Am I An Empath?

It’s easy to confuse being an empath with being empathetic.

In this 4 minute video, I break down how to EASILY know whether you are truly an empath or not.

Plus, at 2:28 I give a great explanation of empathy vs. being an empath that you can use on friends and family that just don’t understand. Don’t be hard on them, they haven’t walked in your shoes. 😉


In the comments below, let me know whether you are an EMPATH or HIGHLY EMPATHIC or BOTH.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Also, if you’re an empath and have friends or family that simply don’t “get it,” share this video with them. It will help them understand you better.


  1. Pierre-Alexandre says:

    I am empathetic. It’s definitely a mental exercice for me.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Thanks for sharing, Pierre-Alexandre! <3

    2. Shells says:

      See I feel as though such happens to me.. I can sense energy once a person enters the room especially frustration anxiety and depression.. I have taken up those very feelings without even knowing what’s going on.. Like this happens with my parents and sometimes I ask what’s wrong because I’m getting a vibe and they sometimes say yes other times they deny it but I can feel something is up.. Am I just hyper sensitive or an empath or coo coo for coco puffs

      1. David Farmer says:

        Yes I have always been very sensitive to other peoples’ moods.

        If people are in bad mood I usually feel it is about me. I’ ve been accused of often of being overly sensitive which is incredibly annoying after a while!!

        If they are in good moood I can feel they are laughing at me!! It’s not so bad now.

    3. Sandra says:

      I sense and fell peoples energy.I can feel the sadness of people.I I know things about people.In my life I get gut feelings and know what is going on.

  2. Amelia Wiederaenders says:

    I can literally feel other peoples feelings or physical sensations sometimes.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Yup. Definitely an Empath. But I already knew that. 😉

  3. I’m not sure. It feels like I usually absorbed other people’s moods most of my life (in more of an empathic than empathetic way), but that I don’t quite as much as I used to – almost like that separation has come with growing emotionally, learning what’s mine and what’s not – and when I feel other people’s moods now, it’s increasingly in a more empathetic way. What might that mean?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      I’ve also found that learning what is and isn’t mine helps me to stay in the empathetic lane more than the empathic lane. My best guess is that it means you’ve gotten emotionally stronger, so other people’s emotions no longer have the same effect. The volume can get turned down when we learn to stay true to our emotions, and no longer feel the need to engage everyone else’s emotions.

    2. Levon says:

      So does that mean she’s a empath

      1. Erin-Ashley says:

        She’s an empath.

  4. Simone says:

    Wow, it’s confirmed. I’m an Empath.

  5. sylvie says:

    Is it possible to have empathy most of the times for people but to be an empath for some persons only.. I mean can we be both of them ?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Yes, Sylvie! These are two different skills/experiences so you can definitely have both. Some people are only Empathic with people they’re close to. 🙂

  6. steffie says:

    Love your work Erin and would actually love to discuss the option of working together one day.

    This is an interesting video and I am not sure if it is always that easy to make a distinction between being an empath or being empathic. As we do have cells in our brain that pick up on other people’s feelings whether we know the story or not.

    They are called mirror neurons and you can find out more about them in my free workbook on how we are all empaths at

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Steffie,

      Thank you so much!

      Most people (with the possible exception of sociopaths, as they lack empathy completely) are capable of feeling other people’s emotions or vibes, both due to mirror neurons and the heart wave. For me, when I define “Empath” I’m speaking about someone who picks up other peoples/animals/the planet’s “stuff” to the point that it’s either very difficult or impossible to distinguish it from their own “stuff.” I know not everyone has the same definition. 😉 Not everyone is Empathic under my definition. That being said, being empathic is a sliding scale more than it is a yes/no situation, but in the case of being empathetic vs. being empathic in any singular interaction, it really is as simple as the timing.

      Sending love!

      1. delina says:

        nice one, this is super nicely put! thanks

        Timing seems to be everything for me right now

      2. Ray-Ann says:

        This information is pretty inspiring.This is all very new to me. I’m not sure if I’m an empath or not but I can definitely relate to the information about the heart wave. When i connect with someone it feels like a wave of emotion rushing into me, my heart would race sometimes I may even cry. I have also experienced these connections while speaking on the phone, that one really blew me out of the water. Sometimes my energy gets drained completely and the headaches are terrible. I’m looking for help. I see this as a blessing because I love helping others but I want to learn more, from the beginning :). Thank you so much for sharing

  7. I’m an empath though I only recently admitted it out loud. I feel the body sensations & emotions of my clients, sometimes before they even do.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      And that, my friend, is what makes being an Empath so empowering! Once we know what to do with it, anyways. It can be a HUGE help with work.

  8. Cheryl says:

    I always thought I was an empath because I feel the energy in the environment (like when I walk into a house), can absorb it and release positive, but also have a problem at times with it overwhelming me. That was my reason for running away from the city – too much negative energy that began to affect me.

    I cannot imagine being in anyone shoes, but I can feel the emotions, especially the pain they are going through as if it was my own. I guess I am just plain strange, lol.

    Unfortunately, it is not just with people. When I search my soul it cries in agony for the earth, the animals, and all the human beings.

    Thanks for clearing that up, I guess one day I may figure it out… or not. Not like I have found what I should do with it anyway. Best wishes and thank you for helping others who are normally considered odd.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      It sounds to me like you’re an emotional empath AND a physical empath. An emotional empath feels other’s emotions as though it’s her own emotion, and a physical empath feels the pains and physical sensations of people/energy she is around. I have another video “5 Types of Empaths” that I think you would benefit from. Here’s the link:

      The best thing to do with your empath abilities are to simply accept them and allow your body to release the stress energy whenever you can. Some feel called to use them to heal others, some simply enjoy going through life as an empath without using them this way. There’s no wrong, here.

      Sending love!

  9. Renjini says:

    I’m so confused! I feel I’m both empathic and an empath! There are times when I get a really queasy sensation in my tummy when I see people do something embarrassing or when they’re in trouble. It gets worse – I sometimes find myself close to tears! This happens in both real life and when I’m reading a book/watching the TV. I end up switching off the TV or closing the book for a while because I can’t really take it in. Unfortunately, I can’t run away from a real-life situation no matter how much I want to. And I can’t seem to say no to people; its like I’m compelled to help/listen to them even if I don’t want to. And when I end up refusing, I feel like an absolute bitch! I’m overloaded with guilt and want to set things straight immediately! And it doesn’t help that others can’t relate to they way I feel. My husband is often baffled as to why I behave the way I do and I get frustrated trying to explain to him how I can’t help but feel the way I do! *sigh*

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Renjini! This is common as an empath, unfortunately. If you haven’t already, check out the Empath Intensive here:

      It’s simply that we are incredibly sensitive, so when we experience other people’s “stuff” we also have our own reactions to it. It can be overwhelming until we learn to release judgment about what we and others experience. Embarrassment is one of my triggers, too, but as I release judgment it triggers me less and less. Hope this helps.

      Rev. Kerti

  10. Christyl says:

    I think I’m an empath, but I’m not quite sure. I don’t think I feel other people’s physical pain/sickness, but when someone is stressed, I feel it, and I can’t “turn it off. “When someone is angry, i think I feel it, but once it comes into me, it triggers fear on my part, which mostly drowns out the anger. A few days ago I realized that I always feel depressed when I’m with my psr worker. I went to another room for a few minutes, and I felt better, but it came back when I went near my psr worker again. I can also ” feel” people’s personalities. All this applies to animals too. What do you think?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      It sounds like you are an empath, simply not as pronounced as some people. Check out the Sensitive Soul SOUL-ution for some great tips about how to work with the anxiety.

