Professional Psychic Mechanics Mentoring (Old)

The 3 Month Professional Psychic Mentorship Program is all about helping people (maybe you?) go PRO with their psychic and shamanic gifts.

It’s 3 months of learning, Q&A, training and live coaching. It’s designed to start with the basics of energetic connection, chakra reading, shamanic journeying, energy clearing and getting messages then get into the nitty gritty of creating contracts with the Big U, the guides and all that jazz.

And OF COURSE about how to do actual LIVE psychic readings and shamanic healings. Without feeling like throwing up or hiding forever or dying of embarrassment because you maybe got one thing wrong once in your life.

Hand holding is my specialty, but by the end you won’t need it.

The first two modules are group modules and the final module is both group AND has individual calls included.

In order to maintain the integrity of the group, I only allow 11 people each round.

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Module 1 is the basics. (Group Module)

We talk about how to talk to your Conduit Guide (and what a conduit guide is), do a Chakra Tour, including how YOUR body-mind system perceives the chakras and how to get messages from the Spirit Guides. You master the art of the shamanic journey and get to know the three realms. These are the fundamentals. These are absolutely crucial for everything else, so we focus on them first.

Module 2 is the nitty gritty. (Group Module)

Ethics – what NOT to say to your clients (hint: “you’re going to die” and “your solar plexus is bad” aren’t optimal communication methods.)

Creating contracts with the Big U and the guides – this is bigger than you think. Most of the annoyances with running an intuitive biz can be avoided by working WITH your guides. Such as, did you know I have a marketing guide? His name is Mark. Yes, creativity is RAMPANT over on my team.

And finally, how to have a chat with your Higher Self about – well, everything. Good, bad, ugly.

Module 3 is where the rubber meets the road. (Group + Individual Module)

We do LIVE PRACTICE! First, “cadaver” readings. We look at a picture, you tell me your impressions using the tools you learned the first two months, then I give you some feedback on how to improve and where you already rock. The “cadaver” approach doesn’t work for healings, so we wait on those.

Once some cadaver readings are done comfortably, THEN we graduate to LIVE readings and healings, where happy souls will get a practice reading or healing from you while I’m right there holding your hand.

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This will be done both in group AND one on one.

Practice is where I get to help you the most. We’ll do both remote readings (where you read someone’s energy and type up the reading) and “live” readings (where I show you their picture and you give your impressions.)

I ALWAYS give non-judgmental feedback about what you’re getting.

This, my friend, is my zone of super genius.

I can see the other person’s energy, hear the message that’s trying to come through AND see how your energy is receiving the messages.

This means I can tell you accurately and with confidence how to best utilize your natural gifts and correctly interpret the messages you are getting.

I used to do this one-on-one, before I was teaching in person and before I had learned how to do these “techy” things like record meditations or make online classes.

Since I have a strong science background, I tracked my students. After the first month’s of lessons, no one ever got less than a 95% accuracy on their first reading. 90% is considered professional level.

This is why we break this module down into both group and individual sessions.

In the Group Sessions you can see other people’s experience with their intuitive gifts. You’ll learn a lot from observing their unique communication styles and what they pick up. You’ll become aware of new gifts you didn’t know you had AND everyone will help each other reach their goals with supportive interactions.

In the weekly Individual Sessions (you’ll get six of these), you’ll get customized guidance to help you reach your full potential as a budding intuitive. I’ll show you where you shine and help you understand what you’re getting. In my experience, you can get, receive and GIVE accurate and intuitive guidance once you have the basics down. So I’ll help you refine your skills, and help you interpret what you see, feel or hear when you do this work.

I won’t lie – even after this, you still have to go out and hustle and do 35-90 practice readings to feel comfortable with your skills. It DOES take practice.

After the training is complete, you can email me up to 10 readings to analyze – this means I’ll listen to your reading or read it (if it’s written) and tell you exactly how to better utilize your unique gifts.

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The price point for all this goodness?


Here’s the week by week break down.

2/6 – Spirit Guides & Conduit Guide Connection & Shaman Guide Introduction (this is a heavy week)

2/13 – Getting Messages from the Guides & Shamanic Journeying

2/20 – Chakra Tour & How to Do a Shamanic Chakra Clearing

2/27 – Ethics

3/6 – Chatting with Your Higher Self

3/13 – Creating Contracts with the Guides and Big U

3/20 – Fear Conquering! How to Approach Readings with Ease and Confidence

3/27 – First Training Readings & Healings

4/3 – Training Readings & Healings – NOT live

4/10 – Training Readings & Healings – NOT live

4/17- LIVE Training Readings & Healings

4/24 – LIVE Training Readings & Healings

5/1 – Graduation week!


$2997 for the early bird special

Stress Free Payment Plan


$497 to reserve your spot, then you’ll pay $500 a month, due on the first of the month, until it is paid off.

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