How Do You Know If You’re Clairvoyant?

In my classes and coaching, my clients always ask how to know if they are clairvoyant (or clairaudient, clairsentient or claircognizant).

In this 7 minute video I’ll show you the 5 Signposts for Clairvoyance and teach you the simple 6 step exercise to strengthen your clairvoyant abilities.

Make sure to watch to the end to see the special offer I’m giving anyone who does the exercise!

Comment below if you have any tips for developing clairvoyance!





  1. Nikki says:

    I am a visual person myself. My dreams are pretty vivid and things would occur from my dreams after. Before, it was the dreams that were my guide in a sense. However, I was told (from a psychic) that dreams are mostly anxiety dreams. So it left me a bit confused and now I just don’t pay attention to my dreams that much anymore. What is your opinions on visions from dreams? Are there others who just get information from dreams, and nothing else?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Nikki,

      Dreams are messages from the universe, your guides and your own subconscious processing information it’s received throughout the day. They can show you so much about your current path, so unless you get unnecessarily tangled in dreams and get stuck worrying about them incessantly while waking, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to them. There are definitely people who get information primarily through dreams. It’s all information, and information is only useful if we apply it intelligently. I don’t know the psychic’s reasons or purpose for telling you your dreams were anxiety dreams, but dreams can be incredibly powerful guiding tools.

      Sending love,

  2. Jen says:

    Hi Erin-Ashley,

    I just wanted to drop in and say hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to make it to a class(just too busy right now). I love your videos and love getting the email newsletter.

    My dreams are incredible tools for me, and occasionally I get information about other people through my dreams in ways that I have recently learned are not meant to be shared. I figured out that just because I get info, doesn’t necessary mean I am meant to do anything with it.

    For myself, I get SO much guidance and clarity through my dreams. They really are my second life.

    I agree sometimes dreams are just about anxieties coming to the surface, but they are so much richer than that, and sometimes downright psychic. Differentiating is the hard part. I tend to feel that the truly psychic ones are less emotion and seem just matter-of-fact.

    p.s. I am totally that feng-sui, visual person. :)I wonder: are YOU?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Jen!

      It’s so wonderful to hear from you! Yes, unfortunately a lot of people have loud “energy” and we can pick it up on accident, and “overhear” their psychic signal. It’s a tough line to walk, listening to your intuition and not accidentally sharing something you just accidentally picked up. I am not exceptionally clairvoyant, and if you saw my office, you’d wonder how I get any work done at all! 🙂 Clutter doesn’t bother me or give me the anxiety feeling, though it is distracting at times.

      Sending you LOTS of love and light!

    2. Cy says:

      Well, I don’t know if any of these are characteristics of a clairvoyant, but it would help alot if you could clear these “Psychic Powers” up for me.

      1: I can often feel when people are near me, heading toward or around me, or looking at me. Even if It’s the slightest glance. I can also sometimes pinpoint the location of a certain person in my house with the same type of sensing.

      2: I sometimes have dreams of future events. Most times the dreams/visions I’ve had were so accurate it was scary. For example, one dream I had was of a tornado. I was looking down on a house that had It’s roof torn off by the tornado, and I could see two children stuck in their room because the door was jammed. One of the children then screamed, “Mom, Mom, there’s a tornado!” As soon as that happened I woke up screaming, “Mom, Mom, there’s a tornado!” I jumped out of bed and ran to the sliding glass door that led to my deck. As soon as I opened the door, a tornado siren went off in the distance. Hours after the tornado I was watching the news and there was a story of two kids that were severely injured/killed because their door was jammed during of the tornado. Their roof was also torn off. What could this mean? Is there a specific reason I’m getting these dreams?

      3: I have had many strange and sometimes scary experiences in the past. For example I would be just waking up one morning with the same feeling that someone was near me. I’d try to sit up and see who it is, and realize i am unable to move. The only things I can usually move are my eyes and eyelids. Then I’d start hearing/seeing things such as bells ringing and unaudible whispering as well as shadows moving on my bedroom walls. Minutes later the bells, whispers and shadows would stop and I’d slowly regain control of my muscles.

      If these are psychic abilities, what are they? Where do they come from? Could I ever use them for certain things one day?

  3. Kaylin says:

    Hey Erin!

