How to know when it’s the right (or wrong) time to get a reading

I shared recently why readings help, no matter how intuitive you are.

There’s no need to feel like getting a reading makes you weak — because you don’t have to do it alone.

Other professional intuitives and I get readings from one another all the time.

Today I want to address another common question I hear from people interested in getting a reading.

How do you know when it’s the right (or wrong) time to get a reading?

This decision can be a difficult one, especially for someone who has never had a reading before.

There are also some misconceptions.

For example, some people think it’s only appropriate to get a reading if they’re really struggling.

Or they worry that getting a reading could be considered an admission of failure on their part. They think they’re supposed to handle it all on their own.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m going to break everything down for you in this email.

It’s not the right time to get a reading when…

1) … you’ve had a reading in the last few months and you’re still implementing what you learned.

It can be tempting to get readings all the time to check in, especially if the results aren’t quite there yet.

But if you’ve had a reading recently and you’re still working on putting the message you received into action, it’s usually best to keep taking action until you run into a new roadblock or something else comes up.

2) … you already feel like you’re taking good, inspired action.

If you feel confident that you’re already taking good action on intuitive information you received, you probably don’t need a reading about that subject.

Even if you haven’t realized your goal just yet, focusing on taking the inspired action toward that goal is the best thing you can do.

3) … you have your mind set on hearing a particular thing and you’re not open to a message that contradicts it.

Sometimes our egos get the best of our intuitions and we get fixated on a particular person or path that isn’t actually good for us.

I’ve read for people who were in this situation. I see it most frequently with those who are hung up on a romantic interest, often one who doesn’t reciprocate.

Though I shared messages from their guides telling them they were on the wrong track — and even that there was a better person or path waiting for them — they weren’t open to hearing it.

While the guides do have important information for you to hear, it’s up to you to make sure your mind is open enough to receive it.

It’s the right time to get a reading when…

1) … you know you’re not getting the messages you need.

Each of us has spirit guides who have messages to share to help us on our paths.

Missing out on the guidance can slow you down or contribute to you getting stuck — or even taking an unhelpful turn.

If you feel like you’re not getting messages you need, getting a reading can be quite helpful.

It saves you a lot of time and effort trying to figure it all out for yourself.

2) … you want some clarity about whether you’re on the right path.

Maybe you feel like you’re taking good action but you’re not totally sure about whether there’s something you should be doing differently.

It’s normal to find yourself in this position.

I do a reading a few times a year for one client who runs a popular nutrition and wellness business. She finds it helpful to book readings as a way to check in with her guides and see if there’s something she can improve upon.

When things are going well and you’re in a good place, making a slight change can be even more powerful because you’re already starting with a good foundation and you have a lot of resources to work with.

Getting a reading puts you in a position where you can quickly get helpful information that you can implement in an area where you’re already doing well.

3) … you feel like you’re stuck in a loop and struggling with the same limiting beliefs or blocks.

Even when we have family and friends who care about us and want to assist, the advice, suggestions, and feedback they give us aren’t always helpful.

You’ve probably been in this situation before: Someone knows you’re struggling and tries to give you advice, but it just doesn’t resonate at all. Even worse, it makes you feel bad about yourself because it adds to the feeling of helplessness.

Your spirit guides though are really good at understanding what you’re struggling with and knowing what to say to help you break through.

They bring a kind of knowing that allows me to share their wisdom with you — wisdom that is perfectly tailored to where you are.

It means you can hear it and shift things for the better even when you’re feeling stuck in a bad place.

4) … you want some confirmation (or correction) about intuitive information you already received.

I run into this situation frequently with sensitive people I know, including some students of mine.

You received a piece of information that feels like intuitive wisdom or guidance, but you’re not totally sure and want confirmation one way or another.

Getting a reading in these circumstances helps you know how you’re doing with your intuition while also making sure you have the correct intuitive message to work with.

5) … you’re facing a big decision one way or another and you’re wondering what each path could look like.

We face big decisions sometimes.

In some cases, we have a mix of good and bad options. In others, we have all good choices or all bad choices.

Regardless, getting a reading can give you the clarity to know what path you might be heading down depending on the choice you make.

Rather than finding out the hard way, a reading can save you time and frustration, while increasing the chances of you feeling good about your choice in the long run.

I hope this information gives you some more clarity on whether a reading is a good fit for you right now.

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