  11. Anna mejia says:

    I feel like an an empath. I’ve always know there was something different about me but couldn’t figure out what. One experience that I had was with my sister we went to the doctors together she was going to get her wart removed and I went with her I was about 7 and she was 6 on the way their I felt this clammy feeling like I was scared then oh ought to myself why would I be scared? When we arrived it got worse and when the doctor came in to the room I felt full on fear and started crying, when he burnt my sisters wart off she was crying and I was screaming like someone was burning me not her. When I see someone being bullied I don’t care who it is or if I even know the person i immediately jump in at that persons defense. When I see some cry or sometimes I know they were crying my heart feels like it gets weighed down or when I with someone and they get scared I don’t even have to see their face because my heart starts to race. I just don’t know how to tell my emotions from other peoples.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Anna, it sounds like classical emotional empathiness to me. The best resource I have for you is “Whose Energy Is It?” You can check it out here:

      It outlines exactly how to figure out whose energy is in your field and how to release it with ease. This takes practice, but it’s very effective.

      Rev. Kerti

  12. Carla says:

    Now I thought I was crazy! Seriously thought I was crazy! I have spent years in therapy because I have spent my life terrified of what was happening. It’s not just joy or depression I feel. It’s rage, guilt, joy, sorrow, exhultation. All of it NOT MINE! All of it thrust on me unwanted and unexpectidly.. I have been told I’m crazy when I have tried to explain that I can feel the guilt when some one is lying. Not just to me but when I’m in the room, if they are recorded on video or I can hear a recording. The exact moment before it comes out of their mouths. I can tell that so me one is about to lie. I have burst into absolute despairing tears for no other reason than I have come into close proximity to a woman grieving for her dead son but is physically showing no sign of grief physically n she was a complete stranger with no conversation. I can calm frantic animals. I’ve worked with horses and have been labelled a whisperer (which my logic find to be push posh) Children, toddlers mostly go bananas when they see me. They smile and laugh excitedly. One almost jumped out of her mothers arms on a bus when I looked at her when I pulled along side the bus. All because she looked at me and I smiled at her. She broke into an amazing grin laughed really hard and threw herself around in her mothers grasp. Another in his baby seat in the back of his parents car! Exactly the same reaction.. He went bonkers! Others grin really hard n drool.. I’ve had terrible experiences as well. Until I read this I thought I was crazy! There is so much more to this! Wow! Bloody wow! I’ve basically become a recluse because I pick up way too much stuff from others company.. I can walk into a room filled with strangers and be so overwhelmed I have to leave. I can walk into a room with a single person and just know that they are raging and they are about to explode or that they are sly n manipulative. That one isn’t pleasant. Not sure what my comments will lead to other than me searching for more info now that I know what the bloody hell is going on.. 🙂 thank u for ur video! 🙂 I’m left with a question.. Now that I know what it is… What do I do with it?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Carla!

      You sound like a classic emotional empath! I recommend getting in on the Empath Intensive free mini class I’ve created. You can get this here:

      This will help you understand yourself and gain some control over your energy and emotions. Enjoy!

      Rev. Kerti

  13. Levon says:

    Sometimes I feel like an empath sometimes I don’t for example when someone walks in a room that I am in I see their face and automatically feel what they feel but sometimes I feel feelings that are not my own though it feels like my own since things come to my mind that happen to me or certain memories surface but I only recognize that there not my own when I have no reason to feel that way is it that I’m both or emotionally unstable or a real sensitive empath

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Levon,

      You’re probably a sensitive empath. You can check out the video “Whose Energy Is It” to get a clearer idea of how to navigate and release emotions.

      Being a sensitive empath usually means we pick up other people’s stuff VERY easily, and may not always see the source. I hope this helps!

      Sending love,
      Rev. Kerti

  14. Lauren says:

    Hey Erin! Great video. You have a nice way of breaking things down so that they are easy to understand. For me, I’m still not sure. I know I am highly empathetic for sure. I put myself into someone’s shoes very quickly and very deeply although I’ve learned to temper this.

    I do have an ability to know immediately how to speak with someone and interact with them just by looking at them and as the conversation or interaction progresses, I can take this deeper. This used to bother me because I wondered why I found myself acting different with different people and it was exhausing and I usually ended up crossing my own boundaries to please them.

    As far as being an empath, I’m still not sure. Sensitive yes. Empathetic yes. Perceptive yes. I’ve also been told that I am someone who just “knows” things which I don’t fully understand as well. I guess I’ll set it as an intention to learn more about whether or not this is a gift of mine.

    Thanks, Erin!

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Lauren!

      You could be VERY empathetic. Remember, it’s all on a continuum, so of course you could be so empathetic you mimic some empath qualities, or you could be empathic, which is how you started getting all that empathy. 😉 The only reason labels are useful is because they help you understand yourself better, but you are also unique, and that’s wonderful!

      Sending love,

  15. Maria says:

    Yes and YES I sure am an empath and it feels good. For years I thought there was something wrong with me but now I know it is a gift. Thank you Erin-Ashley. xx

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Wonderful, Maria! 😀 There’s not a damn thing wrong with you.

      Sending love!

  16. Carla says:

    I guess I can say I am in between. Maybe you can help explain the difference to me. I can empathize easily with people sure. But, I can also read peoples emotions through body language and the energy I feel off of them. I can tell when someone is angry just by feeling their energy, I can usually tell when I am being lied to, I can feel when someone is “off” or not themselves by their energy. I sometimes can feel their emotion but I can usually read it from a distance like I am reading a book. Does that make sense? With that said, I can also absorb alot of negative energy when my guard is down. An example is working in a negative work environment. I just left a job over the summer because the environment was poisonous I felt awful when I left work every day. My new job does not have that energy there. Does this make sense to anyone???

    1. Adrian says:

      If you know how someone’s feeling without having to ask then you’re likely to be an empath.

    2. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Carla!

      There’s a difference between feeling someone’s emotions as though it is your own and absorbing negative vibes. If someone is an empath, they will FEEL what someone else is feeling inside their body. If a stranger is feeling sad, they will feel sad. If a stranger is feeling happy, they will feel happy. Being an empath is different from reading emotions. When you read emotions, there’s distance – you don’t necessarily feel them as though they are your own emotions. You may be an empath or very empathetic. Neither one is better than the other. 🙂 Hope this helps!

      Sending love,
      Rev. Kerti

  17. Adrian says:

    I’m definitely an empath.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Welcome to the Empath Club!

  18. jack says:

    Hey i feel people emotion somtimes and i take on the emotion as if it is on my own this started to happen last month now when i am in crowds i get nervous and the air get a little heavy sometimes. am i awaking emotional empath?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:


      You’re absolutely an awakening emotional empath. I’d recommend playing with the Sensitive Soul Soul-ution to help you feel comfortable and confident in your sensitive skin!

      Hope this helps!
      Rev. Kerti

  19. Susan Darling-Kaplan says:

    I also thought I was “crazy”. All the emotions I felt, knowing they were not mine, overwhelmed me and I became very introverted. As a child, I would often be asked, “how do you know that” or, “no one thinks like that”. Deliberate cruelty to people and animals was more than I could bear. My fear was that this could push me “over the edge”. A few years ago I was introduced to a doctor who was an empath. He explained so many things to me and ways that I could protect myself emotionally.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      I’m so glad you found someone who could explain and help you, Susan!