    For a few months now I have been trying to “flex” my clairvoyant muscles, but find that I am blocked. My ego takes control, and I feel that everything I see in my meditation is something that I have willed, and is not divine guidance. Also, because I am “willing” so hard to see something I am not really progressing in my spiritual development. I was wondering if you have any tips for asking the ego to step aside, and allow Spirit to take control and deliver messages? Thank you!

    Also, this video was very helpful! I look forward to the videos every Sunday, so thank you so much for doing them 🙂

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Kaylin!

      I love doing these videos. I’m SO glad you’re enjoying them.

      I have two suggestions for you. The first suggestion is to – while you’re raising your vibration – imagine taking your ego off like a coat or jacket. Then you can hang it up long enough to get your vision. When this is done properly, you’ll feel naked or vulnerable. It is a little uncomfortable, but the discomfort is just letting you know you did it right. Always put it back on once you’re done! The ego can be a nuisance, but it has a very important role for our physical lives on earth.

      The second suggestion is to respond to your ego. I used this one all the time when I was starting out, because I found it very difficult to keep the ego off, even when I took it off in the beginning of my meditation. To do this, when your ego is telling you that you’re trying too hard, that everything you’re getting is imagination, that it’s all BS and your visions are crap, just respond with, “Thank you. You’re probably right, but in order get better at this, I need to do the ‘crap’ meditations first. So I’m just going to observe what I see, and see what happens.” This will help your ego feel heard, while giving yourself permission to be imperfect.

      Sending love!

      PS – This would be an excellent video topic. Would you mind if I used your question to make a Psychic Sunday episode?

      1. Kaylin says:


        I would be absolutely HONOURED if you used my question to make a video! 🙂 Thank you!

        And thank you so much for the suggestions, I will definitely do that during my next meditation. I like the idea of picturing the ego like a jacket I am taking off, and then also acknowledging it – because literally everything you mentioned is exactly what I am saying to myself during a meditation. I can’t wait to meditate and try it to see what happens!

        Thanks again 🙂


        1. Erin-Ashley says:


          I completely get it. I’ve been there myself and coached many people through the process. What you’re experiencing is 100% normal (but not fun, lol!) I’ll definitely be turning this into a video. It’s a great topic and just about every intuitive has to go through this process.

          Sending LOTS of love!

          PS- Let me know how the technique works for you!

  4. Maria Lemus says:

    I had a dream and I was being sucked into a yellow tunnel. I was moving so fast as I was reaching the end of the tunnel I could see the color red. As I was being sucked in I remember hearing myself yelling for my grandpa. I never saw what was at the end of the tunnel, because I woke up breathing frantically.

    I don’t know what this dream means?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Maria,

      I have a dream interpretation process I’ll be happy to email your way that will let you know what it means. Simply send me an email at and I’ll give it to you.

      Sending love and light,

  5. jen says:

    I have blocked my dreams how do I release that block. I see things before they happen. I was being held down to make me see it it was as if I could feel the hand on my chest hold me down I did stop the vision I just didn’t want to know anything about my mom and what was going to happen. She was going to pass no matter what. So I didn’t want that vision but I’m lost with out them. Anything to help would be great I have asked a lot of people ad no one can help me. Thank you and all the blessings for your help.jenn

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Jen!

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother. In order to open your abilities back up again, I’d recommend working through any remaining resentment about your mother’s passing. If your mother passed very recently, sometimes this will “shut down” for a while to allow you to get to a good space again. If it’s been a while (at least 4-6 months), then it’s all about regaining a high vibration to allow information to come through again. You can do this several ways. One is through a white light meditation, where you send yourself white light. You can also work with your chakras to clear out any clutter. I have a free chakra meditation, simply go to the main page ( and enter your email address to receive it. This will help you remove the blocks that are keeping you from getting information from the universe – in dreams or anywhere else. Also, keeping a journal of whatever you do get, no matter how small, will help it open back up. It’s important to send gratitude for what you do get, especially when you’re used to getting a lot MORE information, because gratitude and appreciation are the doorways to receiving more intuitive information in your dreams.

      I hope this helps!


