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spirit guidesDoes this description sound like you?

  • You’re clear on your goals and desires.
  • You take action.
  • You listen to your intuition.
  • You read the books about the “law of attraction.”
  • You actively envisioned what you want through meditation.
  • You asked for clarity and help …

… but you just keep falling short of your goals.

And the worst part is that so many other people around you who aren’t even trying are getting better results than you are.


Here’s the deal.

You have a team of hard-working non-physical entities (spirit guides) who are here to help you on your life path.

When you’re on the path designed especially for you, you will:

  • Feel good
  • Experience abundance
  • Have fun
  • Feel fulfilled

When you’re off the path designed especially for you, you will:

  • Feel bad
  • Experience lack
  • Not have enough fun
  • Feel unfulfilled
  • Feel disconnected

Your spirit guides have guidance for you to help you on your path. This guidance comes in the form of messages they have been anxiously trying to give you.

But due to them being on a different plane, you might be having a hard time receiving and understanding their messages.

The problem is this. You’re asking for what you want, but you’re not feeling worthy of actually receiving it deep down inside.

It means you are actively blocking the universe’s ability to give you what you want!

This is where I come in.

I look at your energetic system to see what beliefs, energies or habits you currently have that are preventing you from being on the path your heart desires.

When I first started with you, I was blown away by how accurate the readings were especially considering you had such little information about me.

I have purchased several readings during times where I was having difficulty experiencing clarity in my life, and each of them gave me the clarity and direction I was looking for and really resonated with me.

The thing I love most about your readings is that you always provide people with tools to improve their lives and feel better.

You coach and never preach and you help people feel empowered again.


When we work together, I act as an “energetic translator” for you.

You get to act your guides a question.

I their messages into clear, actionable English.

Then you can finally receive and understand the messages they are trying to get to you.

The mysteries of the universe (or your life) become yours to explore.

I just had a reading with Erin-Ashley and her guides and can I just say … WOW!

I have never had a reading that has been so perfectly in tune with what I needed to hear!

I learned things about myself and my path that were proper lightbulb moments!

I’m so excited by it. I feel incredibly lucky to know Erin-Ashley and to have opportunities like this to experience her gifts.

Thank you! Best investment ever!

Joanna B

Whatever in your energy is holding you back, these sessions are built to help you get the information you need.

These readings are designed to:

  • Allow you receive and understand important messages from your spirit guides
  • Help you get back on your path — and stay on it!
  • Learn important things about yourself so you can adjust course along your way

You get to send me your question for the guides.

I’ll reply to you with their answer. Current wait time is approximately 7 days.

Click the button below to book your session. Above the payment button, enter your question for your guides (the character limit is 200 characters.)


What is your question?

You are invaluable!

Not only was everything you said about my life spot-on, but I left our conversation with clear, actionable ‘next steps’ to take my life and business where I want it to go.

Thank you!

Jenni Weems

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