The Science Behind Being an Empath

I love science.

I love it so much I was a lab tech in a genetics laboratory as an undergrad.

So, when I realized I was an Empath, I did the only logical thing.

I started researching the science behind it.

Here’s a short video about how your body works as an Empath.

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  1. I love science and you explained the science behind being an empath so well. Now I’m off to listed to your explanation on the 5 different forms of empath. Can’t wait to hear what you have in store for next Sunday. Thanks so much.:)

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Thank you so much, Francesca! I SOOO love science, too. Glad to meet another woo-woo science person!

  2. Judith Manriquez says:

    I’d love to know your sources for the types of empaths.

    About 5 years ago when I started doing research on empaths there was very little out there that I could find. I love that more people are speaking up and we are creating good resources.

    Thanks much,

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Judith,

      Most of what I learned was from field work or personal experience. I taught classes on intuition development and on how to be an empath (my focus was the emotional empath) and my students were self-reporting that they were animal empaths or earth empaths or only got physical sensation. I collected that information and created my list from those conversations. I’ve also had a hard time finding good information about empaths online, but that has been improving drastically the last year or so.

      Sending love,

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I am an emotional empath, and I also love Psychology. This was nice. I am not a very spiritual person which is ironic I know, but I was trying to find an explanation that was not spiritual. I don’t want to hear this is happening through some mystical chakras. I wanted to know what was happening in my brain that made me pick up what others can’t, so thank you.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      No problem! There’s more to the science, too. I’ll be revealing a free ebook about the science of calming your nervous system and physiology as an emotional empath in the next month, so either check back or get on the email list (even though it talks about mystical chakras, 😉

  4. Loralee says:

    Great video! You mentioned including a link to the 5 types of empaths. I might be missing it… could you point it out for me? Thanks <3

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Loralee! Sorry for the delay – this comment happened on my moving day and I was SUPER slow to get back to you. Sorry again, and here’s the link. 🙂

  5. jess says:

    Hi EA,
    I have a mood disorder, primarily chronic depression and bipolar, which im beginning to wonder may be autism, but due to developmental problems i never fully emotionally developed so to compensate my brain created very strong empath abilities. Its beautiful however I was never taught about it, I came across it on the internet, and furthermore I was never taught how to control it so I am constantly picking up other persons emotions and because they are not mine i dont understand why i feel a certain way and that frustration and confusion mounts and has a great impact on my depression. A therapist told me to envision ‘the bubble’ but i am a rational being due to my mood disorder i have always relied on ration. Can you explain to me scientifically how to prevent taking on other persons energies? Thank you for doing this work on a subject that is undeveloped, and i think in future people will realize the importance of this subject and the large contributions it has for persons with mood disorders like myself.

  6. Delina says:

    thank you, that is simple – heart heart heart… it’s such an intelligence, i can not argue. I love my heart.

  7. Cara says:

    What are the sensors on the skin called? What do they look like?

  8. Nathalie Picotte says:

    Nice but not accurate,. I can feel all. Emotions, pain earth and so on. There is no separation on what I can feel. Secondly, I don’t need to be around the person to feel it. If someone just think of me I get all their pain and emotions and I have no clue who until they call me or I cross their path and realized it was their stuff. And more then that, if someone speak to me about someone else, then I get that someone else stuff even without never haven met before. That also occur with looking at someone’s picture and so on. So more study needs to be done of your part.

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      Hi Nathalie, this video was specifically about the science of being a physical or emotional empath. It doesn’t cover the science of being a global or earth empath. Have a good one!

  9. Simone says:

    Can medication, like mood stabilizers and anti-seizure meds for stabilizing mood, impact empath abilities? I haven’t been formally diagnosed with bipolar 2 but am still being treated for intense emotionally volatility and some mood swings. I’ve always been a little neurotic and I’ve always been an empath, but the “symptoms” of what my psychiatrist perceived as potentially being bipolar 2 developed around this past September. I just started college in August and I’ve never been in that intense of an emotionally fluctuating environment, both for myself and for others. I was having immense trouble coping, so I was put on medication to help balance my mood. I’ve been on medication for a little over a month, and I’m concerned about my power as an emotional and energetic empath. I’m a very spiritual person too and I’m also a psychology major, so… I’m happy to hear any and all perspectives!

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