  6. Sabrina says:

    Hi Erin. I’m a very young person. I’m only in my highschool years and at random times, wherever I am, a vision would pop into my mind. A few months later probably 2-3 months it would happen. I although, have different color eyes. I have one blue and brown eye. This has been happening since I was little but its now becoming more frequently. My dreams are VERY vivid. I would see specific rooms and their details so clearly in my dream, which I have never seen before, but I could recognize. I just want to know what this ALL means and is their anything I can do to enhance it?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Sabrina,

      I’d recommend getting my free chakra meditation on my main page: This will help you balance your chakras. Your third eye chakra (also called the brow chakra) is responsible for intuitive information, so as long as you’re working with this chakra, you’ll see an enhancement of your visions. Also, I recommend checking out my video on “How to Tune In” because it will teach you the exact steps necessary to tune and receive visions when you want. Link:

      As far as what it all means – it simply means that you are intuitive and the information comes through visions for you. 🙂

      Sending love!

    2. charis says:

      I have visions also…they are like 8 mm flashes of pics on front of my head in my thoughts like a movie. I would be biking or walking or driving and all of a sudden I would get flashes and story themes…people and places would come to mind…it also happens in my dreams…

  7. Tina says:

    Hi Erin, I usually dream very vividly and remember my dreams clearly. Some dreams I just can’t stop thinking of and others come true. When I sit and think I feel like I go into another world like everything is blocked out. I can visually see things. When I closet eyes it’s even more clear. There are times i feel energy. What does this mean? How can I embrace this and grow with this. I want to really learn to use this.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Tina,

      You are clairvoyant. I would highly recommend the Psychic Genius course for you, because in it I explain exactly how to tap into this skill and ability. My best thoughts and practices are in this course. You can check it out here:

      Sending love and light,

  8. Panda says:

    Hey Erin!
    Honestly no I do not have a method to develop my Clairvoyance.
    I’m unsure even if I am clairvoyant. It’s something I’ve always wondered about even as a child I wanted my superpower to be psychic abilities. I have tarot cards. A few of my dreams are lucid and a few of them have come true. I feel all of my friend’s emotions even if they’re hiding them. We could be talking and before they could process their answers and thoughts I’m finishing them before they even utter a word. There have been times where I would blurt out something they were thinking. Hope you can shed some insight. Thanks!

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Panda,

      It sounds like you’re an emotional empath. You can check out the video I did on the 5 Types of Empaths here:

      I hope this helps!


  9. danterob says:

    I feel like there’s something going on with games I just don’t know how to describe it like sometimes I see stuff in my head it will happen in real life the next day

  10. Kara says:

    Hey Erin, I know that I am a clairvoyant. I have always remember my dreams but for some reason ever now and again I can not remember them until later that day or a few days later…. I did have this two dreams that came true but since then it just been all wired dreams random dreams I even had one in black and white before which I found very odd since I always dream in color… I do hear things as well… and they seem to come to me when I am alone at different times of the day too… I can even see things in pictures that others can not see… also I find it very hard to mediate and don’t know why… maybe I am afraid of seeing something really scary ?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Kara,

      It sounds like you’re clairvoyant and clairaudient for sure. And it also sounds like you’re resisting your own intuitive information on the subconscious level. This isn’t abnormal at all. It’s very common. The best thing I recommend is to simply practice very small meditation exercises, like 1 minute of meditation or even just 30 seconds of meditation. This will assist you in releasing that resistance.

      Hope that helps!

  11. Raina says:

    Sometimes I black out in class from seeing visions. I was wondering if you could help me; because at night when I have dreams I have visions. These visions actually happen, though. I black out for hours at a time sometimes, and realize I just had a vision. I don’t know how I can do this or why. Why are people clairvoyant? Can you be lost in a vision for days at a time? How do I know if there’s someone like me in a room could I be able to tell?

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      The visions that actually happen are called precognitive visions. I don’t know what you mean by “black out”… does that mean you are no longer present in your body or conscious awareness? Because visions generally happen when you are still aware (unless you’re asleep). One should never be “lost” in a vision. If you are finding yourself lost in visions, I’d encourage you to seek an experienced energy healer to see what is going on in your system that may be causing that.

      1. Raina says:

        By black out I mean I’m present; but when someone calls my name I don’t hear it. Also in 2010 I heard songs that didn’t come out till 2012 and 2014. How can you control this power? In one of my dream’s I predicted that my something happened to my sister; and a week later that something happened exactly how it was predicted. How can I help people with my clairvoyance? Sometimes I can also feel emotions that other people are feeling. What would that be called? What do you mean by energy healer? What do they do?

