The 5 Empath Types: Which One Are You?

When I first started to explore my gifts and talents as an intuitive, I found it difficult to figure out what type of intuitive I was.

I didn’t resonate with the way many people experienced their intuition, and the label “empath,” as defined by many, didn’t quite work for me, either.

(I eventually discovered that empath really means something else.)

But if you research “empath” on Google and start perusing the articles that pop up, you’ll see descriptions like:

  • “Knowing stuff without being told” (which is claircognizance, by the way, and has nothing to do with being an empath)
  • “Strangers will unload their baggage onto you seemingly out of the blue”
  • “Abhors clutter”
  • “Constantly drained or fatigued”
  • “Can’t walk by someone in pain”
  • And many others that simply didn’t resonate with me.

I’d show you a picture of my office to disprove the “Abhors clutter” one… but I like you too much to do that to you. At the moment there are three piles of papers on the floor, and I can’t find my coaster under all the paper on my desk.

My messiness aside, I didn’t understand that the intuition talks to different people in different ways.

We all have our own unique “language” when it comes to psychic development and the intuition. I was simply getting information differently than the people I was reading about.

How I discovered the 5 empath types

It wasn’t until I started working with people one on one with my coaching that I really understood how incredibly varied the intuition is. I’ve worked with hundreds of people who identify as empaths.

Through this experience, I identified five distinct empath types.

Knowing which of the empath types you are can help you discover yourself and know what strategies you can take to get the most out of your intuition and everyday life.

So if you have felt confused about being an empath (or are just curious), check out the video below.

It’s 13 minutes, and it has some fantastic tips to tell which of the five empath types you are.

Thanks for watching!

Which empath type are you?

Share your answer in the comments below!

And take a look through the comments to see which people are similar to you.


  1. john says:

    i want to know what kind of empath i am as i experience all the 5 types of empathic feelings?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi John,

      If you experience all 5, then you are all 5 types of Empaths. It’s not uncommon to have more than one.


    2. Michele says:

      Unfortunately I believe I am all of them but Global. It is exhausting going through life since I’ve been a child and experience these overwhelming feelings I can not explain. People who have psychological problems have always been drawn to me. After interacting with them I sometimes feel so exhausted that I could just pass out. I feel physical pain of others also and it is a horrible way of life when you are an empath. Even trees and shrubs.I will go to extremes to save them from any kind of stress they could endure and animals? No different from people but not only exhausting but a feeling of helplessness at times. I never thought I would live a long life because of what my body has endured over the years

  2. Chelsea says:

    Hello, I was just wondering if you’d be willing to give me your opinion on a subject? I think I might be some sort of empath or at least have some tendencies but I’m not so sure what’s going on. I personally don’t have a lot of feelings, as in I don’t feel much emotion, usually just mellow. But I’m pretty reclusive and there are some people I can tolerate being around and other people I just can’t spend too much time with. Usually I get uncomfortable around the latter because it’s like they make me feel, but I think because I’m so used to just feeling on one note, I get overwhelmed and literally need to escape. It’s like I get this feeling in my chest and I know I’m feeling, I just don’t know what it is. It’s like when your hand has been out in the cold for god knows how long and you put it into some water, it doesn’t matter if it’s cool/warm/hot you’re not going to be able to tell what temperature it is, it’s only going to register that it is uncomfortable. That’s how it is when I’m around those people. I don’t know what I’m feeling, only that I AM feeling and it’s intense and uncomfortable. But then I also have this sick need to make people feel comfortable around me and open up and I don’t even realize I’m doing it, but then it usually gets to a point where I feel like they’re taking little bits of me, literally, and I scamper away in my usual, spastic style. And I know that sounds crazy, because how can people take bits of you? And in addition to that stuff I also feel bad because I have a lot of problems with people being attracted to me/liking me when I don’t feel the same way about them but I also think that it’s generally my fault because there are times that I just have this need to make people feel so good around me, like I know life can suck and I just want them to feel content and at ease, even if it’s just for a few minutes. And there are times when I’m convinced I’m like projecting something that is manipulating them in some way. And I literally feel crazy. And a lot of times I feel like all this could mean something, or that it doesn’t mean anything. Or perhaps I have some sort of disorder. I don’t know. But I do feel bad for my google search bar.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Chelsea, it sounds like you’re a very sensitive person, possibly an empath, and have been numbing yourself. I’d highly recommend checking out this PDF ( and slowly lean into feeling again. It’s not easy to do, so give yourself plenty of time and space to do it. When a sensitive does this, it’s usually because they are SO sensitive that it’s really hard to want to connect because the feelings are completely overwhelming and trigger anxiety of not being able to control the emotions, themselves or the environment (or all three). If you haven’t already, take up a very light meditation practice. One or two minutes a day to start. You can always add more once that’s easy, and it may not be easy for you at first.

    2. Adrianespino says:

      Aye niga fr dont trip im 15 years old thibk the same and stsrted realising my power i mesn i fuck wit it its like a chest code to everything it can go deeper and deeper and never ending deep trust me im still diggin ive got to the point to where i see whats gonna happen to me and people before it even happens ,i can control peoples minds talk personalitied at times and i can feel what their thibking just by looking st there face.i csn tell what type of girl a girl is just by 2 days of talking and few qs and answers. I can pray for whatever i want and it literally comes arounf slowly snd teaches or gives it to me the wsy i lesrn it as if i always had it u need to look back on the lessons you have lesrned, and watch out if u keep feeling the same emotion and it seems u get it often you should try somn new or old somn thst reminds you of a good time look for the pattern.salute

    3. David says:

      The more extreme your sensitivity as well as an unguided awakening at a young age will force severe blocks to appear. Our subconscious realizes quickly that we cannot control the emotions of others and in the wake of occasional onslaughts from others we can only control ourselves. This often manifests as a shutdown of our own emotions. When a person is truly this sensitive they often become a sin eater. Though such a thing is rare and should be recognized by the unwavering ability to simply listen and consume.