  20. Sarah :) says:

    I’m only 15 and I learned that I was an Empath earlier today. Its like a blessing and a curse; you can at least know how others feel and be able to help. But at the same time you could feel depressed for them without knowing why. It could be a complete stranger and you feel the pain they feel. But on the bright side, if someone is happy, you can also be happy!

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      It’s so true, Sarah! I’m glad you’re finding out now instead of 10-15 years from now. It’s wonderful once you get the hang of it. 😉

  21. Andi says:

    It seems that I am an empath. However, I don’t feel everyone’s feelings. Mostly just the people closest to me. They also need to be strong for me to really have a reaction. When that happens there is a pain in my chest. I have learned to build a sort of ‘wall’ around my head to block the emotions out. And sometimes I can destinguish that it is not my emotions and I just have to remind myself that until the pain goes away. But, since the smaller emotions don’t affect me that much, does that just mean I am a less sensitive empath?

    1. Andi says:

      Also, I know when someone is lying, and almost always why they are lying. However, it’s a rarer occurrence with children. It is mostly teenagers and adults, that I can tell when and why they are lying. I just know. And sometimes, I know what people are going to say before they say it. I don’t know if this is an empath thing, but I can. 🙂

    2. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Andi,

      Great question. You do seem to be a little less sensitive empath, OR you could have built very effective walls. Either one could be what’s causing you to experience it a little less than some other sensitive empaths. It’s important to note that it’s not better or worse to be a less sensitive empath. There’s nothing to fix, either way. Because you feel the need to build a wall, though, I’d highly recommend checking out the Empath Intensive free mini class so you can learn to be yourself without the wall – the wall cuts off energy from the energy system, and it’s a good short term solution, but not a good long term solution. You can check out the mini class here:

      Have a good one!
      Rev. Kerti

  22. Chrysta says:

    I’m not sure what I am. I do know that when I am around certain people their mood affects mine greatly, as mine does to some as well. I know when there’s something wrong even when I’m not told. And a big thing with me, I know when I’m being lied to. Even if I don’t quite catch right away, I do get the sensation that I’m not being told the truth and it’s upsetting. There are a lot of examples I can give you that would point me to being an Empath and not just empathetic. But I don’t want to sound so full of myself. When in a store I don’t just feel other peoples emotions when they walk by, but I do feel the people I am around in my daily life. But when I am in a hospital setting or in a crowd of people I feel overwhelmed and I feel like I am having an anxiety attack. I’m not sure if it’s because after years of being hurt and put down emotionally by so many that I’ve built walls around myself or what it is. I suppose I am looking for advice or help to understand what I am.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Chrysta,

      You are likely an empath. I highly recommend playing with the Empath Intensive free mini class to learn a bit more about yourself. It’s normal to experience some, but not all, of the traits of being an empath. It’s okay and even healthy not to pick up people’s emotions in the grocery store, for instance. 🙂 If you want to learn a bit more about being an empath and join the free mini class, you can do so here:

      Hope this helps!
      Rev. Kerti

  23. Brittany says:

    I am absolutely an empath but just discovered this fairly recently. It is such a relief to know that the negative emotions I’m feeling are not often my own. What’s funny is that I am really affected by the day of the week. For instance, I was driving to work in heavy traffic one Monday morning not too long ago. I was in a great mood that morning and was actually excited for my commute because I had some new music to listen to. However, the more time I spent in all this traffic, the more upset I was becoming. I am learning how to distinguish others’ emotions from my own and knew this was coming from everyone else who was frustrated to be in Monday morning traffic. On the flip side, I always feel great on Fridays even if I have to work all weekend or have to do something I’m not excited about.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Brittany!

      Ahhh, the joys of driving as an empath! If you only pick up other’s emotions when driving, you’re likely a sensitive emotional empath. If you are picking them up even when you are home alone or NOT in public, you are probably a global empath. It’s so fascinating, isn’t it?

      Sending love,
      Rev. Kerti

  24. allison marteney says:

    I’m both, and it’s a nightmare. I can’t function around people at all, and it keeps getting worse. I can barely leave my house and now I’ve become super sensitive to light, colors, noise, smells, and touch!!! How can I make this stop without the use of alcohol or drugs? I drink ALL the time, because I HAVE TO dull my senses. Please help me.

    1. monique says:

      my advice is to surround yourself with beauty, especially nature and animals. can you perhaps go to the forest and commune with nature? sit outside and view the spectacular starry night? a kind of retreat. being around a loving pet is wonderful too.
      the drinking doesn’t work. any time we have to drink to be able to be in an environment, usually means we need to change our environment. we are basically forcing ourself to keep stuck in an environment we do not like and an environment that is not right for us. sometimes that can include having to drink to be able to put up with the people and things we are involved with. if we have to drink, to be able to stomach something or someone, that is a big sign that it is us that needs to change our environment and those we associate with.

      we need to create a little “heaven on earth,” and dwell there as often as we can. beautiful trees and flowers and surroundings are a must. i love to read stories about heaven experiences for hours, it literally takes me there and is so beautiful. or perhaps if you sing or draw or dance, this is another great way to create and interact with BEAUTY.

      being an empath is great in that respect. we not only feel others anger, sexual attraction, depression, etc. WE CAN ALSO FEEL LOVE AND BEAUTY and that being a double blessing.

      my advice: surround yourself with BEAUTY. it is all around us and we can create it ourselves as well. PEACE.

  25. monique says:

    GREAT ARTICLE THANKS! there is a big difference between being empathetic and an empath. i am an empath, yet i am not really empathetic, what you’d call a great listener nor a really empathetic person. i have compassion yes, but being an empath is more like a clairvoyance thing. an empath literally EXPERIENCES and feels the emotions and traumas, intentions of another person, whether that person is around you or even in another country or state. It’s really like getting a psychic impression or premonition or revelation but in the form of it coming into our own experience that we are feeling and experiencing. I often dream in the same fashion. And it really has nothing to do with being sympathetic or empathetic, although our response to help may result. or in the case of feeling anger and danger, to heed the warning and stay clear of a person.

    the biggest problem i had as an empath is when a guy feels attraction for me or falls in love with me. i feel HIS feelings and used to think they were MINE even going as far to enter into a love and/or sexual relationship with him. i have been in several relationships with men solely on this factor. when i finally figured it out that those were not MY feelings but HIS, now i know to just know that i am feeling HIS feelings and not to take them as “mine.” the love and sexual feelings are enjoyable (more so than feeling another person’s anger or depression or fear), so for me, learning to discern the sexual attraction feelings from someone else, being experienced as mine, was the most challenging.
    an empath has to learn discernment and/or perhaps have the gift of discernment.

    another challenging thing being an empath is even knowing what our own feelings are and i find that even being alone and in peace in my own room that i can feel others feelings. however, at least this way they are not coming in or flooding in, as in the case of being in crowds or groups of people. and therefore make it a lot easier to discern where those feelings are coming from.
    being an empath i find it easier to be around easy going people and find it especially difficult to be around jealous or envious or controlling people. i’d say being around animals, especially our pets, is superior for an empath. that’s when we get to experience double feelings of “being in the now,” and unconditional love. although with feral cats, i’d often feel their fear and fight or flight a lot, which is not good for a human’s nerves.

    1. delina says:


      thank you for this long message and describing more about the challenges you face.