        1. Erin-Ashley says:

          Ah, ok, I see what you mean. I’d recommend some follow the breath or present moment meditation to assist with this. It will help you get grounded in the moment so when you have visions, you can stay present more easily. To control it, you work with it. It’s just like any other skill, you practice it. Check out some of the other videos and posts about clairaudience, and you’ll get some great tips. Energy healers are people who use universal energy to help your body heal.

  12. Alyce says:

    Hi Erin,

    Thank you for sharing this. Just a few days ago I lost my best friend and prior to her passing I had a dream of my daughter passing in her sleep but then the next morning it was actually my best friend that passed. What this a premonition? Also the morning of her funeral I was awaken to go outside on the patio so I did and I saw a bright shining star, and it was the only star in the sky. So I got very curious and I started taking pictures with my phone and noticed there was big orbs and even a face that showed up on one picture. I’ve been experiencing goosebumps, not sleeping, anxiety, tingling, touches on my head, arms, ect as well as seeing glitter dot sizes around, sparkles of light and a piano playing in one of my ears when everyone is asleep. A buzzing hollow sound in my ear, and I smell flowers everywhere I go. If you can tell me what any of this can possibly be that would be greatly appreciated thank you.

    1. charis says:

      I can also see twilights, sparkles, haze, and get tingles like an angel just wrapped its wings all around me. I feel so comforted, a sense of warmth, and at peace/protected when that happens. I call it my angel hug. When I feel others I call it my queechies. I am being warned or on alert. When MY ANGELS want me to know about something they plant a nagging sense of urgency thought of action to go and action must taken to show me and unveil truths and info thats important. Oh, they get their message across and I listen and obey. I have proof…

  13. Sheridan Barnes says:

    Hi, I really need help. I dont know what happening to me because I dont understand any of this. But ive always felt like I have a presence around me especially when Im alone. I cant ever be in the dark alone. About two years ago my boyfriend and I were layin down goin to sleep like normal. And we both just felt the urge to open our eyes. We seen a huge black figure just staring from my closet, twiddling something in his hands. My boyfriend also saw a shorter figure staring from beside the bed where I laid. Of course we were frozen with fear and I prayed for about ten minutes just staring finally my boyfriend got the strenght to turn the light on. And my clothes in my closet parted then stopped moving. I have been deathly afraid ever since and have still felt a presense when im alone or if its dark i still feel things right by me. I feel like things touch my hair and I see figures out the corner of my eye. But they arent there when i look. I dont understand it and my family thinks im going crazy. Please help

  14. Sheridan Barnes says:

    Also my mother had just passed away, but I know it wasnt her. I had a reef of flowers hanging on my wall and it looked like they were moving. I feel like she was there also, but the thing in the closet was definately not her. Please help, I do feel like Im losing my mind.

  15. DaDo says:

    Hello! i just want to ask few things
    I have all the “features” or i showed all the signs you listed but i am still not sure whether i am a clairvoyant or not
    1. I See flashing lights from the corner of my eyes, i have got my eyes checked up by a specialist and it was absolutely normal
    2. My dreams feel so real, i sometimes get confused whether it was just dreams or something happened to me in the past or its a deja-vu, my dreams sometimes are so meaning less i have tried to analyse them but some dreams are just so distorted. The Dreams which have a meaning usually happens in the future
    3. I can sense when my phone or anyones phone is about to ring and i can know who is calling and what they want without anyone telling me
    4. i can tell how the person is feeling just by looking at them, if they are sad i know what upsets them and vise versa
    5. i often notice things moving (often black mist or a really beautiful and attractive white lights) from the corner of my eyes (but i never ever seen spirits)
    6. i always, always hear someone talking to me sometimes its external and sometimes internal (it just sounds like talking to myself but its a female voice and its different than mine i asked for her and she said alyssa) that voice always tells me whats going to happen and helps me in finding stuff
    thaTS all what i have got my question is that do you think i am clairvoyant/clairaudienet? because am so confused please help me

    1. DaDo says:

      Soorry i fogot to add this

      I always remember my dreams but for some reason ever now and again I cant remember them until later that day or a few days later.. Ihave alot of wired dreams random dreams I even had one in black and white before which I found very odd since I always dream in color..
      I can see things in pictures that others cant see…
      i cant meditate am scared..
      i also try my best to not sit by my self in empty room or something because then when i see things moving and flashing lights from the corner of my eyes and i hear my name being called.. am terrified

      1. charis says:

        Yoga can help you focus hun…it rises you to a relaxed state like a massage does…

      2. Ronda says:

        I had that too. Spirits were knocking on the wall next to me & then standing by my bed while I slept-would wake me up. Im not down with that. I cleanse (sage/prayers) the crap out of my house & my chakras daily & never think about it OR fear it again so you dont attract it.

