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Hello, friend!

Over the years I’ve created a lot of videos about being psychic, the chakras and being an empath.

These are all offered for free somewhere on the internet, but THIS little slice of internet heaven is letting me get all that information together so you can learn in the mini classes.

The way it works is simple: Find a mini class series that looks intriguing. Click the link for that mini class. Put your information in. Get mini lessons in your email. Enjoy. Learn. Master the basics.

Now onto the mini classes…

Empath Intensive

This is the perfect class series for the budding empath. This is right for you if you believe you might be an empath and would like to learn more about what that does and doesn’t mean, how to control your energy, and how to clear your energy so you can feel calm, grounded and enjoy life (sometimes in public.)

Click here to join the Empath Intensive Mini Class.

Chakras for Empaths

This is the perfect class series for you if you already know you are an empath and want to experience your chakras and understand your fascinating body-mind system more deeply. This mini class covers the 7 major chakras and all you need to know about them to work with them and get them in peak condition.

Click here to join the Chakras for Empath Mini Class.

Psychic 101

This is the perfect class for you if you’ve been itching to develop your psychic gifts but have no clue where to start. This series will cover the basics of the four major psychic gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance), how to tune into your guides to get specific answers, psychic protection, and the common things that block you from guidance.

Click here to join the Psychic 101 Mini Class.

Forgive the Shit Out of Your Life

Forgiveness brings miracles. This is the perfect class series for you if you are ready to embrace true emotional freedom. Forgiveness is about being free from the past hurts and resentments that cloud your ability to be fully present and craft your future. In this 30 day email course, you’ll get daily lessons with prompts to help you release what is holding you back so that you can experience true freedom and miracles in your life.

Click here to join the Forgive the Shit Out of Your Life 30 Day Class.

Want me to create another mini class series? Use the contact form to let me know! I read every email. <3


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