  3. Amber says:

    I need help!!! I believe my 8 year old daughter Eternity has inherited my families empathetic abilities. << not the problem… the real problem is i dont know how to help her understand, control, or even work with these abilities. Personally, i have been suppressing mine since a young age always being told its not true, cant happen, or i was making it up… i dont want that for her. Its gotten so bad for her this past year she cant even manage in school always in pain or not feeling well unable to concentrate on work because she is so overwhelmed with everything she is receiving… she can tell me things are going to happen before they do mostly tramatic things. I dont know how to help her where to find help for her, i cant even help her understand and harness what is going on with her.. CAN YOU HELP MY BABY????

    1. Andria says:

      You and your child need to use this as an educational way for you both but mainly BONDING. Most people will tell you to meditate. Well there is more to it. Whatever you and your child enjoy together needs to be done from now on daily. If you can volunteer at the school to help your child have a trusted and loving reminder around. My name is Andria and thankfully I had an open minded mother that did everything in her power to help me. I am more than just an empath. Haveing been taught by native Americans, ‘witches’, pagans, and numerous others. Having gifted children too. It’s not easy ever for us. Please feel free to contact me at too much to talk about here

      1. Adrianespino says:

        Plz text me i got so many qs to ask and answers and qs and a understand way to teach me how to master abilities

  4. Amy says:

    This is a shot in the dark for me, but I figured I’d give it a shot. All my life I have been “sensitive”, from sensing spirits, having countless times of deja vu ( or feeling as though “Ive been here before’), knowings a person aura color but not really “seeing” it, being able to have a emotion and place it with a visual energy/mist with a color (i.e. : the emotion anxiety is black) as well as having the ability to direct my personal energy/ chi/chalkra to my hands and feet. Like for example if my hand falls asleep, that pins-and-needles feeling, I can make it go away after visualizing my chalkra to my hand… among other things. Also I feel like I should be a healer… Like I said this was a long shot, but its gotten ‘worst’… thats not the right word, maybe, harder to ‘cope with’? …. I don’t know what to do…. let alone who to talk to.

  5. Luna says:

    So I am an animal empath. I have a cool story I want to share about my experience as an empath. I have 5 cats right now and one of them is a Siamese mix named Ivory. One day he got really sick. I had a massive stomach ache and I felt weird that day. I went to give my cat a pet and when I touched him near his lower part of his tummy he yelped in pain. I thought okay me a tummy ach him a tummy ache he has a flu bug. I was still more concerned then normal and I kept my eye on his behavior. I tried to do other things to get my mind off of him being sick but it only got worse. I knew something was not right. “Ivory, what is wrong?” He looked at me and he walked into the bathroom and opened the cupboard door. He went inside and layed down. I followed him and looked at him and he looked back at me. I instantly felt this feeling that he was dieing. I yelled to my hubby and told him “I think the cat just went in the cupboard to die” I freaked and we rushed him to the vet. I tried to calm myself and kept telling myself I was going crazy and that it was nothing but deep down I could feel he was dying. When we got him to the vet they took him right away and ran some tests. It turns out he had a few hours left to live before his bladder burst. He had a stone in his bladder just big enough to block him so he could not go. A blockage is fatal if not taken care of. I agreed to pay for the surgery and he is alive today. Had I have not been completely in tune with my animals emotions that day he would be dead. I learned to never doubt myself again. Had I have not taken him to the vet and convinced myself it was all in my head like I do many times I would have lost my fur baby. I would have been devastate. So yea this is a happy story. I took him for his recent urine test and he is fine.

  6. Gabby McConnell says:

    Hi! I’ve known for a few years that I may be an empath and am recently coming to terms with and accepting it. I was raised Lutheran, but my mind kept rejecting all the ideologies since age 3. I’ve been dating an empath for three months now, though he didn’t know until a few weeks ago that I was and a lot of confusion was cleared up over my unusual reactions to high emotional situations. When confronted with anger or sadness, I withdraw into myself and find that I can’t freely communicate without high levels of anxiety and physical stress. I’ve recently discovered that things I thought were normal all my life weren’t so normal. I thought everyone dreamed in color. I thought everyone could take control of their dreams. I’ve recently discovered that I even share and take dreams from others. All this time I thought I was dreaming of random fictional characters created by my mind. When I was a child I used to recreate entire days, second by exact second in my dreams. Reliving and analyzing days that troubled me in ways I couldn’t decipher in my waking reality. I’ve met spirits in my dreams. Friendly ones and demonic ones, and a few that needed help that I didn’t know how to give. Recently my boyfriend, an empathic healer, put a block on my headaches. He was doing it in my sleep so I wouldn’t know he was taking my pain. He began to have them instead. I intuitively knew what he’d done and felt so guilty that I somehow subconsciously drew the headaches back from him. He said I shouldn’t be able to do that, that no one he’s ever met has ever been able to reverse his pain blocks and I am much more powerful than I realize. But I seem to channel most of my abilities while I’m asleep. I need to learn to harness and control things while I’m awake before the emotions overwhelm me in ways I can’t control. How do I learn to reign in something I don’t quite even understand? I don’t even know where to begin.