      I have been dubjugated to men’s feelings of attraction towards me for years and I am finally get rid of that so I am super excited about my future as an empath aware of which feelings are mine and which are not.

      Thank you.


  26. Julie says:

    Yes I am most definitely an empath. At times its so strong I want to run but even that doesn’t work. Lol

  27. Tonya says:

    I am an empath. I just found that there was such a thing. As a child I experienced the pains my mother had after a car accident..she broke her back in two places. I was disabled with neck and back pain and she used to think it was so cute that I would experience this on her behalf…it was not cute…it was hell. I also had a dream she was in the accident the very night she was in the accident. My list goes on and on and I have had issues not understanding that everybody does not have this skill or ability. I assumed throughout life people just chose not to listen to it and it has caused issues for me in relationships. I have worked from home for 20 years now because I find to be around people day in and day out is mentally and physically exhausting. I cannot walk into a room without my senses going willy nilly and so much information comes to me and it overwhelms me. A doctor once told me that it sounded like autism. I love people and I know how to relate so I know it is not autism I have many friends…all who want to talk and share secrets for some reason. I hate to tell them I already knew because it is rude. I always know when someone is pregnant before they show and twice I have shocked my neighbors by bringing it up not knowing they were trying to keep it a secret. Anyway, this drives me nuts and exhausts me and my husband has the exact opposite issue (he has no empathy) so I need to figure out how to live in this world without alarms going off and without perfect strangers taking my emotional energy. I am sure my son takes after me…is this a gene passed on? I pray he does not get bombarded daily like I did but I can tell school wears him out. Any help or direction is appreciated.



  28. Nikki says:

    Definitely an empath. I can feel the e motions of others, and a lot of times it can be difficult to shake. It’s gotten better as I’ve gotten older, but I need to regularly work on it. On the other hand, I feel joy as well and this is amazing!

  29. Wendy Nugent says:

    I have always been able to feel people’s emotions and ask them what’s wrong before they tell me what’s wrong. Sometimes they do, sometimes they say that they’re just tired.
    I get overwhelmed when I’m surrounded by negative energy and I can feel the energy in the room and that can be overwhelming as well.
    I pick up my friend’s health problems, like when my friend had whiplash, I got a pain in my neck as well. It didn’t go until hers had got better!
    The other day I was standing at the bus stop and I suddenly felt sick. Later on another friend texted me to say she felt sick and it was about the same time I did!
    I once had a pain in my right ankle and left arm. I went to a peer support group and one of the guys there said that he had a pain in the same places I did. I didn’t know at the time that I was an empath, so I shouted “no way!” It was amazing and I’m not even close to this guy! I told him that he’d better get better soon lol.
    Everything I experienced makes sense now and that’s why I’ve started writing a blog to share my experiences and any new techniques that I’ve learnt and found useful 🙂

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Lovely blog, Wendy! Keep playing with those practices. You are well on your way to mastery.

  30. cece says:

    I know í am a very empathetic person but im not so sure if im an empath. There are times when i feel very depressed, anxious, frustrated, etc. for no reason and it can last for days. Sometimes i hear music or watch interviews or remember a person and i may get very sad or depressed. So im quite confused. Sometimes i get emotions from certain people but i still don’t fully understand if im both or just one of both?

  31. Lana says:

    When I’m watching tv I get chest pain, nausea, and other physical feelings, along with the emotional feelings of the people on tv but it’s real to me. In real life, I take on others feelings and go out of way to “fix” their problems no matter the effect it has on me, but I find peace in their happiness. I find it all very wearing and exhausting.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Lana. You may want to take a look at this free resource. It will help you manage your empathi-ness so it’s not so overwhelming. Sending love.

  32. Katheryne says:

    Emotional empath here. I honestly always thought everyone could do this! However, the more research I do, the more I’m realizing it’s a pretty unique trait to have. I always just thought I was really good at reading people. I’d feel others’ emotional woes, take it on for myself, and then feel down/exhausted for the rest of the day. Over the past couple of years, I feel like the empath traits are becoming more intense. Nowadays, I’ll get chills/waves of goosebumps every time I think a certain thing, or when someone else is talking/feeling a certain way. I’ve recently been learning about the “highly sensitive” trait, studied by Elaine Aron, and I’ve noticed many similarities between the “highly sensitive person” and the “empath”. Are these both part of the same spectrum?

  33. Lorian says:

    Hi! I’m pretty positive that I am an Empath. I’ve always wondered why I would get so anxious around other people in class that were anxious. I would subconsciously become annoyed that they were so anxious because it was making me anxious! Some times I would even say something like, “calm down man, you’re making me nervous!” when they weren’t even speaking to me and just minding their own business. Other peoples emotions have always impacted me greatly. I never felt the need to have to hear a persons story in order to sit down and cry with someone. This gift has definitely gave me the skills to really help others and reach out to other people. Thanks for the vid!

  34. Kristina S says:

    I am having a hard time distinguishing whether or not I’m empathic. I do feel very strong emotions and sometimes physical feelings. And I have a friend who I have never met in person and often we say we are ‘twinning’ I wonder if that’s because I know how she’s feeling before I even talk to her, so when she’s having a bad day, my day ends up being bad also and when she’s having a good day, mine ends up being good.

  35. Jasmin Whitley says:


    I came across this after watching a youtube video of yours 🙂 I was questioning myself and whether I am an Empath and after watching this and your other video I am more certain I am a physical and emotional empath. I can say this confidently as I have personally taken away peoples pain by touching them before and I have picked up on peoples emotions, I do feel people I am closest to more strongly though.

    Physical example: I was at my cousins wedding which was on the beach and one of the guests who I hadn’t met before was saying how her back was sore so I gave her a back rub standing up. Seriously after I did that I could hardly walk off the sand and she was like wow I feel great I haven’t felt this good in years, this was my first real wake up call something was really different.

    Emotional example:I went to my bestfriends house and she had a sore hand and I actively tried to heal it (as I had never actively tried to do it before it just happened), then later on I was at mine and I felt this overwhelming saddness/depression/anxiety I thought my world was going to end it was totally out of nowhere, I felt like I couldn’t imagine my world going on. I thought to myself what’s wrong with me and then my friend came to mind, I spoke with her later about it and we worked out that I had taken not only her physical pain but also her emotional pain.

    I would also love to hear you thoughts if you could spare a moment please 🙂

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Jasmin, it sounds like you are an energy healer. I’d highly encourage you to practice transmuting the energy you get when healing, otherwise it tends to stick around for quite a while.

      Here’s two videos on energy healing pt 1:
      Pt 2:

      Big love to you,
      Rev. Kerti

  36. Sean Flynn says:

    I learned from a friend of mine(psychic) that I am a Empath about 2 years ago. Never knew it, but always knew I was different from others. I do absorb others emotions and can’t be in a crowded area cause I will feel the negative energy from others and get a panic attack and have to leave. I learned to tune into the energy around me and know when to turn off and on when needed. Also able to feel the presence of spirits that are in my house. Just made a emotional connection with a woman that I just meet and now becoming good friends(she has cancer and getting treated). Blessed to have meet her.

