Leaky Chakra Cure

So you’re an emotional empath, yes?

You go out in public and WHAM, all of a sudden, people have the audacity to have emotions!


What do you do? How do you keep your energy calm, cool and collected when you accidentally pick up other people’s emotions?

You know they’re not trying to hurt you, but you still hurt because you’ve got their energy all up in your chakras and your body is mimicking their emotions.

No fun.

Here are some resources.

Check them out. Use them. Enjoy life (occasionally in public.)

Leaky Chakra Syndrome Overview <— Right Click to Download

LCS Causes and Prescription <— Right Click to Download

Wanna take your energetic control as an emotional empath to the next level? I thought so.

Inner Steel Technique 2018 is the key to living life happily as an emotional empath with 10 minutes a day invested.

You were born to help heal the planet, but first you have to know how to operate that sensitive body-machine you incarnated into.


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