Half Booked, Fully Paid: How to find the right price for your spiritual services

I’ve been a professional in the spiritual arts for more than seven years, as I write this.

I’ve done thousands of reading and healing sessions for my clients and trained over sixty people to become professional psychics and energy healers in their own rights.

And when it comes down to putting a price on the work you do as a professional spiritual practitioner… well.

Things can get tricky.

The challenges of finding the right price for your spiritual services

First, you run into the internal and external voices that say bullshit like:

“All spiritual gifts should be given for free. It’s greedy to charge for spiritual work.”

“Choose the price that feels good!” (And I’ll break down why that’s a shitty argument in a bit.)

“Who am I to charge, especially if someone really needs the work?”

Then, there’s the confusion.

What IS the right price? How much is too much? Or too little? And how do you know?

I’ll let you in on a little secret –  you actually *can* figure out how much you should be charging.

You know you’ve found the right price when you’re half booked and fully paid.

Say it with me.

When you are half booked, you should be fully paid.

As a spiritual practitioner, this is your livelihood.

Appropriate energy exchange is crucial.

When you give your time, energy, expertise and energetic support or insight to someone, you want to receive appropriate compensation.

When half of your sessions are booked, you should have enough to pay all of your personal bills, business bills, have squirreled away what you need to for tax season, and put 10% of your take home for savings. Minimum.

Oh, and have enough to spend on fun, too.

Let’s break down how the right price works.

Let’s say you know you can do roughly 10 sessions a week and feel good energetically and physically.

You calculated your expenses and know you need to bring in $4,000 a month total in order to pay all your bills, your taxes, have enough for savings and have some fun shenanigans.

This means you can do roughly 40 sessions a month.

And you should have $4,000 when you have 20 sessions booked.

$4,000 divided by 20 = $200 per session.

That’s your minimum price.

“But, EA, that’s so much money! Why don’t I calculate for being FULLY booked?? I want to be fully booked, not half booked!”

Three main reasons, friend.

Reason #1: Rescheduling + Surprise Days Off

You are human. Sometimes you might need a day off or an entire week off.

Your clients might need to reschedule at the last minute leaving you with an empty slot you can’t deliver a session in.

If that happens and you need to deliver a certain number of sessions to stay in the green, then you’re in a pickle.

It’s not fun to be in a pickle.

It creates stress and anxiety, which can impact the quality of your work.

Avoid it by charging appropriately.

Reason #2: Things Take Time

Marketing takes time.

Preparing taxes takes time.

Client follow-up takes time.

Hiring out and getting things off your plate takes time.

Especially if you are just starting out and don’t yet have a thriving practice, set yourself up to succeed by honoring how much time some things will take by giving yourself extra breathing room.

Reason #3: Room to Grow

Financially, if you are fully booked and receiving double what you need to survive, guess what? You are officially in Thriving Land! WOOHOO!!

This means you can invest in your business and skills.

You can do fun things such as…

  • Take an extra vacation
  • Donate to your favorite charity
  • Finally take a month off to create that course you’ve been dreaming of
  • Invest in some ads to increase your list size
  • Hire a fancy designer to make your stuff prettier

And that’s it, my friends.

When you are half booked, you should be fully paid.

I even made a calculator so you don’t have to math – and I included an estimated 30% saved for taxes. (Your own taxes will vary based on your living situation, your country, etc. This is meant to give you a rough estimate and is NOT intended to replace appropriate financial or legal advice.)

Or click here to see what you should charge.

Give yourself the gift of breathing room.

Honor the human self and the needs that come with it.

And, if you know a spiritual practitioner who is stuck on their pricing, do them a favor and share this with them.


Rev. “EA” Kerti


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