    2. charis says:

      Check out mediumships…valuable information for you and will help validate your gift…embrace it…and believe

  16. alexa says:

    I believe in ghost, white lady and other paranormal things but there is one thing I’m always bothered about. Sometimes I dreamed about things and when I woke up only a little piece of that dream I only remember and these past few years when something happened and connected to my dream thats when I only remember the missing pieces and until now I’m still experiencing that kind of thing.

  17. charis says:

    Hey…wow…I can relate. I am a very sensitive intuitive empath also…premon. and precog. I hear a ringing in my ears high pitch…I feel music and not necessarily listen to it. I feel everything and the energy around people. I get spoken to in dreams and also get seeds of thought…I have to sensor out others anxiety and emotions.

  18. yevette says:

    Hi erin….I need some help…I thought I was crazy until I searthing for answers…I came upon your website…I’m starting to feel better now that I read your comments and responses…I don’t know if this is real but I told my mom I remember myself o the bed with her and my sister my father was tieing her feet with a rope…it was night and the light from the hall was coming in the room…my mother said I was two….I can see our room as babies..I can see it but I dot k ow if I was born yet….I might be crazy…the other thing is every house we lived in with our mom we heard ghosts…I’m 40 and married with children in my own home…..when I was a teenager and a couple yrs back I would dreaming was awake I can see my room and I can’t move…the other thing that had happened is I would feel pressure on my body and I couldn’t move. …now I recently suffered from insomnia which caused migraines and headaches…I went to the doctor I told her I when I did sleep I felt like I had a radio in my head….I never rested…she sent me to a physcologist…she gave me pills to fix my imbalance and now I sleep and my dreams or even more vivid…and color And super loud….I can live with that but i ve been having nightmare s everyday….I always know if something bad is going to happen….if something will happen that I will cry,if someone will die,pregnancy,if my husband and I will have a fight….I say I k ow because my grandma would say if u dream of ocean and clear water tears.anyways I’ve been dreaming to much…,mountains,turmoil,water,dirty water,deaf,people,parties I’ve been shot,I can’t find my way home,snakes….I dream I couldn’t find my car that morning it broke down which Iknew I had to be carful,, now in my home I saw a shadow at the corner of my eye…one other thing if I pray for something or con central on it it happens good or bad……am I normal or crazy …please help..asap

  19. Katri says:

    Hi Erin, I have couple of questions about clairvoyance. First of all I am quite visual lerner, but when it comes to seeing images in my mind while meditating I always end up being too focused on my other senses that I can’t concentrate on seeing. Should I focus on those other senses instead of images or what do you suggest?

    Other question I have is concerning my precognition experiences. Since I remember (and especially when I was a child) I have seen these clear precognitions. Sometimes they’ve been these still images of strange things which I’ve never seen before, sometimes short conversations or short events happening later.

    To give you example when I was about 10years old and was walking back home from school I saw this sudden image of wooden dashboard with reddish-brownish color. I had never seen something like that in my life and was kind of shocked since I was just deep in my thoughts while walking. Couple days later I had to go to perform in a choir concert and got ride there from one of the older choirmembers. When I sat in his car I saw that same wooden dashboard in his car which I had seen couple days ago.

    Similar things have happend to me many times. Once I saw 2minute long facebook conversation with my friend (who I didn’t even know back then) two years before I even started using facebook. When I saw him writing I suddenly remembered seeing that conversation before and it was so creepy to know everything he was saying before hand. One time I was spacing out while watching tv and saw myself watching some weird tv-program I’ve never seen before. I was sure I’d never even watch something like that, but a week later I was bored and I just desided to pick something. After a while that same scene was playing in the tv. I’d like to know is this normal? I’ve always had these things happening to me, though they aren’t happening as freguently as they used to anymore.

