Do You Ever Feel Like Your Emotions Control YOU?

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How to Control Your Energy

Have you ever had this happen?

You go out in public and BAM all of a sudden you’re bombarded with emotions, feelings and sensations that don’t quite feel like you.

Your anxiety goes through the roof.

You feel out of balance and un-centered.

You don’t feel like YOU anymore.

Want to change that for good?

Learn the two QUICK tips for getting this under control today.

Try the exercises and in the comments let me know how it goes!

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Tune Into Spirit by Listening to Rihanna

A few months ago I was feeling REALLY freakin’ tired and drained.

I had quite a few readings to do, and I simply wasn’t sure how I was going to get them done on time and with the quality I demand of myself and my work.

Feeling depleted, I chatted with my guides and asked how I could finish everything easily and effortlessly and for the highest good for all involved.

Their response?

Stop meditating to tune in. 

Start listening to Rihanna. 

Start having FUN to tune into spirit.

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Tarot Readings Now Open

Getting a tarot reading with me will give you the best of all worlds. My own natural intuitive abilities show me what your emotional experiences, blocks and patterns are very clearly, which allows me to help you get unstuck quickly.

With my skills, I’ve had “blind spots” around outside influences, like how other people’s decisions and outside events will affect your plans.

Frankly, it drove me crazy.

Now I have a comprehensive way to correct that “hole” in my readings.

Tarot readings.

The cards and I work very well together.

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Releasing Holiday Stress Meditation

Here in Kerti Land we just moved a thousand miles with four cats. It’s the middle of December and ooh, boy, am I feeling the stress.

Here in the Kerti House, we celebrate Christmas, and this year we haven’t put up the tree yet, since we haven’t even finished unpacking all of our clothes yet.

(The Christmas tree will be up tomorrow… maybe.)

And with all this “stuff” going on, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to just release all that stress? To let it go?

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Traveling as an Empath – Three Tips

As I write this I’m sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a cup of joe after a VERY long weekend of packing up the house to move from Las Vegas, NV to Portland,  Oregon.

In the middle of the holiday season.

As a sensitive person and an Empath, it is a struggle sometimes to stay balanced and relaxed when I have family obligations and travel.

Watch the video below to see my top three tips to traveling as an Empath WITHOUT taking on everyone else’s stress.

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