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The Inner Steel Technique is a three pronged technique designed to bring together your mind, body and spirit in only 10 minutes a day.

Through focused attention, you activate the reticular activating system in your brain. This means that whatever you focus on with this technique your mind will be primed to “see” during the day.  It helps your mind get on board with your dreams and desires.

Scientific study shows that holding the poses I outline for only 3 minutes a day increases your resilience to stressful situations and decreases the experience of stress. I find it to be even more powerful for sensitive people and Empaths.

Your spirit is connected to your body and mind through the guided meditation, where I lead you through the entire Inner Steel Technique so all you need to do is strike a pose and relax.

Once you try the technique, I’d love to hear about your experience. I read every email. You can reach me at

The PDF: Inner Steel Technique 2018

The meditation: Inner Steel Meditation

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