    1. Crystal says:

      Gabby, I’m very interested in your situation. Please email me at I think I’m similar to you, but I am unfamiliar with the”workings” of this new aspect.

  7. David says:

    It’s kind of hard to believe that there are this many empaths. No offense but it makes me feel like some of you are fake or are misled into a false belief somehow. I was born with this ability enhanced by my parents divorce when I was 6. I feel everything around me. Pain exists in everyone and most people couldn’t deal with the tidal wave of emotions that come with this ability. I’ve been to countless sites and they’ve all been fake. Praying on the weaker minded. I do feel this site is different though. This gift can be dangerous and is not something that should be played with. I am a powerful empath and sometimes it’s a curse. I’m 18 now. I’ve felt everyone for years and before I knew what to do with it I hurt all the time. Helping people helps you. It’s one of the only ways I’ve been able to cope. My family was cursed in agony and despair and I had to feel it all. You have to stay strong. If you’re a real empath you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi David,

      Being an Empath is different for each person. I’ve personally worked with hundreds of Empaths, and each one has their own sensitivities. It sounds like you are incredibly sensitive, even for an Empath, but there are Empaths that meet the qualifications who aren’t as sensitive as you. It’s all on a continuum, so it’s not the same for everyone. There are quite a few I’ve worked with who are in the weird in between states where they have many traits of being an Empath, but not all of them. Each person is different because each BODY is different. That doesn’t make them less “real” than you. Just different.

      Sending love,

    2. David,

      I know what you’re feeling. As an empath, we should be the MOST understanding of others. Everyone is different. Not everyone is Van Gogh or Lance Armstrong, but we all have our abilities, and we are all good for our own things. I feel so much pain, so so so much pain, and at times, I would love to jump out of the world and say goodbye (I’m only 22), but this is a GIFT. Imagine feeling nothing. With this pain comes the love and the happiness and those tears you get when you see someone save someone else. As the Taoist teacher Lao Tzu said, without the feeling of sadness, there would be no such word as happiness. It would truly not exist, because there would be nothing to compare it to. I’m happy I feel the world’s pain. Someone has to.

  8. chris says:

    My dad passed down this crap to me & i have to say its got a few good points but has made me really hate humans in general, because what most people don’t realize is that being an empath isn’t great at all, you’re inside people hearts, souls, & minds constantly with out an off switch, now does that sound like a ability(psychic or not) that you would want to have or want your kids to have…I think not. My dad never even told me about that he was one till I was 22, which makes him an ass at this point, because I’ve gone through life thinking I’m crazy, hearing voices, having mood swings, seeing things that even the people around me can’t. This is a curse, not a gift.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Chris,

      Check out these two resources. You CAN turn it down and off. Just because you haven’t learned how yet doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I’m sorry you’re struggling with it.

      The Sensitive Soul SOUL-ution:

      The Leaky Chakra Cure:

      Sending love,

    2. Chevera Skinner says:

      I TOTALLY feel your frustrations on that one Chris. I don’t know WHO passed this CURSE down to me because everyone is dead in my family.. But it DEFINITELY don’t feel like this is a GOOD thing AT ALL. People I do not even KNOW tell me things about themselves and then call me a WITCH like I put a spell on them and made them involuntary tell me there deepest secrets. I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!! I never WANT to know. I NEVER ASK. They just look into my eyes and start vomiting there crap out!! One person told me something once. A few minutes later asked ME WHY HE TOLD ME THAT.. That he has NEVER told a SOUL. He was thinking about killing me, to make SURE no one else would ever KNOW!! HOW IS THIS A GIFT?? MY life is in danger!!!

  9. Amanda says:

    So, I don’t know if I’m an empath or not. I know that I have told myself time and time again that I would stop caring about other people, stop letting myself get hurt, stop letting me come last. But, every time someone is sad or bummed out around me I become sad and bummed out for no reason, and want to help them but can’t because I feel the same way. And when I’m around happy or drunk people I start acting drunk or become really happy. When people are joking around with me, I often joke back and then later realize I’m not that person and worry if I hurt their feelings. I just tend to mimic the people around me, so I’m really the only one that knows who I am and that’s only when I’m alone . I just need answers because I hate this. I hate it all, I hate how easily I do things to make people happy, even when I know I don’t want to do it, I hate not sticking up for myself, I hate when I break down and don’t go to anyone because I don’t want them to see how easily I’m hurt, I hate when I detach myself and don’t feel anything, and I absolutely hate when I don’t even know why I’m sad or angry or happy.