  37. Trin says:

    definitely both. I have been able to read thoughts and feelings since I was a young child at school. I used to tell my teachers what they were thinking.. it only got stronger. I developed a sense of claustrophobia when I was about 12 or 13. I was in a shopping centre for some contest and I heard them all: voices and sensations from the hundreds of people all around me to the point my head felt like it was going to pop and I just about passed out. thankfully, a woman near me saw me go down and put me up above everyone else, but I had to get out. for as long as I can remember, I could feel and hear what people are thinking, saying in their inner monologues.. ailments and illnesses also. as a child I even saw those ailments in their bodies but I learned to close that particular level of disgusting out.

    another thing is the weather: I think I was about 6 or 7.. when I would cry it would rain. (I was always sad but I wouldn’t dare show it.) when I was angry the wind would blow violently. my knees hurt before a major storm. these days it makes me bristle up when a storm is brewing. animals of all kinds flock to me (except ants, who always come at me and bite me!), for some reason I can “sense” nature and how the trees feel.. I can’t watch the news any more as it makes me either weep or seethe to the point of something akin to a full mental and emotional breakdown. sometimes it seems like I can feel the world’s pain on a whole and it makes me near-insane. been living like this 30+ yrs, now. I have children of my own, one of which definitely experiences what I do. with the state of the world today, the headaches are only getting worse.

  38. Taryn says:

    I am still not sure but I understand the difference. I feel energy when I walk in a room. If there is tension I feel it most often, or anger and sadness. I can answer illness or struggles. But I don’t think I feel it physically as if it’s my own. I feel the energy that surrounds the person and I know what they are feeling meaning u can discern between the different emotions. I do feel at times like I am juggling the energy, attempting to fix it or heal it or move it. I might get a headache or have thoughts/conversations running through my head about how to calm it.

  39. WondrinSoul says:

    I have a hard time sorting through all the emotions that I feel on a daily basis…I really feel alone and lonely in this…as I don’t have many friends or feel like I can’t make deep meaningful relationships with others because of how much I feel from them. I don’t know how to turn it off…is there ever a limit to how much we can absorb?

    1. Delina says:

      Hey Wondrin Soul

      I just want you to know you are not alone and if you want to talk about this or get some guidance and help then I will be happy to connect with you.

      With love

  40. Erica Nordenson says:

    I’m an empath. I feel people, animals, objects, nature… anything really. It’s like I am always tuned in to the undercurrent of feeling and energy wherever I am. However, I can also tune in to people and places from a distance if I choose, and feel them that way too.

  41. Claudia says:

    Thank you for explaining the difference. According to what you described, most of the time I am just being empathetic. However, when some people near me are nervous or anxious (even if I do not why but I can SEE their anxious BEHAVIOUR), they make me nervous or anxious too. I cannot detach myself from them, unless I leave the room and I get away from them, and still, it takes time until this feeling goes away.
    Is this something that all people have or could it be that sometimes I am being an empath too?

  42. Beccacw says:

    Hey there! Thank you for going above and beyond to help others! I feel that I am an empath but I am not sure exactly what it means to mostly feel others motives. I mean I can feel their moods/emotions but beyond that I know the inner motives of others beyond what they are trying to portray. Of course that comes with knowing when someone is lying but it seems to be so much more than that. For example I once knew a lady who loved to help others and opened her home every Friday night to people who wanted to be in a positive uplifting type meeting/supper. It was a bible study type of gathering. She really is a nice lady and will almost always go out of her way to do good for others but I could sense something off about her. It’s almost how she would look at young men that triggered it. No one else that went with me could see what I was talking about. It, on the surface, looked to be just her way of being loving and making others feel good about themselves. I on the other hand saw so much more and each time I was around her I could see more of this which confirmed to me more and more of what I already thought about her. Almost like piecing together a “hidden/invisible motive puzzle”. Well needless to say she was caught having an affair with a younger man that started coming. Then that’s when my friends realized I could see what they couldn’t. Seeing the inner motive of others happens along with feeling their emotions every where I go. It helps me understand not just their emotions but how their emotions play the main role of their inner motive. I can see their motive and also why it has come to be their motive by what emotion they have connected to it. The more I piece it all together the more I can sense where it all originated from in the first place, in most cases. I have yet to find anything on empaths and anyone experiencing it this way. I’ll be honest. It feels like two different gifts combined that play off of each other. Honestly I can’t say for sure that this motive I see under the surface isn’t just their thoughts in that moment that I am somehow picking up on. I don’t know enough about that to say for sure. It’s usually always concentrated towards a motive they have vs exact thoughts they may have. Thoughts seem to be more detailed than just knowing a motive. Like when someone asks me a question about anything at all, I can a lot of the time look at them and already understand the point of the question and even if the question could be asked in a better way to receive the answer they are trying to get from me. For example (just an example), someone walks up and asks me if I like kids. I already know if they are looking for what type of person I am when it comes to the subject of kids or if they want a favor from me concerning kids. I’m not sure that’s the percfect example because it’s very elementary but hopefully you get the idea. Is it possible to feel a motive in the form of an emotion, maybe? Any comments you have about this that might be of use? Also if you know anything about this, how might I go about strengthening this side of it? FYI, I am a Christian who would like to use this in the church body as a way of “shining light on the darkness” in case you may need to know that for any reason. Also, there are other things that I have experienced that may be of use when answering these questions of you would like to email me. Thanks again! Love, me 😉

  43. Delina says:

    I am both!

    Recently I started feeling on a visceral level the Earth’s motions and movements.

    Looking forward to your next videos.

    With love


    p.s. thank you so much for being you and for doing the work that you do!

  44. Donna Churchill says:

    Both for sure. Been able to feel oters emotions all my life. I have to have alone time and can not be around a lot of people at once, very draining.
    Thank you for the video.

  45. Sarah says:

    I have just discovered what an empath is. I think I am one, but I’m not entirely sure. I have a tendency of talking myself out of my gut instincts and intuitions. The first time I heard someone talk about being an empath my gut just told me I am 100% one without a doubt. The more research I do the more I question it.

    I’ve always been incredibly empathetic, but I have also had the experience of feeling other people’s emotions (especially those I have deep connections with) very strongly. Usually, I just write the emotions off as my own and then go into a panic trying to figure out why I’m so emotional and crazy. But the more I read, the more it makes sense that maybe the emotions I’m feeling aren’t all mine.

    1. J says:

      Dear Sarah,

      Your defenitly an empath!
      Figure out what kind you are!

      All Love


  46. Ashley says:

    I am definitely an empath. But also empathic. It’s comes along with being a healer as well. Being an empath can be very difficult mainly at work. Trying to concentrate and feeling physical pain and sadness from my coworkers is very distracting at times.

  47. Terrence says:

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  48. Samantha Moore says:

    The first time in my life I heard the term empath was 2 years ago. I was in rehab for my drug addiction when a counselor there brought me a print off on it. Most of everything it said described me. I’ve always described myself as a good hearted person. I’m the type of person who can always understand both sides of a disagreement, even when its one I’m involved with. I’ve always had trouble being around people. Depending on whom I’m around I can get extremely overwhelmed. Certain people I can hardly bear to be around, can’t even hardly look them in the face. It can be someone I’ve just met, so I never understood what could be going on with me. The counselor who told me about the empath was the same way. She had trouble being in my prescence without being overwhelmed. She told me, she believed we were both absorbing so many emotions of those around us, that it was just too intense when we were around one another. That made sense to me. I’ve always got unexplained negative feelings for no reason. I honestly believe that led me to my drug addiction. I didn’t know what was going on with me or how to handle it. If someone is called on in class I get so nervous. I almost have to lay my head down. Or if someone is embarrassed or say caught in a lie, I get so overwhelmed by it. I take on the shame and embarrassment, even though it doesn’t involve me. I do so much for people even when I know their lying to me or even using me because I don’t want to hurt their feelings by turning them down. I feel what they feel. In my present situation I am constantly surrounded by negativity. It’s always there and intense. I believe I’m an empath but not quite sure. I have seen a few symptoms while looking into it that I don’t think I have. Can u all let me know what you think? I can answer any other questions u may need to know. Thanks!

