Empaths 101

Maybe you’ve heard about empaths and you’re wondering if you are one.

In case you’re not sure, an empath is a person who is able to experience what other people are experiencing as they experience it.

Perhaps you already know you’re an empath.

Either way, an empath’s life can be difficult.

You pick up on the thoughts, feelings, and sensations of other people around you all the time.

It can be tough to know if what you’re experiencing is truly yours—or someone else’s!

But I have good news for you. You can manage it AND turn it into a STRENGTH!

Here are some of my best resources as to how to get started and turn overwhelm into joy.

The Nuts and Bolts of Empaths

If you’re wondering if YOU might be an empath, the video above tackles how you can tell very quickly whether or not you are an empath. Seriously, the video’s only four minutes!

If you’re having doubts about whether you’re alone—or if what you’re experiencing could possibly be real—check out the above article explaining the basics behind how being an empath works.

Here at Spiritual Mechanic, we like to take a look at the physical nature of intuition as well as the purely energetic dimension. Watch the above video to learn more about the science of being an empath!

One of our most popular videos! This video guide answers your questions about what type of empath YOU are. You’ll learn how to understand your unique language for mastering your intuition, and much more!

Essential Techniques for Living as an Empath

This video tutorial teaches you how to differentiate between your energy and the energy of people around you—an ESSENTIAL skill for a healthy life as an empath!

One of the biggest challenges of being an empath is keeping your energy clear of other people’s. This video guide gives you a step-by-step plan for feeling free and clear.

This comprehensive guide shows you in detail how to manage each one of those pesky seven chakras. With these strategies, you’ll be able to control all seven of your body’s energy centers!

And there you have it!

Those links will give you the perfect tools for building the kind of healthy, energetic foundation you need for life as an empath.

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Join in now to learn the latest about empaths, intuition, and much more!

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