    I have third and last question to you (sorry this is so long! :o). When I was a child I did all these weird things which seem strange to me now. I used to sit in a dark room by myself and when my parents asked me why I did that I just told them that in the darkness it’s safe. What’s even stranger is this really vivid memory of me waking up in the middle of the night. I heard this conversation comming from our kitchen between two voices. I think one was female and one male, but I’m not sure since it’s been many years. Anyways I heard them speaking and thought it must have been my parents. Well, I stood up and noticed that my parents were asleep. Then I thought that well, it must have been my brother and went to kitchen. There was no-one there and when I went to my brothers room he was fast asleep. I got so scared that I ran full speed back to my bed 😀 But anyways, I’ve had these strange events happening to me, especially when I was a child. Do you have any information about something like this?

    If it helps every female from my fathers side seems to have seen precognitions through dreams, though I see them when I go too deep while day dreaming. Also my great grandmother used to be a witch which might have something to do with this, though I don’t know much about her. I just know that my grandmother used to know when her sister was calling before the phone even rang. So she was always waiting by the phone when she called. Also she knew beforehand when someone was going to pass away. But thanks already for these amazing videos!

    Hopefully you can give me some answers to these strange things I’ve experienced!

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Katri,

      I suggest you focus on the images and simply write down anything you see. Don’t worry about specifics or details in the beginning, just get in the practice of focusing on visuals. It sounds like you have the gift of precognizance. With practice, you can look into specific future possibilities. Keep practicing!


  20. James Rimmer says:

    I always get flashes of pictures and movie bits, with this energy that is really hard to explain. It comes as quickly as it goes; only lasting a millisecond. the burst of energy comes from the center of my core being and radiates outward, exiting my body. It may sound weird to some, but I’ve had it all my life. It use to scare me, but I now have learned to deal with it so it doesn’t scare me as much; well at least the process doesn’t. What scares me the most is the pictures and images that I see. Some can be pretty graphic. I can sometimes get huge amounts of information all at once. I honestly don’t even quite know what to do with the stuff I see. I don’t have dreams in my sleep. I use to have visions when I was a kid but they were more realistic than a normal dream. All my senses would be in overdrive when I would have one. With normal dreams that wouldn’t happen. Also, unlike dreams, I could retain full memory of what I saw. The flashes I get now can come at anytime. They’re usually so quick, it doesn’t disrupted what I’m doing. Most people that see me have one, always ask if I’m ok, do I feel ok, that sort of thing (I physically will have a noticeable instant twitch lasting just a split second). I just say I’m ok then leave it at that. Afraid to tell them the truth.

  21. Gwen says:

    I use to meditate everyday in the park and without knowing I was doing all the steps you mentioned in the video. I still have interpreting issues, but my clairvoyance is very strong especially my dreams. There is one vision I had that I just can’t make out, it was a vision of me, like a reflection of me in glass. I would love to know what that interpretation technique you were talking about is.


    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Gwen! Email me at and I’ll get you that technique.

  22. Michelle says:

    Hi Erin,
    Ever since I was a child when I close my eyes I have very specific visual patterns. They are normally what you describe in the video as ‘scrolls’ but almost like being inside a lava lamp. They colors are almost always blue and green, unless effected by the sun. Even now I still have this vision when falling asleep and have always wondered what the shapes were or what they meant. As a child I always though of them as abstract bodies of water and land. The vision is not stressful and actually, mostly enjoyable. I’d love some more insight.


  23. Dora says:

    I did’nt know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.

  24. Chloe says:

    Hey this worked!!! if you have a chance, can you feature me?? My YouTube is cool cat awesomeness

  25. Dave says:

    Hi my name is jay ….i am just 18 but what i noticed is that when i dream it always seem lik deja vu some other time i really dont know if i am psychic or not but i really want to be…. i picked up spirituality a month ago and started meditating daily ……every meditation from last week until now i am on a mountain peak recieving teaching from myself and it guides me throughout the whole day i really need help with better understanding the balancing of my chakras please

  26. Ronda says:

    I see faces, usually older men, in a pattern like carpet, curtains, a crumpled bag, etc. when Im relaxed & in a daze. No color, more of a sketch type picture with excellent shading. My reaction is always, that was odd. No info or connection to the faces.

