“I can give messages to others, but not myself. What’s wrong with me?”

In my last post, I talked about the belief “I’m not psychic enough” – which I’m thinking is the beginning of a little email series on the myths of being psychic. I got a few questions from folks asking why it was easy to get messages to others from the guides/Spirit/whomever you talk to, while it’s hard to get messages for yourself.

“I can give messages to others, but not myself, what’s wrong with me?”

When it feels like you’re not getting clear information for yourself, it’s not that you aren’t getting it, it’s that you don’t know how to sift through all of the different “voices” in your own head.

In a nutshell… it’s because you care about your own life. A lot. (As you should.)

Let me explain…

When we receive information for others, we’re in a state of emotional neutrality – we usually aren’t secretly cheering for one specific outcome or another. We are open to all that may be true and simply wait for the intuitive hit and the clarity that comes from it.

If trained, we can communicate the intuitive hit, the implications, and how to navigate the situation related to our sitter’s situation. (A “sitter” is the person getting the reading or who you are getting the intuitive hit for.)

Let’s compare that to what happens when we get info for ourselves…

When we receive information for ourselves, we often wait until things are seriously wrong or are very emotionally charged before we tune in. Maybe you’re an exception, but even if you are, I’d bet that you have an outcome you’re hoping for when you tune in.

We sabotage the intuitive process when we wait until things are urgent to receive information.

The best information will come to you when you are relaxed, feel safe & secure, and are curious instead of anxious. It flows most easily when you are not emotionally attached to any specific path or outcome and are in a state of openness.

When you are open to receiving any and all messages, it gets a lot easier to receive clear, actionable guidance for yourself.

Let’s do a quick example to show how this may work in your life.


Mary is your friend. She wants to start a new career in nursing. You can tune in and see that she will do very well there and will thrive in the right setting. As you’re talking to her, you outline how wonderfully fulfilling this job could be for her and give her tips for managing her spiritual energy in chaotic environments when people have emotional and physical pain. Mary is so grateful and enrolls in nursing school that day and enrolls in an energy management course the next day.

Simple, straightforward, and easy, right? Even if you don’t get that level of clarity or if you don’t get it consistently, you’ve probably had experiences where you could help someone with your intuition similar to this example.


What happens when it’s you? Let’s pretend that you have decided you want a new career and you want to be a nurse. You tune in for yourself, but all you see, hear, and feel is the overwhelming anxiety of (1) going back to school (2) not knowing how to manage the stressful situations that will arise and (3) feeling unclear about whether this will be a fulfilling career. You focus on your breath and allow yourself to be open to receiving – and you get jumbled bits of info. You can see that nursing school will probably be fine, and you KNOW you’ll need to manage your stress/energy, but you cannot tell what is fear vs hope vs intuition.

Because you don’t have a process (yet) of differentiating between those three, it’s easy to feel as though you didn’t get a clear enough intuitive hit. In my opinion, your intuitive hit is clear as day… it’s the part of the information that’s not hope or fear.

Hypothetical Breakdown:

Fear says: You’ll hate it. No one will like you – nurses are part of the “real” world and you won’t have a place to belong with all of your spiritual stuff.

Hope says: Everything will work out perfectly! You’ll show up, everyone will love you, and it will all work out fine. Just trust and allow. (Note: Sometimes the intuition DOES say stuff like this, but it will have a different energy to it. It takes a little practice and exploration to figure out exactly how your intuition communicates to you vs. the other voices)

Intuition says: This is a great path for you! You’ll find a lot of fulfillment and while it won’t be easy to do with your sensitivities, being able to see how you are helping people every day will make it worth it.

When it feels like you’re not getting clear information for yourself, it’s not that you aren’t getting it, it’s that you don’t know how to sift through all of the different “voices” in your own head.

It’s a normal problem for everyone – including professional psychics and energy healers. We ALL need to consistently explore our limiting beliefs, fears, hopes, dreams, and intuitive responses so we can honor our own truths.

What to do with this info…

“Alright EA, I get that my intuition and thoughts/hopes are gonna conflict sometimes. But what do I DO about it and how can I figure out which is which?”

I’m so glad you asked!!! (Yes, I know I wrote the sentences myself, but bear with me).

If you’re reading this and thinking, “I want to learn my own voices” – simply reply to this email. I have a little worksheet you can play with called “The Voices In Your Head” (hehe). I’ve had thousands of people go through it at this point and it’s an excellent resource for you if you want to explore the voices that are present within you and identify what is intuition vs. not-intuition.

I talk about this in great detail in my upcoming course, “Intuition Mastery System”… but that won’t be ready for a few more weeks. Keep an eye out if you loved this email or if you love “The Voices In Your Head” worksheet.

Rev. “EA” Kerti

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