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What’s Your Psychic Gift?

Being psychic is just as natural as any other sense. There’s nothing mysterious or weird about it and every human receives intuitive information and psychic impressions.

Most people, however, don’t realize what their psychic strengths are and spin their wheels – not realizing that they are already getting the information from the universe that they’ve been asking for.

So, if you want a super quick way to identify your psychic gifts, watch this six and a half minute video and try the exercise.

Once you’ve tried it, comment below!

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How Solar Flares Impact You as a Sensitive Person

The activity on the sun’s surface can impact how you feel as a sensitive person. When there’s a solar flare, you may feel off or have a headache.

Click the video below to learn about the solar flares and how they could be impacting you (and what to do about it.)

If you would like to get updates about solar flares and geomagnetic storms as they happen, click here.

If you’ve been impacted by the solar flares OR have a question about them, drop it below.

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Can I manifest for someone else?

A few days ago I saw someone on Facebook ask if she could manifest for someone else.

She had great intentions – she wanted more happiness and peace for someone she was close to.

But can we manifest for someone else? Does it violate the natural laws?

I answer that in today’s video.

Did you watch the video? Great! I’d love to hear from you!

Try the process outlined, and after you play with it, comment with your thoughts about the experience.

Together we can change the world.

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Shamanic Healing – Lists!

When I started working with Shamanic Healings, first on myself and then on others, I knew I wanted to “optimize healing”… if you’ll bear with me with that terribly boring term.

I wanted to create a healing system that healed body, mind and spirit as part of the healing process.

The Shamanic Healing Sessions are DEEP energetic work that starts with the energetic, non-physical roots of the issues you are experiencing and ends with those energetic roots getting healed.

This video is NOT about how to get healed by me (though you can get a session here if you like), it’s about how to heal yourself.

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How to Align with Your Soul Purpose

The soul purpose of everyone on the planet is the same, once you get to the core. It’s to experience enlightenment. The goal of every life and every experience is to bring light into the darkness and unknown. We are here to learn, grow and to teach.

In every single interaction with others we are learning, growing and teaching.

We are ALL teachers.

We can learn using anger or by using love, but in the end we will learn and grow. The difference is that anger is a slower way to learn and to grow than love or joy.

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