  10. tigrelily says:

    I have a few experiences that happened to me years ago. The first I can remember was when my brother committed suicide. My mother had gone to visit my brothers who were in another state (my parents were divorced and my brothers had stayed in the same state as my Dad, and she left me behind. I was 17 at the time and very responsible. Well one day while she was gone I woke with a feeling of hopelessness and dread, like there was just no point in getting out of bed. I played hookey from school and when the school called I pretended to be my Mom, as I’d been told I sounded just like her on the phone. This was not like me. The school told me that they knew I wasn’t my Mom and told me they were calling someone to come stay with me. An hour later my Aunt and Grandma came over and told me that my brother had killed himself that morning. The next time I experienced something was when I was stationed at my first duty station in the Army. I walked past the barracks room door of a soldier who had died a few months before, and started experiencing shortness of breath. I found out later she had died of pneumonia. I also hadn’t known what room was hers at the time. When I went to my next duty station, I again experienced something strange. I was laying in my bed trying to sleep and I suddenly felt something push its way through my back into my body, and I started to panic. I screamed in my head for it to get out, and it’s like something lifted out of me. For a few minutes afterward my tongue was numb and I had trouble speaking. Another time my husband and I were staying temporarily with his Step-Grandma. I had to use the bathroom but the main bathroom was occupied, so I went into the room where his Step-Grandpa had died of lung cancer a couple of years before. I went to go into the bathroom in that room and I was overcome by an oppressive feeling, almost a sense of dread and this horrible feeling that someone was standing right behind me. I had to leave the room immediately, and once I did the feeling was gone. I’ve had a few other minor occurrences happen, like seeing a man walk across the room through the wall, feeling like someone was in the room with me and seeing a dark shadow, hearing footsteps, etc. but I haven’t had anything happen to me in years. I’m wondering if this is an example of being empathic or something else, and if it’s possible to turn it on and off. One of my brothers used to be able to predict events and knew shorthand as a child and could remember things that supposedly happened in another life, and the one who killed himself could hear voices (schizophrenia, we believe), so I don’t know if there’s actual ability in our family or if it’s all in our heads. My Mom can also go into a house she’s never been to and suddenly get glimpses, both visual and emotional, of a person dying there. For example, she went to look at a house with my Uncle who was thinking of buying it, and she got a glimpse of a woman in blue hanging from the beam across the entryway. It was gone in an instant but she would get a feeling of a presence from time to time while walking through the house. They never checked to see if someone actually died in that house or not, so there is no verification, but she has had other glimpses from time to time. Once she even had a dream about a girl who had been murdered and a week later there was a story on the news about the girl in her dreams. The only thing is, if this is an ability rather than an illness, it seems to come and go and is not very strong, and it seems to be completely random in most cases.

  11. austin says:

    Hi. I’m really on here seeking coping mechanisms I guess. Um. I’ve always been tied to emotions and I’ve had a non stop barrage of trauma all my life. But I didn’t really consider the empathy until one day me and my best friend were in the park and she was upset about a break up, rape, and possible pregnancy (all from the same person) and we had sat on a bench and she said that the bench we were sitting on was where he had sang to her the first day they dated. I kinda began to drift off into space and when I came back to I had tears soaking my face and I felt like I had just fallen so deeply in love. I looked back at my friend who I’ve known for 5+ years and had never seen cry, and that’s exactly what she was doing. I hugged her and the moment I touched her my heart just broke. I was completely devastated I started crying almost harder then her I felt such a wave of emotions, depression, heartbreak, sadness, I felt so weak and powerless. Well its been a few years now and every day y since then I’ve been an angst sacking sponge. I can’t go in school with out crying and sometimes it’s all so overwhelming I just clutch tight onto something and cry sometimes I’ve even screamed it’s just all so overwhelming and there’s thousands of people in my school. I just want to know how to control this..

    1. austin says:

      Also, I feel others emotions quote Cleary and strongly without touching or looking or anything like that but when I do touch someone it just seems to amplify

  12. Paula says:

    Hello! I experience high anxiety when people around me are upset, sad, angry happy! Even explaining this is giving me an anxiety! now I just recently contacted a psychic actually two. I have been told by the 1 psychic that i am quite intuitive, and the 2nd nailed a few things that i didn’t even mention to her. I have premonition dreams or deja vu as some ppl call it. so my question is do I suffer from being intuitive or empath and can you tell me anything about premonition dreams? or do all three of these go together

  13. Michael says:

    How do I turn on or turn up my empathic abilities?

  14. Cheryl says:

    I believe I am an intuitive. I would say the emotional empath in me is very strong , along with the physical, earth and animal empathic traits.

    I am in my 50s, and have forever tried to mask how I perceive ( learn ), being an ISP.
    My sense is that many people do not understand the possibility
    , let alone the potential of having an empath gift. A lot of folks become frightened around uncanny people, perhaps sort of feeling invaded by something unknown. Something they don’t experience and therefore. emphatically denigh exists.
    Names like ” Creature, Vibe Queen, Magic Muffin” are a few of the nicknames I have.been called over the years, ( alhough, I do preferrr the label my kids and their friends called me – Kenobi Mom …)
    I still struggle discussing this stuff with most people , overwhelm grabs me every time.
    It is a very isolating gift.
    I am greatful for your help Erin.

    All the best – Cheryl

  15. Crystal says:

    Well, it looks like I’ve found a new favorite website. I’m still learning but I know enough to know that my sensitivities have been heightened by someone or something and I’ve been feeling a lot more crazy stuff in the past two years. I’d love to hear from one of the admins to have help me understand more.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      I’m so glad you’re loving it! Make sure you’re on the emailing list for announcements on new videos that will start next year. 🙂

  16. Stephanie says:

    I believe I am an empath but I don’t know what to do with or about it. I would really like to know what type I am. I have the typical picking up on other’s feelings/sickness. I can pass a car accident and feel their pain. I can talk to someone and just know that they are good or bad. But, I also sometimes hear/feel the dead too. I get those feelings like from the living but nobody is there. It scares me! My sister has all the same feelings too. And my sister and I are connected somehow too. I know when she’s hurt even if we’re far apart. And we have the same dreams/sicknesses. It’s so weird. I hear spirits bit can’t understand them either(maybe bc I’m so scared) while she sees them. What does this mean? We’re thinking of seeing a psychic.

