Meditating for Busy Bodies

I jumped on a call with one of the Spiritual Mechanic community members because she was struggling with quieting her mind.

She was trying to meditate, but it just was NOT working for her. I wanted to explore that with her since soooo many folks struggle with the same thing.

The problem? She was choosing the wrong activity for her human body.

Quick reminder: You are a spirit living in a human body. All bodies prefer slightly different things and work in different ways.

When developing a spiritual practice that acts as a touchstone for connecting to the Presence that you are, it’s wise to honor what your body naturally craves.

For me, I crave silence and stillness.

But what do you do if you are a busy body?

I was blessed to be born in a family of busy bodies – my mother and my brother both cannot sit still to save their lives. My great-aunt was well into her 90s before she could sit still.

In my family, we say we “have the wiggles” when we can’t sit still. (I rarely have that problem – I inherited all the chill in the family.)

And guess what? The rules are just a little different if you are in a body that likes to be in motion all the time.

(Also, you might be claircognizant – so if you find you can’t sit still to meditate or center yourself, check out the claircognizant video here.)

Can you meditate as a naturally wiggly person?

YES! It is just going to look a little different.

First, the purpose of meditation is to clear your mind and center.

Stillness and internal reflection is only one way to do this.

Keeping that in mind, you want to choose things that allow you to clear your mind and center, such as:

  • Go for a walk in nature while focusing on the beauty surrounding you
  • Do a walking meditation and bring your full presence of mind to the movement of your body
  • Hike while creating a gratitude list
  • Meditative jogging
  • Listen to meditation audios without words spoken as you get into motion cleaning house or doing yard work

Any activity can become a meditation – it’s all about intent and being deliberate.

Play with different activities that involve honoring your own natural body rhythms.

Focus on the end result — clearing your mind and centering — rather than judging yourself for not sitting still or meditating the “right” way.

Meditation and spiritual practice doesn’t have to be done in stillness.

And, for the love of glitter cats, please stop beating yourself up if you are not currently inhabiting a body that can be still.

Give yourself permission to honor the body you are in and how IT likes to align and clear. You don’t have to be like anyone else.

Rev. “EA” Kerti


  1. Hayley says:

    Beautifully said! I’m one of the wiggly ones and you have helped me soooo much to understand who I am and to honour my way! xxx

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Yeees, Hayley! I’m so glad you’re working with your body now rather than against it! 🙂

  2. Jet says:

    Loved this one, and I totally agree!!!

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Good to see you here, Jet! And this is so important for people who have a hard time in stillness. 🙂

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