struggle with feeling like we aren’t “psychic enough.”

It can feel hard to connect to our intuition, our guides, and all of the other info that’s out there. Or, worse, it can feel like we can only access the information for others, but getting the same clarity for ourselves can feel like trying to see through the mud.

Thankfully, there’s a simple (and logical) reason for this.

Everyone is psychic.

Being psychic is built into the body-mind system as part of your soul in a body – YOU are spirit, and guess where the intuition comes from?


The body-mind has a built-in mechanism to take the information from Spirit, your guides, or anyone else on your team on the other side… your subconscious. Which speaks in symbols. AKA, not your primary language, haha, oopsies!

No, I kid. There’s a good reason for this.

The subconscious is the bridge between the non-physical realms and the conscious mind.

The subconscious has the ability to tap into a MINIMUM of 10,000 bits of information per second. Every second, every day of your life. The subconscious never sleeps.

When you think about the amount of information your subconscious has access to across your entire lifetime, it’s mindblowing.

But the challenge of the subconscious mind is that it has to get past the RAS – your Reticular Activating System. This group of neurons located in the brainstem acts as the bodyguard of the conscious mind.

Its job is to filter the 10,000 bits of information that your subconscious is taking in every second and filter ONLY the most important 35-60 bits of information per second for your conscious mind. Think about it, only 0.6% of the information your subconscious has access to will make it to your conscious mind.

So how can your subconscious get all of the relevant information to you?

It encodes it in symbols you must think about for more than 1 second. That’s right, your subconscious makes your intuitive hits more complicated on purpose so it can encode more information and YOU can have the information you need to take appropriate and aligned action.

Our real job as spirits that inhabit human bodies is to learn how to train the mind to recognize the intuitive hits and extract the messages.

When we enforce the belief that “I’m not psychic enough” or anything like that, the RAS will filter out all of the important information that we’re looking for – such as an intuitive hit that will allow us to get closer to our goals…

So, if you catch yourself thinking you’re not “psychic enough”… remind yourself that you always have access to Spirit because you ARE Spirit.

Rev. EA Kerti

PS – Do you have a great affirmation or way of reminding yourself of your divine connection? I’d love to hear it! Comment and share if you’re willing.

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