  49. J says:

    I just want to thank you…

    I’ve been an empath my whole life.
    But only a few months ago i started looking deeper into what it is that makes you one…

    For me it’s a skill that developed stronger over time…
    Well, experience actually, time has nothing to do with it 😉
    From childhood on there was nobody that understood what i was going through. And i didn’t knew what was happening to me…

    But it al makes sense now…
    And i’m taking controle!

    Best regards and love for everyone and everything in space and time!

  50. Tom says:

    I have always had very strong emotions, but being a man I was always told not to show my emotions ( well in my family anyway). I have always had a problem understanding my emotions. I think now, that was because they weren’t my emotions. I would get sad or anxious for no reason that I could see. If I got to places with lots of people I get overstimulated and usually have to leave. Most of the time I have to go to be by myself or sleep to recover. There came a time in my life where I didn’t feel anything, sad, depressed, happy, nothing. I have been told that I was shielding trying to protect myself from being hurt by not allowing feelings affect me. The problem was I didn’t have any feelings of my own either. Not a fun place to be. I am just scratching the surface of being able to discern other peoples emotions from my own. It is foreign to me, I never thought what I was feeling could be from someone else. I would like to learn some tools to help me calm the feelings that I sense from other people, but not diminish my own feelings. What are you thoughts on this? Thanks, Tommy

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Tommy, I’d highly recommend you start with my empath resource here:

      Unfortunately, your experience is common. It’s not too late to get things on track and back to being able to feel your own energy fully.


    2. Lucinda says:

      Tom, you sound a lot like me. I get overwhelmed and my brain shuts me down by putting me asleep.

  51. Sadie says:

    Ever since i found out what an empath was, i have been so sertain based on everything ive read. (traits,examples, ect.) but now im not so sure i think im both.. I read people without trying . I just “know”. Say someone walks into the room, if they are upset. I start to feel upset and i can tell they are. Even if they arent giving me any reason to assume that. I can litterally feel the heavyness on my aura. And ALL the time. I find myself alone and in a good mood. But all of the sudden overwheming sadness takes over. I will have no idea why. And have no idea how to make it go away. But im highly empathetic too. It just seems to intensify the emotion im getting from someone when they tell me the story behind the emotion. Like u said. I put myself in there shoes. And understand completely. Like i feel the emotion through my body. Because either ive been through something so similar to theirs that i have like a emotional flash back. Or sometimes i may not have been through something relivant enough to share the feeling. But i can imagine with so much detail. That i litterally feel it as if im the one its happening to. Plz reply with opinions. And suggestions and ect.????

  52. Lucinda says:

    I just went to a healing arts fair and was told by about four individuals that I am an empath. I kind of knew but my logical side was trying to deny it. The type of empath that I am is I believe emotional.
    I feel pain and sorry from others. It is overwhelming, as I cant go to places in crowds.
    I was in the military and deployed to Bagdad Iraq, just a stone 8 foot fence separated the camp from the town. I felt sorrow and death all around me. It was overwhelming. I came home and was diagnosed with PTSD. I have no doubt that I have PTSD but as one lady said at the healing arts fair I was already predisposed due to being an empath to start with. As a child I identified with others emotions, they made me uncomfortable. I could never understand why until now.
    I also, experienced a situation in Mississippi a couple of moths before Hurricane Katrina. I was there for training. I was in a thrift store, when suddenly, my knee had sharp shooting pains. I could hardly walk. I also smelled perfume like a older woman would wear. I thought It was a coincidence and moved to a different part of the store. It happened again. No one was around me. I left the store and got in the car. The gear shift was between the driver and passenger’s seat. On the gear shift were three drops of water. I did not have liquid in the car. It was not raining or had been raining. I am still to this day baffled. Is it possible that this was an empathic moment that happened 2 months before the hurricane?
    I was also at a rummage sale and touched a very old music box from Japan. The music box started to play. I felt in awe. The young lady running the sale came up to me and said her Grandmother had just passed, her grandfather had gotten the music box for her in WW II. It had never played and the family had tried all kinds of ways to make it play. But it played for me. The lady cried and told me the music box needed to go to me. I did not understand how the music box could play for me. I did not wind it, I was just touching it. I felt a deep sense that It was special. I don’t know what those types of things are.

  53. Jennifer says:

    This is interesting. I can be very analytical about situations. When I feel upset I push my feelings aside and think about a person’s life and why they may have that point of view.
    I would say I am probably more Empathetic. I get very stressed out when dealing with people. I tend to be drawn to people who need help. But have learned to stop and remind myself that it is not my issue or problem and nothing I can do to fix it. It is almost as if I mentally shove it all out. I know when someone is not being honest or only partially so. I knew immediately when my friends met bad guys and watched them closer.
    However, I have woken up in the middle of the night terrfied or unsettled and felt the need to call friends and family. Sometimes they were crying. Sometimes there was nothing (as far as I know.) I had a dream when I was 10, that I walked to my dog’s outside pen and found his collar. Woke up crying. We found him the next day. He got hit by a car in the night and passed.

    But I can be harsh. I have been known to call friends out when they are hiding things (in private of course). Crowds stress me out.

    Idk. I may just be good at reading social cues. Or my analytical side lets me compartmentalize really well and just shut it down.

    Emotions stress me out.

  54. Lynette Shakespeare says:

    I’m most definitely an empath,
    I’m not only an empath but also a Animal Empath, wich I find really really hard at times.
    Knowing that an Animal is being mis treated in some way is absolutely crippling because you can’t do anything about it, I just try yo help them sending them Loving Reiki and surrounding them in a protective”white light’, I also ask my Angels to protect them.
    At one point this made me really poorly, I think I was close to a meltdown because I couldn’t help them
    I now use Red clover Bach flower remedies and Rescue remedy wich tends to take the edge of.
    I’m also starting to become a medium ( much to my surprise), ive seen and spoke to a couple of people who have ‘passed over’. I don’t find it scary in fact I feel quite honered that that they chose me to communicate with.
    Thankyou for your wonderful teachings they do make life a lot more understandable.


  55. Melissa says:

    I am both empathic and empathetic. When I was 12, i started getting everyone else’s physical problems in the house. For example, a friend of my moms came to visit, and she had a massive migraine and beginning signs of the flu. I was in my room feeling like sh@t. Wasn’t sick til she showed up. When I found out she was there, i had to learn how to block the effects. Was a rough night. With being empathetic I can walk myself through what a person is going through and know what they are feeling. Now that I have a child, I can see that he is an empath too….this is gonna be interesting

  56. Dawn says:

    Yes. The description of an empath is definitely what I have experienced for 51 years. I have thought previously that I might have a mood disorder or depression but now know that I have felt others pain, or joy. I am “feeling ” someone so strongly now that I am frightened by it.

