How to Do a White Light Meditation

White light is the energy of miracles. It allows in the highest vibrations, purifies energy and aligns you with your heart’s desires – the desires that come from spirit.

I’ve used White Light Meditation as part of my own forgiveness strategy when my ex left me for another woman.

I’ve used it to manifest the house of my dreams, the man of my dreams and the business of my dreams.

I dreamed of these things because they were desires of the heart – they are what I wanted on the deepest levels of my being.


How to Know You’re Ready to Train as a Pro Psychic

Happy New Years! 2017 started off with a bang here in Glitter Cat Headquarters. The resident Judgy-monster Jade has informed me that she needs more pets, treats and toys.

With a new year comes new beginnings and this is a 1 year numerologically. That means it’s the BEST time to start a new thing – a new career, a new hobby, a new relationship or a new cycle.

If you’ve felt called to become a professional psychic, then you know that it can seem waaaaay intimidating to think about doing a reading for a stranger.


Manifest Miracles with Lana

I don’t hope for miracles, I expect them.

In my life I’ve come to learn that miracles are natural and normal once I’m aligned and in my own divine flow. They happen left and right.

When my ex left me, I went on a forgiveness binge and my amazing soul mate of a hubby showed up within a week. We were officially dating a month later.

When I was diagnosed with a chronic “incurable” disease, I decided I was going to create every opportunity for my body to heal itself.


The Spiritual Purpose of Money

Some people would lead you to believe money isn’t spiritual, but that’s not true.

All things in the physical universe have both physical AND spiritual energy — including money!

Money has a unique energy signature, bringing with it both a physical and spiritual purpose.

It has an important energetic purpose.

If you don’t know what that energetic purpose is, it will be impossible for you to fully master money in your life.

To find out what that purpose is, start watching the video below!

I’d like to hear from you after you watch the video and learn about the Money Love Challenge!


How to Write (Great) Affirmations


If you’ve studied the law of attraction, you’ve probably run into affirmations. Affirmations are short phrases that are designed to affirm a new belief or state of being.

Some people use affirmations and thrive on them and other people use them and get zero results.

Why? What makes some people thrive on them and others fall short?

Turns out, there’s a reason. It’s all in how you write the affirmation. All affirmations are not created equally and one that works for someone else may not work for you.


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