  17. Jmr..... says:

    What do you do when your own family don’t even recognize you? The father i looked up to who was my hero from my only child now a father of two and step father to four more just do a total personality split on you that involves months and months and 6 years and they turn n you. Its almost as though you have been lving someone elses’ life and your whole life is a lie . Meanwhile you’re dying inside and all these years you have opened your home and heart and they treat you like a human toilet trash your house and walk past your broken down beat up weary heart by not just them either until all you are is a mall child curled up in a little corner and you”ve been solid strong willed always there to a whimpy ball of misery in your own home and not one of them cared and do everything absolutely possible to lure you into an ambush until you can o loner tell reality from a nightmare, and then you finally break free and that’s when they bring out something you dread because by ths time there is no turning back and good chance you will be the same because you see something in their eyes that sets off every warning sign in your every fiber that looks like your worse enemy and it’s killed or be killed. Why do I have to lose every single person in my life that I have ever loved for having a home i worked for, spent last three or four years locked in and dying inside because they walk all over where had they been a stranger would hav not taken a second thought to defend yourself and sent them running for dear life. Because it feels like the more I learn the uglier the world looks and I cant turn it off. It is as though something that has been lying dormant waiting for this moment and they put it aaaaaaall on you? I know I can be selfish at times but because I cant talk to people in words they can understand because i speak a different language when I’m trying to tap into their heart so they see what it going threw but i feel like a fool every sngle time. It i so hard to find a decent human being in public much less online. Not because im dependant on people but because I love helping people I used to make people laugh and they came to me for advice and made me feel like their knight in shinny girly armor because there is nothin i can not do with my two hands once i finally get a moment of clarity and make a run for the exit before i miss my window and go mano y mano with my own flesh and blood.. It kills me just the thought of it because I know it will never be the same and i fel like my hart is ready to just give out on me I pray for it because I dont know how to give up what i worked for because in forclosure they never even offered me a dime , i barely managed to hold on with all of them sucking the life out of me and I dont even know who I am anymore i have to ask myself if im really in denial and i a stranger. I lost my temper and walked right into when i heard my granddaughter crying for me. That lowlife turned my own son who has never disrespected me, by using her own child to push and im the evil one who threw them out after going back n forth over they way they destroyed my home living in filth swept to the corner , dont even get me started. I couldnt breath anymore. I felt like that little boy from the Shinning n my imaginary finger say REDRUM REDRUM. Ive heard of energy suckers but i cant even find a single word other than PLEASE TELL ME , there is a logical explantion to describe WTH is going on. I feel like my heart and my soul are at war with eachother. When I barely found out 2 years ago an now learning why i have the skills that i do that make me who i am and i dont want to changed, i loved who i was i always have, in fact i pride myself on it wo ever even mentioning to anyone in my family i think i have a gift cuz they will not see it that way. ive tried meditation. is it them ? Is it me? or is this god forsaken house cuz if it is the house better get over it because im not walking away that easy. I JUST WANT MY SON AND GRANDCHILDREN BACK. THEY WAY THEY USED TO BE. I miss my mini-me and my booger

    1. Victoria Goad says:

      Sounds to me that possibly your son is in a relationship with a narcissist? Unless he is the narcissist. If only he has changed just since this relationship, it is definitely her. If her, green most likely he is “trauma bonded.” I have lost friends after realizing that I was in a relationship of the same nature. An old friend, the same. Feel free to contact me.

  18. Chermein Layne says:

    This is a long shot but here goes nothing….

    It is very common in my family for people to be born with “gifts”. My mom has a “third eye” and I did not believe it until she told me I was pregnant upon return of deployment with my ex husband. She even told me the sex of my child and when I was going to have her. At that time, I did not know I was pregnant, I had a girl, and had her on my bday (very ironic that she told me that when I was only 2 months pregnant and was in Iraq when I got pregnant). I have always felt like the so called “free spirit” of my family and always felt connected to everyone and everything. It wasn’t until I had a cerebral aneurysm in 2013 where everything started to hit me slowly but shortly. I feel completely overwhelmed with the world (I came out of surgery with all my nuts and screws in tact). When I am outside, regardless of where I am, I feel connected to the earth and EVERYTHING else. Sometimes it is calming, but with everything going on in the world today, I feel like nature is telling me its hurting and its getting worse. With the drama going on in the world, it feels like I cant breath and boom panic attack (I barely watch the news because its too much going on). I watched your video on the 5 types of empaths and world and earth does seem like it matches but also, I feel peoples energy. If I walk into a room, I can tell what is going on with who because of the energy I get from them. I went to see a psychic and she told me she wants to work with me, and even though i get great vibes from her, I am still skeptical about this all. Yes, I have been exposed to a lot in life seeing as though I am a disabled veteran but I have had these feelings prior to the military. I just want to know what’s going on…..


  19. Anna Maria says:

    Hello, my name is Anna and I think I am an emotional empath and a cat empath but I have felt some things that are not listed in the video .Some months ago I watched some paranormal experiences videos on youtube and felt as if MY house was haunted even trough it is clearly not at all. Also when I listen to music it literally changes my mood completely .And some rare times I just feel like I am drained of energy for no reason at all. What do you think?

