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Diagnosis Day Celebration: Pay What You Can

This week is a very special week for me. It’s been 14 years since being diagnosed with an illness that opened me up to my gifts and changed the course of my life in ways I’m still uncovering and learning about.

In May of 2004, I was near death and no one knew why. A few months before I was diagnosed, I had seen in a vision that I was going to the hospital and that I would be okay – healthy and vibrant.

It’s the only time in my life that going to the doctor was filled with a sense of peace. My guides spoke to me and guided me through my diagnosis and recovery.

It was because of this experience that I dedicated my life to understanding the intuition and helping others find that same peace I had experienced.

As a way to celebrate, each year I do a Pay What You Can sale and it’s that time!

The course this year is the Psychic Mechanics Course. It was my very first course I ever created and I’ve only improved it since the first version went live in 2013.

The Psychic Mechanics Course shows you how to talk to your guides to have a real co-creation experience in your life. It walks you step-by-step through how you can talk to your guides, understand your natural psychic self and ask wonderful questions to get direct and actionable information.

Plus, the bonuses are sweet. I have added the entire Reincarnation Mechanics Course as a bonus and audio-enhancement technology to all of the meditations.

Just a note: I have 5 different payment options. There is no difference in the product. If none of those payment options work for you, you can send any amount you want to

You should still get into the course no problem.



Psychic Mechanics Course: The 3 Keys to Understanding Your Psychic Gift

The Exact Strategies the Professionals Use to Get Clear, Actionable Answers From the Universe Every Time

You’ve been intuitive your whole life.

You’ve always been able to “read” people and situations, and maybe you thought you were simply reading body language or subconscious cues.

But then there are more direct and definite experiences, where you KNOW exactly what you need to do or say, even though there isn’t a scrap of logical evidence to support it.

And when you follow through, miracles unfold in your life.

The problem? It’s hit or miss. You get information sometimes, but you can’t tap into your intuition reliably.

You’re at the whim of fate, the universe, or whatever-the-heck-it-is to get this guidance.

But it doesn’t have to stay this way.

The universe is trying to communicate with you.

Every day. All the time.

The universe is trying to give you the messages and the guidance to the questions you are asking.

This online course teaches you to hear and translate these messages, with an emphasis on finding your unique psychic language and then developing each of the four primary psychic languages.

Everyone gets psychic and intuitive information, and learning your psychic language will allow you to accurately identify intuitive information that you may have been dismissing. Learning this language allows you to grow your psychic abilities for yourself or others much more quickly, because you’ll be using your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

In This Course You Will Learn…

  • How to identify your psychic language
  • How to identify how your psychic language speaks to you
  • The science behind how the universe speaks to you and why you have your own unique psychic language
  • The 4 primary psychic languages and how to speak each one fluently
  • How to meditate to receive SPECIFIC and ACTIONABLE intuitive information when you want it (no more waiting for signs!)
  • How to meditate to receive the most important message the universe wants to give you
  • How to correctly interpret unclear dreams or visions you receive every single time
  • The difference between the “voices” in your head (parental programming, ego, spirit guides, your soul’s guidance, and wishful thinking)
  • Why you REALLY get songs stuck in your head and what they mean
  • How to understand your gut feelings vs. normal emotional reactions
  • How to tune in quickly for yes/no answers on the go


What it is…

A 4 week online course designed specifically to help you develop and hone your psychic genius. It’s focused on understanding the basics of psychic mechanics – HOW your intuition works and why it works that way. This is perfect for you if you want to develop your psychic abilities, tap into the messages the universe is trying to deliver to you, develop deep trust in yourself and become a full co-creator of your life.

There are three keys to being a fantastic intuitive. These three keys, when applied, are what every professional psychic and intuitive work on honing and developing. Each key has two major lessons, complete with videos, exercises and meditations.

Key 1: Receive Information

It may seem obvious, but if you have trouble receiving intuitive information, it’s REALLY hard to develop your psychic genius. The truth is we are all receiving information from the universe all the time, but most of us are looking for a specific TYPE of information (like a visual) and accidentally miss the information that the universe is delivering to us (which may come in the form of a song getting stuck in your head).

