Tarot Readings Now Open

Getting a tarot reading with me will give you the best of all worlds. My own natural intuitive abilities show me what your emotional experiences, blocks and patterns are very clearly, which allows me to help you get unstuck quickly.

With my skills, I’ve had “blind spots” around outside influences, like how other people’s decisions and outside events will affect your plans.

Frankly, it drove me crazy.

Now I have a comprehensive way to correct that “hole” in my readings.

Tarot readings.

The cards and I work very well together.

For a limited time I’m offering a message from the guides tarot reading.

You’ll have a personalized PDF with the tarot reading in 72 hours or less from purchase.


3 Card Message From the Universe

The Universe has guidance for you about your life. In this 3 card reading, I’ll tune into what you most need to know and send you a beautiful PDF with the message from the universe, so you can re-read it as often as you like to gain inspiration and guide your decisions. You will be able to clearly see what to focus on, what is influencing your life, and what is most important for you to know. This has been a favorite whenever I open readings.

If it resonates with you to get a reading at this time, book now.



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  1. Pat Scarsella says:

    Hi Erin, I would like to get a reading. I signed on thru Paypal, but not sure it went thru. Please let me know if I have a reading, thanks patscarsella@yahoo.com

    1. Erin-Ashley says:

      I sent you an email! I received payment, no problem!


  2. Niki Stewart says:

    Congratulation for staring new tarot readings service.

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