  20. Lara says:

    Recently my gifts have gotten more extreme. The other day I found myself channeling someone who had passed on. I could describe it in depth but I’m curious if you have any resources for this type of thing?

  21. Karen says:

    I’m so glad that I found this web-site. All you lovely people are so blessed. The comments validate for me that I am NOT loosing my mind..
    I can speak to animals and hear them talking to me. My family believes me because I talk to their pets too.
    Like most of you I am confused by some things. The overwhelming noise of the world affects me always. I keep isolating myself to recover from trips to the grocery store!
    I know that we have destroyed the earth and it has interrupted the life cycle of nature. Some of it is very apparent but I can hear the trees crying. We are supposed to be caregivers for our wildlife, but instead are killing them slowly. They are confused and scared.
    There is one thing that no one has mentioned. Since I was very young I know what it feels like to do things, such as dance in a ballet, ride a bull, drown, climb a mountain to the top. I feel the emotions of someone who has done things. It can be triggered by a book, a movie , someone’s story.
    I don’t know if my dreams are mine or someone else’s. I know things before they happen, sometimes years in advance. When I meet and talk to people I feel like they are acting in a play or something, saying the expected and doing the expected. Since I was very young. I have gotten myself in trouble emotionally by trying to help people. Somehow they don’t want advice or solutions, they want to their swamp. I guess I could go on and on. I know what people have eaten because I can taste it. I’ll stop now. Thank all of you for you honesty and comments. As you know this is very difficult to talk about, I sincerely thank you.

  22. Sadie says:

    Im a emotional. And animal impath

  23. Cecil Peterson says:

    I never knew what an Empath was for a long time. I thought there was something wrong with me emotionally…then i came to realize i would be feeling peoples emotions…Took me a long time to separate them from my own. Lots of things i see on Television makes me cry…like when something really bad happens…i can really get in touch with the underlying emotions. I have recognized that it is not me feeling them as much as me receiving them.
    I had a coworker that had a lot of weird energy…i would start feeling all stressed by them just being there. Then I realized I was feeling what they felt…once i learned to recognize their energy separate from my own, it was great. No i can embrace the emotions rather than get all bothered by them…it sort of freed me.

  24. Robert says:

    Hi I’m finding It very hard to know if I’m an empath or not so much so that my head feels like its in chains and wants to explode.

    can you help its putting me in a really bad place??

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Sure. Do you feel other people’s emotions as if they are your own? If yes, you’re an emotion empath. Do you feel people’s physical pain in your body? If yes, you are a physical empath. Do you feel emotions that mirror what is going on globally, even when you haven’t heard the news yet? If yes, you are a global empath. Do you feel physical sensations, energetic disturbance before earthquakes or before natural disasters? If so, you’re an earth empath. Do you feel what animals feel, either emotionally or physically? If yes, you’re an animal empath.

  25. Jean White says:

    Glad I found this site. I’ve had elements of all the 5 types. My scientific brain has rebelled against the “gifts” scenario (all people have gifts). My Christian side has always told me to pay attention to messages, especially if they come from different sources.

    Had this my whole life and sometimes have tended to be afraid of it. I had a few life experiences that taught me not to shun the messages. A few are:

    Went to Korea and the Buddhist monks loved me. They said I was not reincarnated. I was first born and that is why I could sense all the wonder in the world. I told one of my Korean travel partners that I didn’t believe that. He told me to shut up and let them think what they wanted to think.

    At my church, new people tended to by pass the priest and the nuns to approach me with questions. Many just started sharing life stories with me. The nuns noticed this and one wanted to be my spiritual advisor. First was to have my charisms tested. Ok. Another tested my chakras (yes she did). She found my heart chakra almost closed. That bothered her. My advise or job given to me (yes, job because I took better care of my dog than myself and I would find it easier to do if it was a job.) was to take pictures of what I saw in nature and write reflections on the picture.

    I studied acupressure from a Tae Kwon Do master. He took a special interest in me and told me I should become a doctor in acupressure because I had a gift for feeling the right energies. Although he spent private time with me teaching me to meditate because he knew I had problems with it. My family has on occasion called me a healer.

    I did some volunteer work and a person I was working with gave me a book on 6th senses. She tagged me as gifted. Still I fought all this. Weird.

    I am starting to read on this because I had acknowledged my abilities to deal with other peoples emotions and energies. Still uncertain because when it comes to my own emotions, I really mess up with the deeply felt ones. It’s like I shut down my own. Oh, I’ve thoroughly used my gifts. I know I make things better, etc. Now it is time for things to be better for me.

  26. Shay says:

    This site is truly amazing! I’m a young adult and I’ve been an empath for as long as I can remember but I only found out about it through a huge coincidence. I enjoy that there is So much information available on this site because many sites dont have much knowledge about any of it and are so vague it almost seemed like no one believes we exist. I’m greatful to have found so much helpful info that helps a great deal.

  27. Katie says:

    I am definately an emotional empath..just recently felt my teacher’s emotions, he was stressed and I learned later what was going on with him. That was a solid proof I’m an empath.