In this module, you’ll learn…

  • How the physical body receives information from the universe (The science! Yay science!)
  • The three layers of conscious awareness
  • The blocks and barriers to receiving psychic information like a pro
  • How to raise your vibration
  • How to ask questions like a pro (and why the way you ask questions is CRUCIAL if you want great answers you can use)
  • How to know which psychic genius you are

PLUS four guided meditations that assist you on your journey to unlocking the information you are receiving from the universe.


Key 2: Interpreting Information

Whether we like it or not, psychic information is almost always in code. It’s our job, on the physical plane, to decode it accurately. Obviously, if you go to all the trouble of receiving information from the universe about your life and the decisions you are making, you want to use that information, right? This is a crucial step.

In this module you’ll learn…

  • Why the 5 (or even 6) senses are a complete myth
  • What the 7 major chakras are
  • Why the 7 major chakras are crucial for interpreting the information you receive
  • How to differentiate between your psychic genius and posers like the ego, wishful thinking and logic
  • How to get yes/no answers on the go (this technique takes about 30 seconds to do, no lie)
  • How to interpret information you get from your psychic genius
  • How to correctly interpret dreams every time
  • The hidden messages behind song lyrics you get stuck in your head

Plus a guided meditation to help you clear your chakras!


Key 3: Trusting and Acting on Information

This seems like an obvious step, but it’s surprisingly hard to follow the advice of the psychic genius. There are all kinds of “things” that keep us stuck and prevent us from moving forward, even when we know what we “should” be doing. This module is all about breaking down those barriers so you can easily and effortlessly trust your psychic genius and take action.

In this module you’ll learn…

  • The four barriers to trusting and acting on your psychic genius
  • The most powerful strategy to build trust with your psychic genius
  • How to effectively release the fears that prevent you from acting
  • How to build trust by shifting your awareness and focus
  • The surprising role oneness plays in learning to trust the information you receive

Plus a guided meditation designed to help you build trust with the universe.


Reincarnation Mechanics Course

When you sign up for the Psychic Mechanics Course you get the entire Reincarnation Mechanics Course as a bonus!

For many sensitives, the veil between past lives and old traumas is much thinner. Learning how to heal past life trauma and integrate the lessons will give you the ability to walk this world with freedom.

When I first learned about reincarnation, I thought it was hooey (to say it nicely.)

But it was part of my curriculum to get a degree in Metaphysical Sciences, so I tried exploring past lives, healing trauma, and remembering a skill from a past life.

About the time I remembered how to see auras with my physical eyes and was able to immediately see the auras around me and instantly know what they meant… I had a change of heart. Like MAJORLY.

I may have become slightly obsessed with exploring it all. I visited past lives and learned about myself and the eras I lived in, visited the future potential lives, changed my current circumstances BECAUSE of the work. It’s cool.

This, by the way, is the work you want to do if you can’t seem to break…

  • Beliefs about money not being spiritual (usually there’s a poverty contract in a past life)
  • Beliefs that relationships aren’t for you (old bad relationship needs healed)
  • Persistent phobias that make no sense
  • Birthmarks
  • Phantom pains or illnesses that doctors can’t figure out

Please note!!! This is a spiritual healing course. I have absolutely no idea or control over what needs healed or what that will look like at the end.

But I do guarantee it’s worth the journey.

Module 1: Past Lives + Karma

  • Why go and dig up the past?
  • How past lives affect the physical body, emotions, and spiritual experience
  • What is karma (hint: it’s not punishment)
  • How to navigate past lives
  • Basic Past Life Meditation

Module 2: Healing Past Life Trauma

  • Benefits of healing past life trauma
  • How to safely navigate traumatic past lives
  • How to mine the lesson from the past life trauma
  • Heal Past Life Trauma Meditation

Module 3: Integrating Lives and Lessons

  • How our higher self plans life and soul lessons
  • How to release unpleasant karma
  • How to deeply integrate life and soul lessons from previous lives
  • Past Life Integration Meditation

Module 4: Retrieving Skills from Past Lives

  • Body + Soul Records: How universal information from past lives are stored
  • The higher self’s role in retrieving skills
  • Why we don’t remember past life skills
  • How to remember past life skills
  • Retrieving Past Life Skills Meditation

Module 5: Future Life Exploration

  • How time works in the spiritual realms
  • How knowing your future life will help you in THIS life
  • Common pitfalls
  • Future Life Meditation

Bonus: Support Call Tuesday June 5th 3 pm PST to explore your Psychic Style!

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