Do You Ever Feel Like Your Emotions Control YOU?

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What Does it Mean When I See Colors When I Meditate?

Have you ever wondered what those color swirls were in your meditations? Do you see them and wonder if they have messages for you? Or do you figure your brain is just creating pretty patterns because it’s bored.

In this week’s episode, I talk all about those visuals, what they mean and how to interpret them.

You can check it out here.

Like I mentioned in the video, you can get your chakra meditation and PDF download at (just follow the link).

Also, if you’re clairvoyant, you may want to check out the Unleash Your Psychic Genius course, since it teaches you how to understand your gifts and best use them.

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How to Deal with the News

Does the news stress you out? Do you get stuck in anxiety and overwhelm after watching the news on TV or reading a disturbing piece on the internet?

Yeah, you need this video.

Click below to watch it.

So, what about YOU?

Do you have any wonderful tips that help you stay sane after you get the news? Or do you have a favorite POSITIVE news source to share? Don’t keep that goodness to yourself! Comment and share it with everyone. :-)

And if you know someone who could benefit from this video, go ahead and send the a personal email.

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How to Deal With Being a Physical Empath

When I was a newly aware Empath, I often got other people’s physical “stuff” when I went out in public.

Usually it was headaches or joint pain, and it would come on with no warning and I simply assumed it was my own pain.

Over the years I’ve learned differently.

In this video I explain exactly what you can do to stay strong, happy and pain free in public as a Physical Empath.


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How to Control Your Energy

Have you ever had this happen?

You go out in public and BAM all of a sudden you’re bombarded with emotions, feelings and sensations that don’t quite feel like you.

Your anxiety goes through the roof.

You feel out of balance and un-centered.

You don’t feel like YOU anymore.

Want to change that for good?

Learn the two QUICK tips for getting this under control today.

Try the exercises and in the comments let me know how it goes!


Tune Into Spirit by Listening to Rihanna

A few months ago I was feeling REALLY freakin’ tired and drained.

I had quite a few readings to do, and I simply wasn’t sure how I was going to get them done on time and with the quality I demand of myself and my work.

Feeling depleted, I chatted with my guides and asked how I could finish everything easily and effortlessly and for the highest good for all involved.

Their response?

Stop meditating to tune in. 

Start listening to Rihanna. 

Start having FUN to tune into spirit.

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