  27. Latonia Palmer says:

    Well I didn’t know if I should email you or leave a comment referring to meditation that I did about three nights ago I guess I observed myself I was standing behind a fence looking over the fence at myself standing in the backyard of a beautiful home beautiful Poole beautiful kitchen that sitting barbecue outside area and when I looked to my right I saw beautiful mountains in the sky and it was just the sun was going down it was just it was really really a beautiful sight to see him and then what came to me and I just I just heard Arizona I saw Arizona HOMES or Arizona beautiful homes are beautiful Arizona HOMES I saw something like that but seeing myself in this backyard of this home and seeing the back of the home the side of the sliding glass door’s like I can literally see the inside of the home and it was it was huge it was it was humongous it was beautiful so I don’t know what that that is about maybe you can help to clarify on that vision for me him yeah so thank you and I am really eager to see what you have to say and your response

  28. Aimee says:

    Im definatley clairvoyant. I easily see things in my minds-eye and my sleep-dreams are often very clear. I haven’t been practicing developing this as a psychic skill .. just thought it “was”. Huh! I can hear you now, EA: welcome to your expansion. Okay .. is that claireaudient of me? .. I often CAN hear my friends voices when I think of them or look at their pictures. This is Really Fun. Seriously fun! Haha! Im authentically having fun learning this. ???????????????? Thank you Reverend Erin Ashley Kerri. So much love to you❤️❤️❤️ And thank you James Kerti ???????????????????????? … and thank you Furry Glitter Friends ????????????

  29. RazorBurn says:

    I need help, I don’t understand what is happening to me, or why….

    I have recently started to “just know” things hours before they happen. I’m not even sure of that is the right way to describe what I am experiencing, but it is the best that I can do.

    It started about 2-3 weeks ago with a dream, but has since begun happening while awake and going about my day. The first instance is that I had actually dreamed about the Carolina tornado outbreak that occurred just a couple of weeks ago. I actually had the dream of this the day before it happened, but when hearing about it the next day I blew it off as coincidence. But with the frequency that this is happening now, I don’t think that I can ignore this anymore. I even have a witness of this happening to me, as I have begun to confide in my girlfriend about these things so that I can prove that I knew these things before they actually happen.

    The really scary part, is now that this is in my face so much over the last couple of weeks (it is happening frequently), I am scared to admit it, but I believe that I may have dreamed about 9/11 about 2-3 weeks prior to that happening also. – But there hasn’t been any instances since then, until recently. At least, none that I have realized.

    But since the dream about the tornado outbreak, it has become almost daily (3-4 times / week) that I am experiencing these instances where I think something, and then hours later it happens!

    Why is this happening? Is it all just coincidence? I mean, is it TRULY just mere coincidence? Should I ignore it? I’m not going to develop some weird brain tumor or anything am I?

    I don’t understand what is happening or why, and I am actually kind of concerned about it…. is there a way that I can control it so that I can make it stop? Because honestly this is getting kind of really creepy.

    Can anyone here offer me real help, without being judgemental or without being super like weirded out about things? I would really prefer to talk to someone that is level headed and not all about potions and lotions or anything like that…. no offense, but I’m actually a non-believer in all of the cliche` spiritual things.

    Thank you in advance.

  30. Dawna says:

    Aug 10/18 So here’s my dilemma- what’s the difference between clairvoyance and imagination? I have a VERY vividly visual imagination and am quite visually keen with detail however I’ve never thought of myself as clairvoyant.

  31. Kayla says:

    A technique that I’ve used before to help develop more detail/clarity in visions is imagining a red dot with a white background. Hope this helps!

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Excellent, Kayla! That is a great way to strengthen this ability. Thank you for sharing so you can support others!

  32. Lashawn says:

    I have vivid dreams and then the visions in my dream happen the next day or a few weeks from then.I have headaches and then when I go to sleep I have vivid dream or either I’ll zone out and I’ll be thinking for what feel likes hours,but is only a few minutes.So can you help me understand my situation and how to develop into it and work with it.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Yes, that is definitely clairvoyance. That’s what I cover in the Psychic Mechanics Course. You can join that here:

  33. Sonya says:

    I see colors. They are the Chakara colors I see. Pulsating and swirling. Mostly blue and purple. I feel very peaceful when I see them. I have also seen a pink orb swirling.
    Not sure what it means.

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