  57. Angela says:

    Hello ,
    Thankyou for helping all of us . Your a beautifal person. I am so confused. I dont only take on others pain mentally but i physically take on the pain. I am so emotional with animals and children as well. I have mood swings like crazy and i suffer with anxiety attacks daily. I feel like im being touched all the time and i believe i hear things also. I could have sworn i heard a woman speaking to me yesterday about her son but i heard it in my head if that makes sense. Ahh i know im all over the place :^0

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Angela, it sounds like you’re quite the empath!! Please do check out my resource for highly sensitive empaths like yourself. It will help you get to a more pleasant state and release a lot of the emotional and energetic stuff you’ve been experiencing. Link:

  58. Lesley says:

    I feel others people’s stuff as if it is my own. I didn’t realize this until I had an experience where I clearly discovered that the sudden shidft in my emotional state wasnt my own stuff. I was surprised and relieved to have understanding. It still took me several years to begin to differentiate between what was my own emotional experiences and what are others. I avoid public places and have left places abruptly because of feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions. I am still learning how to live with this…

  59. Shellee says:

    I believe I am am empath, I feel peoples energy, they do not have to tell me anything, or they tell me the opposite but I know they are feeling differently, upset, angry, stressed, anxious, hurt, wounded, pain, I feel everyone’s pain and suffering, they do not have to tell me. I can feel peoples physical pain from ailments, I can feel peoples bad energy, it is like I just know you are a bad person. As soon as I meet someone like me I can feel their beautiful positive energy and I want to hug them and take them into my body and I wonder do they feel me. I am always wanting to heal people and relieve their suffering, I want them to talk to me, I try to get them to say things, I want them to see what I see. I can tell why they are upset, angry, stressed, depressed, down, it is like I know what they need, I know when they need a hug, a arm around their shoulders, a touch on the arm, a caress, they could be angry, upset, agitated and as soon as I touch them they cry, I do that because I know they need to let it out, their pain. If it is someone close to me I can feel when they need to eat, when they need to go to the bathroom, when they need sleep, when they need a joke (to laugh) to cry, to relax. Some people make me want to cry, my stomach feels sick, I get pains in my stomach, my head feels spacey and light, dizzy, I can get headaches. I want to help others all the time, I can feel the earth crying, I can feel nature, I can feel animals, I can feel the worlds emotions, I get a feeling when something bad is going to happen. Here is a quick example, when I was 9 years old we got a new priest and just meeting him made me fill sick to my stomach, I could not stand him, I hated him (remember I was a child) my stomach got a bad pain, I felt nervous around him like something was just not right about him, fast forward 40 years and in the newspaper was the story of him being brought to trial for molesting the alter-boys, and I said to myself I just knew it, I knew this, I was not surprised for one minute, am I am empath, other empaths have told me I am, they feel my energy and some even see my energy. I also feel all the good things from people and it is intoxicating and joyful and uplifting, I do not feel that from everyone, I know when I am around a deep feeling emotional person and when I am not.

  60. Tina says:

    Good basic explanation, thank you. I think I am an empath but I don’t know if I feel others emotions. What I’ve been thinking of it as is feeling energies. I seem to be able to feel the energies of living beings as well as the residual energies of those who have passed on. Sometimes it’s mild, other times it’s strong enough to make me physically ill. One example: My husband was admitted to the hospital due to complications from a surgery related to cancer treatments. The night he stayed in the hospital I attempted to stay overnight in his room but the longer I was there the worse I felt. This was not a mental process or emotional issue, I felt physically ill (with more than one symptom). It was like I was feeling his illness and distress PLUS all of the other people in the hospital around us–the ones who were sick and their family members, everyone’s distress. I decided it was best for me to leave in the middle of the night and the further away from the hospital I drove, the better I felt. After I had been home for about 30 minutes I no longer felt ill and I was able to get some sleep. Example two: I attend estate sales regularly and can feel energy in a house. It usually feels like it’s residual type energy but there have been times when it’s been so “thick” and so negative that I had to leave the property and, again, the further away I was the better I felt; I can feel the energy “dissipate” from around me when I remove myself from the atmosphere where it resides.
    I have also had many experiences with spirits and entities, visual, physical and audio, but I’m not sure if any of this means I’m empathic or not.

  61. Renee says:

    I’ve always had “on the mark” intuition throughout my life. Also, I’ve always can feel the vibes off of people and places as well as things. People always have came to me with their problems as though I’m their therapist and as always, and eager to help those I can with their problems. My husband, in recent years has come to call me the human lie detector because I just know. Whether they’re in front of me or not. But I also see things that others can not, which always made me feel as though I was crazy because it always just sounded crazy coming out of my mouth. Yet it wasn’t until I was into my adult years that I started noticing that almost everywhere I’ve lived there’s been some kinda something. Shadows mostly but once in a great while I’ll actually see a person. I’m just finally coming around to who I am. See, for 11 years I’ve been made to believe I was bipolar. Type 2, so not as bad as 3 but not as good as 1. The doctor told me it was the reasons for my mood swings, my insomnia, my mind always turned “on”. And wanted to put me on bipolar meds and something inside me said no! And I’ve never been medicated for it, until recently, I believed I was bipolar, yet always questioned why I never had the manic episodes or the lows some talk about. I mean I’m energetic some days but wouldn’t call it manic. Until lately I am started to understand that bipolar probably wasn’t the right thing. That I’ve always been an empath. But now, I’m trying to figure out what all I need to learn about myself now and how to be healthy in my abilities. But I must say, not really knowing where and how to start is certainly overwhelming. Thankfully, I have the support of my husband who does believe in this and who does believe me. Yet, I still feel alone in the journey.

  62. Corlia Louw says:

    Hi, i am an empath been all my life. sometimes it is very difficult coping with all the emotions i absorb whether it be willingly or unwilling, i have become some what of a loaner as to prevent myself from absorbing everyone’s energies all the time its like humming bees in my ears specially in loud/big crowds, sometimes absorbing everyone’s emotions & energies even cause distress in my personal life as people do not understand that i need a little space just to process, i self heal all the time and was encourage to start healing my “family” i am scared tho as i feel what if its all just in my head and not real what if i fail to actually heal them i tried once with my daughter 10 yrs and succeeded, its an overwhelming thought to have these abilities and i constantly seek more and more knowledge from people that has the same abilities see if maybe i can learn something from them, specially how to cope cause sometimes i loose it a little……..when i cant process……..i met a wonderful man so kind an gentle i am so scared my weirdness (as people see my abilities) will scare him off lol i sometimes think maybe i must use my abilities on him as to somewhat manipulate his feelings then i think no i want him to love me naturally, do i like or want my abilities yes & no it sucks to feel everyone’s pain so intensely or to have terrible ear ache when ever someone is so highly upset or to feel like falling apart over the intense emotional pain someone has but then on the other hand its nice cause you can help so many people by taking theirs and giving your energy feeling satisfied that least you made a little difference to someone in need……can we as empaths EVOLVE our abilities to higher levels and HOW do we do so……….

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Yes, we can evolve our skills to a higher level. I use my empathic abilities all the time in my healing work. You’ll want to check out the Empath 101 material and the Empath Mechanics Course to learn those skills.

      The Empath 101 material is short mini-course on what it means to be an empath and the Empath Mechanics Course is a $97 course on how to manage being an empath in all areas of life (relationships, in public, personal life, professional life, etc.)

      Empath 101:

      Empath Mechanics Course:

  63. Kath says:

    I am an empath who is all over the place!! I’ve lost touch with my inner peace because I can feel and literally see the real energy behind fake expression from others. That causes me huge anxiety and I find myself giving out in my head. Then I’m so drained I just want to go and live in the woods and not people anymore ????????????