  28. Jen says:

    I’m absolutely all types! I was lucky that my dad knew what empathy were, and recognized it very clearly in me from an early age. I still remember him so clearly, so surely telling me that I was an empathetic and as I learned more about it I agreed with him completely. Perfect example: when I was living w/ 2 DJ friends (WORST decision of my life), one of them invited over this girl who is already recognized as toxic and separated from. Yeh well they all dumped her on me and left me completely alone with her, and as she dumped her bs on me, I literally was pralines as I quickly drained of energy. I went from being upbeat and full of energy to feeling depressed, angry, and completely mentally and physically drained. She is absolutely an emotional vampire. And the roommate who dumped her on me later acknowledged that he saw how drained I was after talking to her. He’s a toxic emotional vampire too. Seevered ties with both and never been happier. The only one I’m not sure about is physical empath- I have so many physical issues that there’s no way for me to tell what someone else is going through. I’m already in so much pain and always fatigued. Any tips beyond what you mentioned in the video for identifying whether or not you have that trait?

  29. Renee says:

    Emotional and animal empath

  30. LL says:

    I hope this isn’t annoying or self-righteous. Although it already sounds as such. I am struggling with the ways my being changes with its exerted energy. Like what I had just said I don’t know where that came from! I feel like I just know things and the more I expend this to the eyes of others, the more I am pushed away or possibly the inverted part the more I push others away. I understand I am also a big thinker but there are more things beyond which is hard to describe in this substance. I hope to hear from you dear and I appreciate what you helping for those of us with questions.
    Much heart ♥

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      That’s what my mini empath course is all about, LL. You can get it here:

      My guess is that you’re taking on other people’s energies but don’t know how to manage or explain it.

  31. Lisa says:

    I’m not sure what happens to me. I’m afraid and I know I have supressed my abilities. I use to have vivid visitation dreams. I prayed them away. They frightened me. The last time I had one I awoke to hear a voice by my bed say something 2 times. I was wide awake.

    Two weeks ago, I had a strange sensation of an old family friend. I was so saddened that I Started crying and cried for 2 hours. I felt such loneliness for this person. I still tear when I think of it. I learned a few days later that he was in a nursing home and possibly dying. He has outlived both of his parents and both of his siblings. My sensation was that “I’m dying and I’m all Alone!”

    Please tell me what you think…. So tired and confused….

    Can you direct me ?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Lisa! It sounds like you have psychic abilities but are afraid of them or have been living in a low vibration for a while. This will cause your body and your mind to feel very reactive and contracted to intuitive information. You do sound like an empath, but I would recommend getting a stress relief meditation to help you relax and help your body feel safe. You can dowload mine for free here:

  32. Starr says:

    I think I might be an emotional empath. I have never done a Black Friday because I knew I couldn’t handle it, and I avoid malls at Christmas (in the past I ordered from catalogs, now online). Actually, crowds in general affect me. I have trouble watching TV because viewing violence makes me both angry and physically ill. I made the mistake of watching a couple of episodes of Black Mirror with my husband, not knowing what it was, and it did me in. More than a week later, I’m still messed up from it and cry when I think about it. I feel like it poisoned me. That is what prompted a web search to find out what was happening to me, and I stumbled on sites like this. Ever since my adult stepdaughter, who is bipolar and has anger issues, moved in with us last year, I feel anger and negativity in the house like a palpable substance and I find myself becoming angry as well, and also becoming depressed for no apparent reason. And when she’s not around, I feel peace, like something has lifted. I also know when somebody is lying and sometimes know what the truth is that they’re covering up, even though I would have no way of knowing, and I can often sense evil or “wrongness” in people that other people think are okay, and I am later proven right. Does that sound like an empath? It would certainly explain a lot.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      This definitely sounds like an empath! What you’re experiencing is common with leaky chakra syndrome. You can learn more about it here:

      Basically, your energy is porous causing you to leak your energy and absorb other people’s energy.

      When you follow the link I shared above, you’ll see downloadable resources you can use to strengthen your energy and protect your energy from other people’s “stuff.”

  33. Patti Ann Edwards says:

    Definitely emotional and global. Lots of questions.

  34. Starr says:

    Thank you. I really need to know how to deal with this because it’s affecting my life in a bad way. When I first posted this, it didn’t show up for a few days and I thought it didn’t post. In fact, I thought something was blocking me from posting to keep me from knowledge I needed, because I tried posting on another empath website and it didn’t post either. But apparently whatever the problem was has been resolved. I’ve posted almost the same thing under another article of yours. I wasn’t intending to be repetitious, just trying to get through to someone who can help.

  35. Lisa says:

    Emotional Empathy. I’ve only had 2 episodes that I’m aware of. But what I recently experienced made me cry for two hours. I had an over whelming sensation of an old friend I haven’t seen in 10 years. He has lost all his immediate family . I felt him feeling that he is dying and he will die alone and there is no one in this whole world for him. The next day I made some phone calls and found out that he was in a nursing home and in very poor health. No one now knows what nursing home he is in and with Hyppa privacy laws, I can not find him. I just want to visit him and hold his hand and let him know he’s not alone.

    I use to have visitation dreams. Some of these were lovely while some were very disturbing .

    I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to hear a child’s voice saying , “Mommy”.

    I’ve had a male whistle at me while I was undressed for a bath.

    I don’t know I am. I have to learn to push this all down. Honestly, I don’t know what to do with any of this? I am a very spiritual person. I’m not sure that people of my same Faith could except the things I’ve experienced.

    What do you think?

  36. John smith says:

    I there my name is John I had this curse all my life when I touch a hand of some one I know about them and it is so shockin that I know every secret about them.

