MetaMystics Special

You are here reading this page for a reason.

Maybe it’s simply a wake-up call, to alert you of your own intuition.

Maybe you feel called to work with me. I don’t know.

What I do know is that I’m ready to help you, if you feel called to work with me.

Maybe you know that there’s a lot more to your dreams, your feelings, and the “voices” in your head than what others think.

Maybe you know that you have a BIG purpose here on earth, and you’re ready to fulfill it.

What I DO know is that I want to help you understand your own personal sensitivities.

And that’s what you get with a coaching session with me.

I offer a PERSONALIZED curriculum for you, designed especially for your unique gifts, challenges and desires in life.

I help you identify personal blocks.

I have access to over 70 meditations and 50 processes, designed especially for sensitive people (you) who are on a consciously spiritual path.

I use my guides, my intuition, and my training to create the PERFECT curriculum for you during our one-hour coaching session. Then, I send you your own personal curricula, along with all the materials you need to take your life to the next level.

 What you get:

  • One hour consultation with me, either in person if you’re a Las Vegas local, or over Skype if you’re not local
  • A PERSONALIZED curriculum for how to take your life to the next level – intuitively
  • ALL the materials necessary for your journey, including meditations, worksheets and processes
  • Email access to me for as long as it takes you to get through your own personalized curriculum

I want you to take a minute to think about what you would be willing to pay for this.

What’s this knowledge, this peace, this direction worth to you?

This isn’t an idle question, but something to really ponder.

I’m not looking for clients who are just “kinda interested” in revolutionizing their life.

I’m not looking for dabblers.

I’m looking for people who are READY to commit to understanding their own sensitivities, mastering them, and using them to experience their best life.

If that’s you, sign up now.

This service is easily worth thousands, but I’m not charging thousands.

Normally, I charge $197, but because you are a part of this meetup,

I’m only charging $147.

That’s my gift to you.








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