Can I out myself? I love giving interviews.

I am currently accepting invitations to do interviews. Please let me know more details, because I want to do more of these puppies in the future.

Suggested interview topics:

  • Forgiveness – I love talking about how to let go with love, feel strong after ish happens, and find freedom after betrayal
  • Sensitive AND Strong – Sensitivity isn’t a weakness. Seriously, gimme an opportunity to tell sensitives how strong they are and how to leverage that strength in a world that undervalues them, and I’m a happy (crazy cat) lady
  • Developing Psychic Abilities – How vibes affect information, how to connect with the guides, how to know your intuitive language, dream interpretation, etc. I love it all
  • Empath related topics – Oh look! A grocery store on Super Bowl Sunday! Wanna feel good when you go inside? That’s my specialty, helping empaths understand who they are and how to feel comfortable and confident in most situations
  • Going Pro as a Psychic – Myths of going pro + how to do practice readings intelligently + how to get over that “I’m not good enough” hum + dealing with professional criticism

What I’ll usually say yes to:

  • Telesummits that are in line with my favorite topics
  • Interviews as a bonus for paid programs (assuming it’s already been sold to 100+ clients)
  • Video or audio interviews
  • Anything about sensitive people gaining confidence the easy way
  • A good fit energetically – you and I vibe

What I’ll usually say no to:

  • Live broadcasts
  • Wildly off topic discussions
  • Super small reach / list size (contact me as soon as it’s 500+ and I’m super happy to reconsider)
  • Written interviews
  • Anything that requires an email to my list

Here’s how I’ll promote you:

  • One link to the interview on my FB page or group – whatever’s most appropriate
  • Add the interview blurb on my Press page within about a week of the interview going live

How do I schedule an interview?

I’m located on the Oregon coast, USA. Please fill out my contact form by following this link. I’ll reach out to you within 5 – 10 business days (or a member of my team will – if I have one by then)

Rev. Kerti

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