Introducing Ask Armani

Ask Armani

Every Wednesday, I ask Armani a few questions from Spiritual Mechanic readers.

Who’s Armani, you ask?

Here’s how Armani introduces themselves:

We are non-physical beings and we inhabit what you often refer to as the “other side.” We say “inhabit” rather than “live” because the nature of energy is eternal, and to live implies that one can die.

We call ourselves “Armani” because the name refers to faith, desires and goals. We are a group of non-physical beings who have connected with and (when she lets us) assist in guiding EA in her physical form.


If I Were Starting Out as a Psychic Again, These are the 12 Things I Would Do

One of the most common questions I get is about how to start out as a psychic.

So if I were going to start all over as a psychic and I were in training, here is exactly what I would do.

1. I’d make sure I had a daily or almost daily practice to connect with my own guides.

2. I would get MailChimp set up. It costs $0.

3. I would set up an opt in box via LeadPages. It costs $37 per month. It is a worthwhile beginner investment.


How to experience unshakable peace through meditation

We live in a time right now where there is a lot going on in the world that can knock you off your game.

I’ve been feeling it. Probably you feel it, too.

I found that there are three types of meditation that help me experience peace regardless of what’s going on around me.

These forms of meditation can help you as well.

I figured out how any person can adapt them for their own use.

Watch the video below to learn:

  • How to use meditation to create unshakable peace in your life
  • The three forms of meditation I use to help me do it
  • How to identify the RIGHT meditation for YOU!


How to Do a White Light Meditation

White light is the energy of miracles. It allows in the highest vibrations, purifies energy and aligns you with your heart’s desires – the desires that come from spirit.

I’ve used White Light Meditation as part of my own forgiveness strategy when my ex left me for another woman.

I’ve used it to manifest the house of my dreams, the man of my dreams and the business of my dreams.

I dreamed of these things because they were desires of the heart – they are what I wanted on the deepest levels of my being.


How to Know You’re Ready to Train as a Pro Psychic

Happy New Years! 2017 started off with a bang here in Glitter Cat Headquarters. The resident Judgy-monster Jade has informed me that she needs more pets, treats and toys.

With a new year comes new beginnings and this is a 1 year numerologically. That means it’s the BEST time to start a new thing – a new career, a new hobby, a new relationship or a new cycle.

If you’ve felt called to become a professional psychic, then you know that it can seem waaaaay intimidating to think about doing a reading for a stranger.


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