“Help! I’m too stressed to hear my intuition!”

This is a common situation I see with people once they have worked with their intuition for a while.

They get to a good place. They can hear the guides. They can clear their energy and then BOOM. It happens.

Shit hits the fan. Major chaos. Life.

The intuition and the guides? Nowhere to be found.

They feel adrift. Confused. And sometimes, abandoned.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re not alone. Most of us (myself included) have periods of being too stressed out to hear our intuition. (Right when we need it the most!!!)

Why does this happen?

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you have incarnated as human. Your very weird, magical, and magnificent human body comes equipped with the full range of human emotions AND a fully functioning alarm system. 

This alarm system will get triggered when there’s real or perceived danger – unfortunately, if you are a highly sensitive individual (and most empaths and intuitive folks are), then your alarm system is also sensitive. 

Anytime you are strongly averse to a situation that arises, even if it doesn’t have any real danger attached to it, your body will let you know. 

Once the alarm system is activated, the body is now in a state of hypervigilance. The body’s job is keeping itself safe and staying alert for physical danger. 

Stress hormones generally make it harder to correctly perceive intuitive guidance unless there is immediate physical danger.

When the stress hormones are in alignment with physical reality, the body-mind system is open to intuitive hits.

This is good news! This means that if you are stressed AND not hearing your intuition, then likely you are not perceiving a real threat to your well-being.

What to do about it

There are many ways to destress. A few things I recommend as long-term solutions. 

  1. Move your body 
  2. Let go of attachments and aversions 
  3. Have a regular meditation practice 
  4. Use the Inner Steel Technique to re-wire your body for confidence

Move Your Body 

Moving your body with cardio or any form of supportive exercise will help you move the energy and release stress.

Having a regular exercise practice gives you a way to healthily release pent up stresses and it helps you keep your body healthy. 

Obviously, you want to honor your body and any limitations it might have – overexercise generally is not helpful – but getting a regular exercise routine is exceptionally beneficial, especially if you know your chakras are “top heavy.”

Note: “Top heavy” energy refers to the crown, the brow, the throat, and the heart chakras being larger and generally healthier than the solar plexus, the sacral, or the root chakras.

If you know your upper chakras are more open and active than your lower chakras, exercise is a very simple way to help balance that. The more vigorous the better – so long as it’s within your body’s healthy limits.

Let Go of Attachments and Aversions 

Attachments and aversions tend to pop up when we are disconnected from the truth of who we really are. Attachments look like trying to cling to something, or feeling like it HAS to be that way in order for us to be okay. Aversions look like wanting to run away from how something is, to push against something that appears to be true or potentially true. 

The more we can connect to the truth of who we really are, the more easily we can tap into the sense that we are okay exactly as we are and that all is well in this moment. 

Even if there is something that genuinely needs to be addressed in the moment, we can do so with a sense of peace and oneness. Stress and anxiety are not required for appropriate action.

In order to let go of both attachments and aversions, stay in touch with the source energy – no matter what name you give it.

The more you spend time communing with the divine and stay connected to source, the more easily you’ll drop both attachments and aversions and find peace with what is – including your ability to change things to match your preferences more closely.

Have a Regular Meditation Practice

A solid meditation practice will help you recognize your thoughts without identifying with them so closely. You’ll be able to witness the thoughts and feelings and patterns emerge and realize that while they show up within your awareness, they are not you. 

This gives you a sense of spaciousness and peace. 

Meditation also allows your body to calm down and get to a state of peace and well-being which decreases your stress levels and increases your ability to be clear-headed.

If you want a stress relief meditation, click here to download one. 

This is a 30-minute meditation with no words. This meditation uses powerful audio technology to lead your body-mind into a state of relaxation so that you can feel comfortable and release stress. 

You will want to use this with headphones for best results.

NOTE: Please do NOT use this meditation if you are prone to seizures – the isochronic tones create a pulsing beat that generally is not recommended for those prone to seizures.

Use the Inner Steel Technique 

The Inner Steel Technique was a very fast, powerful, and transformative process I stumbled upon quite by surprise in 2013. 

I was working with a bunch of empaths in a class on solar plexus chakra health, and tried a technique on them my guides had shared with me. 

I was surprised over the next few weeks to receive emails from almost half of the attendees – out of the blue – that the technique was so helpful they were using it almost daily. 

I did research, got over 100 empathic volunteers to try the technique and fill out a survey of how it impacted their energy and before I knew it, the Inner Steel Technique was born. 

This is a technique that combines body, mind, and spirit. The body is in a confident posture while doing meditative breathing, the mind is focused on either a fear that you want to dissolve or a goal you wish to manifest, and the spirit will guide you through the process of aligning the body-mind with the truth of who you are related to that goal or fear.

It only takes 5 minutes to do and it’s one of the few techniques I can honestly say I created. 

Most of the time, spiritual knowledge is passed down through generations and teachers – which is wonderful and appropriate. 

Inner Steel Technique – Click here to download

When your intuition goes silent from stress, these are the four best ways to get the intuition flowing again.

I hope you found this helpful! 

Your mission (should you feel called to accept it)… 

Choose ONE of the four suggestions and implement it today! You can always come back and try another if you like, but just commit to doing one and honoring yourself.

Let me know how it goes!


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