Crown Chakra Basics for Empaths

This is lesson 8 of 8 in the Chakra Basics for Empaths series.

This lesson is all about the crown chakra.

The crown chakra has to do with your sense of spirituality and your connection to source energy.

Click below to watch and learn how to work with this chakra.

To download the ebook that explains the poses in more detail, just right click here —> The Sensitive Soul SOUL-ution

Once you’ve tried the exercise, go ahead and comment! How’s that crown chakra doing? How was the exercise?

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  1. Johelene says:

    I listened to your Audio about love. I liked it and I just wanted to say what I feel helped me. Growing up my parents were not very loving at all. They were abusive and quite honestly I grew to dislike them so much, I really couldn’t get along with them and that only brought more resentment in my life, even to other people. Finally years later living this way ANGRY all the time. I woke up and found my life empty. One day not to long ago actually I took on the responsibility to take care of my mother until her death in 2010. It’s when I realized that there was love. I learned, yes learned to love again because I forgave her and myself. So what I’m trying to say is forgiveness is the biggest love you can hold nearest to your heart. And your rite about people who step all over you. Forgivening that to because they are unaware that they are doing it. So even though they won’t speak to you or ridicule you. Forgive…i found that love is a very big peace of power we hold. Don’t you think… 🙂
    Much blessings. .

  2. Bo says:

    According to the video I experience miracles on a regular basis and everything else you said is true.

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