Episode 2: The Red Drug – The Impact of Social Media on Psychically Sensitive Individuals

Starting in about 2015, I noticed a lot of my clients coming to me with weaker sacral chakras.

The sacral chakra is an orange energy center about two inches below the belly button and it has to do with passion, creativity, and focus, as well as career and sexual health.

In addition to that, many of my clients were stressed out, overwhelmed, and anxious.

This sudden increase in both sacral chakra issues and the other emotional symptoms was very alarming to me.

Because I was alarmed, I began exploring my clients’ energies more deeply to better understand what was happening.

The culprit? Social media addiction and overuse.

The conversation about social media use has grown over the last few years, and it’s wonderful.

It’s important for you to understand how social media use impacts your energy because folks who are psychically sensitive are MORE sensitive to stimulus.

That means we are more sensitive to the issues that come with social media overuse.

Because I rarely see a conversation about the impacts on the whole body-mind system, I decided to make this podcast episode.

After you listen:

  1. If it fits in with your social media use plan, join the Spiritual Mechanic Facebook Group.
  2. Share your current relationship with social media. Is it healthy or unhealthy?
  3. If you decide you want to detox, choose a detox plan. Feel free to share it if you want a bit of encouragement before you go for it. ????

Resources Mentioned:

Rev. “EA” Kerti

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