How to Trust Your Intuition

Have you ever had an intuitive hit that you KNEW was accurate, but you just couldn’t summon the courage to follow through? Maybe it was asking you to start a new career, or end that relationship you knew you needed to or maybe it was asking you to *gasp* speak your truth (out loud, even!)

And the real reason was that you couldn’t quite trust it – what if it was wrong? What if you don’t really have what it takes to be on a new career path? Or what if you leave jerkasaurus Rex and then you’re alone forever?

I totally feel you.

Most of us go through this at some time or another, so I made a video about HOW to trust your intuition.

Watch below!

The resources mentioned in the video…

Once you’re done, I’d love to know… do you have a cool story about how you learned to trust your intuition? Definitely share it in the comments and support one another. Your story will inspire and inform others!

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