  64. Patti Ann Edwards says:

    I am just becoming aware that I am an empath. If I’m at a function I gravitate to people from just a feeling from loneliness, sadness, pain, anxiety etc. they also find me. My husband past a few years ago and it seems that these feeling have become even stronger. My stress and anxiety level while I’m at a social function, bar trough the roof (it’s like I’m feeling so many emotions). I even had to step back from my best friend who was going through a terrible divorce I couldn’t handle it. I also have a boss who is very top A personality and her life and kids are very scattered and it was affecting me. A couple a month’s ago I just had to step away from everyone to recoupe. I’ve had a few people tell me I’m an empath .

  65. Veloshni says:

    I’m very frustrated with my sensitivity to other people. Particularly my mother and husband. My mum will just call me and my chest will feel heavy and my face on the side I’m holding the phone will go numb… my breath will get short and I find it hard to get rid of this feeling even after I put the phone down. I feel this what even before she starts speaking ( this happens when she calls me to complain about someone ).

    My husband will be sitting next to me silently and my whole body will start to stiffen up… when I ask him what’s wrong he will start to complain about people at his work..

    I feel when random people are upset or angry and I offen think it’s directed to me and then I feel socially awkward.

    I get sick when people have bad fight around me… e.g Friends of ours called us when she found out he was cheating and we went to their house to try calm the situation…. I started throwing up at their house and didn’t stop for 2 days.

    I don’t like it… I just want to be happy…

    And if it’s a gift… why can’t I make other people happy? Why do I just take their negative energy…

  66. Starr says:

    I think I’m an empath. I just recently came to realize this, never knew such a thing really existed, but it explains a lot. In the past year, an adult stepdaughter came to live with us. She’s manic depressive and not on medication, and since she came I’ve had a lot of problems with up and down anger and depression, which is out of character for me. Now I realize that it’s her anger and depression that is affecting me, which is a relief that I’m not going crazy, but I have to learn to consistently block her negativity (which seems to be her normal state). But what actually prompted me to do online research and stumble onto info about empaths was that I watched something on TV that absolutely did me in. I was upset and crying for more than a week, and couldn’t get it out of my mind. I felt like my soul had been poisoned. I often can’t watch things on TV and even feel physically ill sometimes, but this was the worst it had ever been. It still affects me when I think about it. I hope there’s some way I can get rid of this mental toxin. Other things make me wonder if I’m an empath as well. I get gut feelings about people I first meet and can sense a “wrongness” about some people that others don’t pick up on but which invariably proves to be true. I know when someone is lying, and sometimes I will just know what the exact truth that they’re hiding is (but that seems to be on a “need to know” basis, when I’m supposed to confront them about it so it can be brought into the open for their healing). I also know when someone isn’t lying intentionally but is saying something that isn’t true, although they believe it to be. I don’t do well in crowds and avoid them. I especially avoid malls at Christmas. I get really upset and agitated in traffic jams, but I don’t know if that’s me or the people around me. I’ve moved from the city to a rural area, because I’m so much calmer here (before stepdaughter, that is). I often know, again a gut feeling, when a plan someone has is a bad idea, and if they ignore me and go through with it, they find that out too, and it’s so hard not to say “I told you so.” So am I an empath, a psychic, a nut job?

  67. Utkarsh says:

    I don’t know exactly if I’m an empath or not…. because there were cases in which i already knew that the other person was hiding some deep pain even though she was always laughing and smiling….but one day i insisted her too much and there she was sharing all her pain. But the thing u said in the beginning like u feel their pain …of almost everyone around you. That’s not with me. I usually don’t interact with many people and i like to ignore most of them.i don’t know why but i also enjoy it sometimes

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      What you’re describing is common with being claircognizant. Claircognizance comes with a sense of certainty or you simply “know” things that you don’t have direct evidence of. It’s one of the primary psychic gifts.

  68. Naomi Diaz says:

    Definitely an empath… as much as I sometimes don’t want to be. I’ll feel anxious for no apparent reason and then realize it’s not me I ask someone close to me and they say yes I am anxious because of this and that…
    I’ll feel a certain way talking to someone and they don’t mention any feelings or say anything about a particular event but I’ll feel how they feel and ask them if they’re feeling this particular emotion and they say yes….
    I’ll be feeling down & realize my friend had a hard day…
    one day I cried after work and met up with my friend come to realize she cried right after work too about similar things…
    it’s intense sometimes but I’m starting to pinpoint when it isn’t mine… also with being psychic I get a lot of information about something then it’ll happen so that’s another thing I’m working on getting more in touch with but I’m more aware of it now

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Wonderful, Naomi. I love that you’re getting this clarity and I hope you’ll honor your intuitive side. It’s common to feel overwhelmed at first, but with practice you can create healthy energetic boundaries so that you can feel fully like yourself and filter out psychic info before it starts overwhelming or distracting you. <3

  69. Brad Tarr says:

    I’ve only recently getting a hold of being an Empath. There was a time where I wouldn’t even go out in public because of the intense emotions I would be feeling from so many. I deal a little better worth some meditation, but still need my time away from being bombarded by persons feelings. I’m always learning.. ????????

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      What you’re experiencing is common with leaky chakra syndrome. You can learn more about it here:

      Basically, your energy is porous causing you to leak your energy and absorb other people’s energy.

      When you follow the link I shared above, you’ll see downloadable resources you can use to strengthen your energy and protect your energy from other people’s “stuff.”

  70. Stephanie Taylor says:

    I am without question an empath. This explains so much. I’m looking forward to learning more about my gift.

  71. Nikki says:

    I am a very empathetic empath. 😊

  72. Jennifer Connell says:

    Hi. I fit the description of an empath.I have thought this for most of my life but thought I was just overly emotional and empathetic. I am wondering what your experience is with physical symptoms. I have been living in community and have started developing physical ailments that mimic the physical ailments of the people I live with. Arthritis, weight gain, lower back pain. Each ailment from three different people. All of whom I love dearly. Is this common. How do I heal from it if this is true? How do I stop it from happening.? This is the first time I have even considered this possibility. Before I moved here 18 months ago, I was extremely fit and super healthy.physically. I thought my health was changing because I was going through “withdrawal” from my 5 year narcissist partner. Maybe a combination of both.
    I would describe the past 18 months since leaving my partner a “dark night of the soul” experience. Thought I was loosing my mind… still do in moments. Could it be that I was open to the physical stuff because the experience from my relationship was so draining?
    I’m still do not feel fully healed from the affects of that relationship. I am just now learning about how to “protect” my Self with energetic boundaries.

    Thanks for the work you do.
    Love and Peace.

  73. Jypsy says:

    Thank you, I am an empathy, I know when people close to me are pregnant.I pre-empt calls, have bouts of depression or self doubt. You answered so many questions.

  74. Connie says:

    I think I’m both. My co-worker began telling me the story of her brothers death (he was murdered) and I suddenly started crying….. I moved to a different city last winter and became severely, severely depressed. I was making excuses and chalking it up to SAD and my diet, current lifestyle situation etc. etc. It was BAD depression. And then a I met a healer who worked in this city and she explained that I was picking up on all the Native American smallpox death that happened in this particular city. Felt better once I moved. I’ve always absorbed peoples energy – taken me eons to understand it’s not mine, it’s theirs. Cannot do pranic healing, cannot do body work it’s all too much for me. Hoping my next career choice will be complementary to me!

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