  37. Lauren says:

    Hi I am here because I’m going through a really hard time. I just found out that there is a name for what I have. I’ve spent forever thinking I was crazy. People say I overreact, that I’m dramatic, a baby a, hypochondriac. Even my own family pushes me away. And I know because of my gift that I get it from her, but she would never admit it. My brother just told me for the first time that he feels energy. The biggest support I’ve had in figuring my self out was my boyfriend, although he used to say I scared him. He was really sick, and had to take medication daily but I’ve helped him. He doesn’t take any now 6 years later hes so perfectly healthy. I didnt even know I could do that, but he said he knows I did. It seems that I have all 5 traits but mostly emotional, physical, and earth. I’m still learning about this and dont know how to cope. I have 5 kids so I am literally always sick. My boyfriend keeps telling me if I can help them why cant I help myself get better and I just cant. I also struggle with severe anxiety and depression. Its caused me to almost end my life, because I can feel when people are upset with me and I cant let go of it. And I can feel other people’s anger and sadness. Im trying so hard to find out what I can do to cope better, I’ve never taken antidepressants I’m really worried about the effect they could have on me and I feel if I go to a therapist they may not really understand why my emotions are so strong. I really need some advice, I’ve had to depressive episodes this week and I feel like it’s getting worse.

  38. Marie says:

    What am I! My grandmother, mother and me. I’ve had many visitations from dead loved ones, able to watch myself from above myself, actually feeling a hand on my lower back and seeing what I’m feeling. I was told I was a HSP intuitive empath but I wonder if that’s all I may be. Then there’s what I consider the normal stuff and lots of it. One evening I was extremely sore from working in the yard and went to bed. I dreamed this black mist that turned into a hand pushed me down into the bed and held me there. I suddenly woke up and after what seemed like forever it let me go. I wasn’t scared but till this day I’ve had no aches or pains on the left side of my body. I keep hoping what ever it was will take care of the other side as well! LOL!! So, what am I?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Marie! Visitations from those who are deceased mean you are a medium. If you feel sensations you are clairsentient. It sounds like you had a healing experience!

  39. Rderpz says:

    I’m 13, I am an emotional empathy, yet I try and block it out and say it’s not real because I’m scared of what might happen. When I go near a graveyard I feel a great pain like I am basically dying, and when my friends are emotionally hurt I can’t go near them. Can you help me control my abilities?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Yes, go ahead and check out the Empath 101 series here: it’s free 😉

  40. Donna says:

    Help all the youth u can. I found out too late… I am a broken empath.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Everyone can heal. I hope you’ll take the time you need in order to heal whatever feels broken. <3

  41. Lois Hickey says:

    I’ve always heard things voices and see dark shadows I’m just now trying to find out what kind of empath I am
    My mother had abilities my aunt had abilities and others on my mother’s side of the family is this pass down

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hearing voices is usually associated with clairaudience. You can learn about it here:

  42. Kieran says:

    Brilliant article, thank you.

    I have a story and some questions, I’ll start with the story, in short.
    I was emotionally, pathologically, physically and sexually abused by both (narcissistic) parents & my step grandfather.
    I know that the step grandfather sexually abused me, as well as my mother. My father also told me from a young age that my mother sexually abused me. I am Male.
    This started from age 7-8. I also started self harming by cutting aged 8.
    Upbringing was fraught with abuse of all kinds, predominately pathological.
    It continued into adulthood and I then found myself in an abusive relationship whereby my daughter was also abused.
    I’ve always challenged the abuse that was perpetrated towards me and my daughter, since a young age. I would assume that is why I started self harming at such a young age? My social records show I told teachers and psychologists that my family were abusive, and I wanted to escape (by suicide on record).

    I feel as though I have a sense with only a few minutes of speaking with someone, whether they are a good or bad person. Some say this is black or white thinking though every single time I have had this premonition – it turns out to be true. A lot of people have been hurt when I knew they could of avoided it. Sometimes it takes a little longer to work someone out (a true narcissist) but always I know.
    I have strong emotion towards animals and children in particular – less so adults – in fact I am very cautious of adults.

    I have a unique ability, for some reason, to be able to relate and understand children and animals. Even battered and bruised children and animals that would normally be sceptical and/or afraid of (in particular) men.
    For a long time I have always felt the pain of others. Even looking at a crippled old woman walking to the shops makes me upset. I want to instinctively help them, which I do on many occasions.
    I am constantly embroiled in a washing machine of emotion – from sadness to sorrow to anger and all inbetween. This is not a rare occurrence – this is daily.
    Am I an empath? Am I mentally ill in some way?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Kieren, I suspect you may have PTSD, but no, this isn’t a mental imbalance. Surviving trauma and having a PTSD response is a normal response. That being said, you sound like you’re – at the very least – psychic and intuitive. Based on what you wrote, I don’t know if you’re an empath, but you’re definitely finely attuned to abusers and the abused – that makes sense given your history. I think you have unresolved emotional traumas that would benefit from healing. How you choose to do that is up to you. I have clients who love energy work, EMDR therapy, EFT (tapping), and many other modalities. Your gift for connecting with scared children is wonderful and I hope you nurture it. Let me know if this response helps!

  43. Sonya says:

    I am all 5 can that be

  44. Claudia says:

    This video has blown my mind! I’ve connected so many dots in 13 minutes, I honestly feel like I understand myself more. Thank you so much for this!

    One thing I did want to ask, when you say “focus on yourself” to see if emotions are our own or someone elses, how exactly do you do that? I generally find focusing on anything really hard anyway, but in the actual moment, I’m not sure I would know how to do that?

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